So there are two reasons to have a job
in nursing school one is money in two is for the experience what’s up everyone
I’m nurse Blake and in this video I’m gonna answer one of the most common
questions should I work while I’m in nursing school now I’ve received
hundreds of letters from you guys like dear nurse Blake should I work while
nursing school I’m just kidding I don’t receive any letters but I do get a lot
of social media messages that ask me this question should I work while I’m a
nursing school can I work while I’m in nursing school when it comes to working
a nursing school there’s really not a wrong or right answer I just can’t tell
you yes or no because it really all depends on the person some people want
to just focus on school and they don’t necessarily have to work that’s great
just focus on school but some people need a job or maybe even want a job and
I think there’s two reasons why nursing students should have a job in nursing
school one is for the money I get it we have bills and a lot of them from our
Amazon Prime account to paying for Netflix every month and that’s just like
the basic stuff if you have to work to pay the bills that’s okay I went to
school with a lot of people who worked and were in school and they did great
the second reason I feel that someone should have a job in nursing school is
for the experience being in health care throughout nursing school gives you a
whole lot of experience you get hands-on at the bedside you get to talk and
communicate and collaborate with health care teams a lot of what you learn in
health care in a health care job can benefit you greatly in a nursing program
and my personal experience when I was in nursing school I worked as a patient
care tech neuro-icu part-time nightshift and it
was probably one of the best decisions I made in nursing school because I got so
much experience and I really believe it helped me in the exams it helped me in
clinical it helped me in lab so if you are considering a job in nursing school
for the experience go into healthcare and a patient care tech is a perfect job
for that or a certified nursing assistant these are great positions you
don’t have to work full time in this job you can work part-time or you can even
work per diem so one day a week or maybe three shifts a month so this job can be
flexible and it can be flexible with your school schedule and when you’re in
a patient care tech role a lot of the managers and leaders know that you’re in
school so they understand that the schedule is complicated and that the
schedule changes every semester so they’ll probably be flexible with your
job which is also an added benefit if you need a job for the money that’s okay
you don’t have to feel bad about that now working full time is gonna keep you
really really busy so when you’re nursing school your main goal should be
to finish nursing school and pass the NCLEX you never want to do anything that
compromises that because when you’re in nursing school it’s a big investment it
costs a lot of money and you never want to get halfway done or two months from
graduating and then a job interferes with that so make sure you balance your
time out wisely and you put your priorities in order
with nursing school being on the top of that list if you need a job and maybe
full times not for you you can work part-time and that’s great too like I
said I worked part-time and it was a great fit for my schedule it really just
depends on the person so you have to know yourself do you just want to focus
on nursing school or do you need a job or want to get a job for the experience
there is no right or wrong answer to this question it really has to be your
choice and whatever choice you make back behind it a hundred percent don’t get a
job for the experience and think to yourself when you’re going into shift I
hope this is not take time for my school you know if you want
to get a job for the experience you have to own it
alright so focus on your job and then focus on school and sometimes when you
get breaks at work and you’re a patient care tech you get to study which is
awesome and you’re getting hands-on experience so this can really benefit
you another plus about getting a job in healthcare isn’t in nursing school is
that if you apply and get a job on a unit you’re interested in for being a
nurse after you graduate that’s great because now you have contacts and I bet
that unit you’re working as a the the I bet that unit you’re working as a
patient care tech may even consider hiring you after you graduate nursing
school that’s a huge benefit so if you are looking for a job make sure you
apply somewhere that interest you that piques your interest in the job that you
may consider after you graduate so the question should I work in nursing school
well it’s up to you there’s no right or wrong answer and if you have to work for
money I get it I understand we hug hot pills and they have to get paid so the
choice has to be yours and whatever decision you make I’ll be happy with it
for you or whatever decision you make I stand behind you in that decision is
that good does that make sense okay so don’t let anyone tell you don’t work
while in nursing school alright you are in control of your own experience you
are in control of your own journey and to be successful at it it has to be your
choice a hundred percent and you gotta stick with yourself alright so be
confident in whatever decision you make whatever decision you make is gonna be
the right one well thank you guys so much for watching I’m nurse Blake I hope
this video helps answer your question about getting a job in nursing school
you could find me on Facebook and Instagram and make sure you subscribe to
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know if you’re a nurse in school and if you’re working and how that’s going for
you keep me updated thank you guys so much for watching I’m nurse Blake and
have a great shift


  1. Lol yes! We've got to pay that Netflix bill! Lol on a serious note, I totally agree. It all depends on the person. It is definitely a good experience to gain, it also makes it 100 times easier to learn and absorb the material while in school. I also agree don't let work and school interfere with each other. I made that mistake and well, half way through the program I failed 🙁 Currently looking for another one and it is incredibly hard to get in. But becoming a nurse is what I want more than anything in the world so I won't give up! Your videos keep me going 🙂

  2. I was a CNA before going to nursing school, however, I left my job once I started school. With a new baby and the stress from nursing school, I had to let my job go. I loved working as a CNA and the experience really helped me in clinical and continued to benefit me throughout my career as a nurse. CNA's have valuable skills that will help you and your patients for a lifetime. I definitely advocate working in the field either before starting school or if you are able to, during school.

  3. I will be done with my RN school in December halfway done! And I have been working as a CNA for 5 years I just recently a few months ago started to work in the hospital and I feel like it is definitely helped me a lot putting faces to the diseases we learn about in class it also helps you to interact and speak to patients family members nurses and doctors. I totally recommend working as a CNA while in nursing school, It may seem like it's added stress but in the long run it really does help you I also find that it helps you prioritize your time because I know on the days I work I can't study after so I make sure I get my studying done sooner. I feel like the more time you have the more you Slack hope this helps out anyone!!

  4. Can you do an episode on compact states? Like I wanna know which states I can transfer to without another nursing test 😫😫😫😫

  5. I work! I do little part time jobs like working in retail. Just a little something to get me by so that I can buy snacks haha

  6. Hey there sir! I just came scripts your channel and love the info! I am in 3rd semester of nursing school and I'm working in a level 2 trauma center as an er tech, I've been trying to vlogging through it but it's hard haha! Love the channel just subbed!

  7. I think only one student in my class doesn't work
    It definitely gives you that killer resume as well

  8. I’m going to nursing school this fall as well I am a certified phlebotomist, and I want a job and can’t seem to find any jobs any help?

  9. About 25 years ago, I worked as a CNA whilst in Nursing school. I didn't make it through (flunked Med Surg😭). Today, I'm a PA and an Health Educator. However, I think this is a good idea, IF are able to balance the EXTREMELY challenging Nursing curriculum. It's no joke y'all!😥😫Thanks Nurse Blake!😊

  10. I’m so glad you recommended being an aide or PCT before you become a nurse. I am an aide and they work with me with my nursing school schedule. I am in the Licensed Practical Nurse program and can’t wait to work as a nurse and see the other side of the role in nursing.

  11. I know this video is almost a year old, but I just now watched it. I worked all through nursing school full-time as an ER tech/unit clerk, it was really challenging, I definitely called into work more than I ever have before due to scheduling conflicts and illness from being so stressed. But I had a house to pay for and bills to pay. I'm a little older than most of my classmates were by five or six years, most of them were early 20s and lived at home with parents or in an apartment that parents paid for. I owned a home that had some issues that I had to pay/save for and was single at the time. It was definitely frustrating watching them do so well in all the classes while I struggled to keep my scholarships. With that said, I think working and going to school helps you balance your time better and teaches you time management for when you get out of nursing school better, but if you don't have to work, I wouldn't.

  12. I worked as an STNA/CNA PRN through school, lived at home and worked a bunch on my school breaks, not much during school, saved my money and used my school’s program to split up the semester payments. Didn’t have to take out a loan, so I graduated with no debt! Oh! Also found out I passed NCLEX when the scheduler called to see when I could start training as an RN where I was already working 😂 so yep got a job right away!

  13. I worked weekends all through LVN school and all the way through RN school, but I failed the last semester of RN school. That was also because I had a new born baby the last semester 😂 I was able to go back to retake tat last medsurg and I have QUIT work for sure.
    All I can say is be aware of your own limitations. I was fine being a full time student and part time nurse up until I added being a Mommy to the equation. I should have known better and quit, but I thought I could do it all 🤣🤣 Dont put yourself in a place where you will have no time to study

  14. I am in my Pre-Nursing courses for my ABSN. I am changing careers-I am an accountant full time. For now I am trying to live as a college student and not spending on "wants"-I have been looking into healthcare focused jobs for the time when I am in school full time. I took and EKG tech class and am taking those boards soon. Hoping to get a position at a hospital doing that, even if only part time. I would like something that I could parlay some type of benefits. I am fortunate in that my living expenses are not too over the top-school of course is an expense, though!
    Truly appreciate your videos and the comments of others! I am finding that I need some sort of work to help me manage my time and routine.
    Good luck to all!

  15. I currently work full time while in a full time accelerated program. It's hard, really hard. But so far I have excelled. But this will be the last term I do so as I want to pass the rest of my exams. But I am only able to do so with the emotional support of my parents and the friends I have made in school.

    Working as a CNA has helped me prepare for the physical interaction and patient care end of things. The first two terms were easier due to this.

    Do I recommend working? Yes, if you want or have to. But know it will be a struggle that is totally worth it in the end.

  16. I'm doing pre-reqs this fall, but I'm unfortunately not going to be able to leave my current job (which is not healthcare related) until I graduate because of my mortgage and I can't afford a paycut. I currently make $25/hour and anywhere else without a degree doesn't exist. It'll be hard, but I'm motivated.

  17. This video just confirmed that I’m doing the right thing getting my CNA before starting nursing school next year! I’m so excited 👏🏻

  18. I did work through nursing school. It helped me get alot of experience. I was an lpn through rn school. Just remember when you need to study don't pick up shifts and remember that school is number one and don't let your work schedule overwhelm you

  19. Ok I love this. I have to work to pay my bills and I have been told so many times I’m not gonna make it through school while working… plenty of people do it why can’t I!?

  20. What are the qualifications for a patient care tech? I worked as a care and medication manager at an assisted living/memory care for 6 years, but I can't get a job as a CNA because I do not have the certification, despite my experience.

  21. Love your videos!!! I need some advice please 😭…I have my CNA certification but I really want to be a phlebotomist while being a nursing student. Phlebotomy training starts next week..and my nursing program starts January. Do you think CNA is better as a nursing student??? Is there really a difference??. Please let me know😊 thank youu

  22. Thanks for making this video I’m currently a CNA student my class is gonna be over around October 11 I’m planning on going to school for RN but also getting a job dealing with my CNA experience but I didn’t know what I should do but you helped me figure out my option thank you

  23. I'm definitely coming back to comment on this video later. Goodluck nurses, doctors, and all healthcare professionals.

  24. I’m in nursing school for my LPN now. I thought I would be able to drop down to relief and just work weekends, but I had to stop working all together just to be able to keep up and focus on school. My school even encourages students to not work bc the workload is outrageous! All I can say is thank God for my hard working husband.

  25. being a single mother, going to school & working full time, WHAT TIME DO YOU HAVE FOR YOUR KIDS???
    This video is good for those that:
    1. has someone to pay your rent & bills.
    2. someone that doesnt mind not spending time with their kids while they work & finish school.

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