SickKids Nursing Week 2018: What makes our nurses so special?

Hi Evan, I’m Mike. Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you too. So I hear hopefully you’re getting home
soon. How was your stay here at SickKids?
Hmmm… Kind of good, kind of bad.
Can you tell me a little bit about the nurses that have taken care of you while you’ve been here?
They helped my lungs, they helped my heart.
They ask me if I’m okay, if anything hurts on my body.
Mmhmm. And they made me laugh.
How did they make you laugh? They tickle me, they say funny things. So have you ever thought about
being a nurse?
Yes. I would help people if they’re hurt, if they’re sad or if they’re scared.
That’s such an important part of being a nurse because when a
child is in the hospital it’s normal for them to be scared and to sometimes hurt.
Thanks Amanda and Jessica for helping me feel better!
That’s perfect. Hi, I’m Mike!
What’s your name? Omar.
Nice to meet you Omar. And?
Jeremiah. Nice to meet you Jeremiah. Thanks for
joining me here today. Can you tell me a little bit about what it’s like to be here at SickKids?
Well it’s really fun, you know get to sleep, eat, sleep again, eat
again, you know, maybe watch some YouTube and sleep again, eat again.
You get tested like a lab rat, but it’s pretty fun you know, it’s fun.
How do the nurses help you through the day while you’re here at SickKids?
They gave me a different types of medicine. And how do they make you feel
while you’re here? They make me feel happy and they make me feel like I’m in good hands and in a good place.
That’s terrific. They’re really good at their job like um
really kind, helpful, funny sometimes. Not sometimes, all the time. They’ve been doing
lots of tests and stuff and then they’re always encouraging me saying like oh
it’s fine, it’s fine, it’s not gonna hurt. It’s really encouraging.
That’s great. I mean I know our nurses have gone out of their way to figure out all the
different ways to make things hurt the least and to be the least scary and to
try to help kids have the easiest time possible while they’re here in the
hospital. Hey Abigail, how are you?
What’s all this? This is my IV.
Your IV! How did you get your IV? This come from the little pick.
It’s a pick?
Yes a little prick. A little prick.
Look, you see on my arm.
I do see that.
It’s a very small one. It is and do the nurses help you take care of that?
I know that the nurses do a lot of work to try to keep that clean
and safe.
Yup! And how do they make you feel when they’re taking care of you?
Go home, and play with my toys! What’s your favorite toy to play with?
Ponies! It looks like you have a bunch of ponies.
Yeah. I have a purple one.
Uh huh, what other ones do you have? A pink one and a dragon and a big blue pony and another pink one. Whoa, so many ponies! Yep.
Do your nurses help you play with them? Yep.
Do they make you laugh?
Yeah thank you nurses! I know that they would say that
you’re very welcome. you

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