Shriners Hospitals for Children – Boston

Shriners Hospitals for Children — Boston
is a very different healthcare setting. First of all, it treats very unique
pediatric specialties that you don’t find all by themselves. Here in Boston we
probably have about 10,000 encounters per year. We are a referral area for New
England and Canada, and we also have patients that come from 70 different
countries. We’ve gone from just taking care of kids with burns to patients with
cleft lip and palate plastic surgery. It’s just amazing, how would we expand it
and the number of patients we’re treating. We really pride ourselves at Shriners
Hospitals for Children in Boston that we are a comprehensive and multidisciplinary
Hospital and all of the disciplines really work together as a team in order
to provide care. So that is the Child Life specialists, the physical therapists, the occupational therapists, the physicians and nurses and everyone works together and talks about what’s going to be best for the patient. All of the people that
are taking care of the children within our Hospital are absolutely excellent in
their fields and in their specialties within their fields, so that within our
stated mission there is not a condition that we cannot treat, confident that we
are giving these patients the finest care that would be available anywhere in the world. A main center point of what we want to do is for the patient and so
everything is centered around what’s the best thing for the patient. The premier subspecialty that people are
used to is burns and it is, I’d say, world-class, possibly the best pediatric
burn center in the world. Our burn patients, you know, are typically very
healthy and they have an event an injury that can sometimes change their course for a while, but if we do our job really well and they go back to being a healthy kid. Basically if your child is able to make it to our Hospital and survive a significant or even devastating burn injury,
that likelihood that they’ll survive is extremely high here. The research that’s been done here in Boston, we’re equipped to take care of those kids and get them back on their feet and
I think that’s probably really what has made this place the number one burn
hospital in the world. Now that the children really are reliably
surviving, and what can we do to make them happy and productive and fully
successful. I can do pretty much everything anyone
else can do. I think, like, playing the piano a little hard or like tying my
shoes but I do it pretty well. Every single care provider here is just
wonderful, from the doctors, the nurses are phenomenal. So many of them have been
here since day one, since, you know,
over 10 years that we’ve been coming here. They’re all fantastic and it’s a really safe, warm, loving environment. It was very
exciting for people associated with the Shriners Hospitals when the Shrine chose
to take on cleft lip and palate deformities as another one of
their main missions. The cornerstone of cleft is really the two parts of
multidisciplinary care and longitudinal care. I think Shriners, given its history
and infrastructure and tradition of taking care of complex pediatric
disorders, is really good at both of those things. When the family comes, it’s a
very family-centered experience where the family will meet every specialist.
The focus is to give the patient the best advice and best surgical planning
going forward, so really unique to have all the specialists here in one day for
that visit. When I was born I was missing the right part of my lip and I’ve had a
bone graft surgery from my hip to fill up a hole that they could not build. While, after the surgery I recuperated here and the staff, it was amazing how nice they
were. This place is just all about love. It’s changed my life, it’s helped so much. In the end it’s a team effort that puts these children in the best possible
position to succeed and that’s what makes us special. Everybody works here
with all love and a passion. I am always amazed at Shriners Hospital
for Children. The expertise of all of the caregivers that provide care here at
this hospital. They are the best of the best. The staff truly love kids and you
can see it whether it be, you know, the nurses, the doctors, the housekeepers.
I mean, they love the kids. We treat children the best we can regardless of
their ability to pay. It’s the mission that’s important and we want to make
sure the kids get everything that they need to be the best they can be. To be able to see a child you know run again or try to kick a ball. That’s
childhood, you know, and for a moment in time it was taken away and
in a small way we’ve been able to give that back to them They bring children into this hospital
and they just perform miracles. That’s the best way to sum it

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  1. I worked at this incredible institution as a pedi NP and had the experience of a lifetime. Sadly we had to move to CT. I saw so many miracles happen and worked with people who performed them. I miss them all terrible but especially the kids we were able as a team to make better. Live the life a child should again. Please, donate if you can as this is an incredible place and when I say miracles happen, they do! Jill Peterson

  2. This is my hospital for my burns Matthias b doling is my doctor he is one of the best plastic surgeons in the world

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