Should You Get An RFID Implant? – The Medical Futurist

Hi, this is Dr. Bertalan Mesko, The Medical
Futurist. Today I want to talk about RFID chips, and
whether or not it’s a good idea to implant one. In the past couple of years, Sweden has seen
a growing number of people getting microchips implanted under their skin. It was once a very niche thing among the most
dedicated biohackers. But now it’s becoming mainstream in the
tech-savvy and open-minded Scandinavian nation. And I’m a proud geek, so I wanted to get
one too. RFID technology has been around for a long
time. It is a tag or a label that can exchange data
with a reader through radio frequency – or RF – hence the name. There are thousands of applications for it;
we use them in our credit cards, we tag our luggage with it, and we implant our pets with
it so they always carry contact information in case they get lost. It’s a simple but wonderful technology. What’s new is that now we can implant it
in our body too. I asked my community if anyone has done it. Eric Orlowski, a Swedish anthropologist came
through, so I asked him what his experience was like. So curiosity and tech-optimism are what you need
with a little openness. It’s like he’s describing me. I went online to order an RFID chip from one
of the most popular online resellers. They’re called Dangerous Things. No red flags whatsoever… And in two weeks they delivered this package. As you open the box, you can tell right away
that this is not a toy. They immediately warn you not to meddle with
anything to keep it all clean and sterile. But what we do have here is: 1 Next implant
1 Vivokey implant 2 injectors
2 pair of procedure gloves 4 antiseptic wipes
2 gauze pads for post-injection care and bandages. Despite their ominous name, Dangerous Things
takes the procedure very seriously and so should you. This is a small operation. Can you imagine that there’s no surgical
protocol for the injection of these things? And while technically a piercer could do the
job, it’s highly recommended to do it with a surgeon. And Dangerous Things does help you with this,
as on their website they show you professionally trained partners who are equipped to implant
these chips. But what I think is really going to make a
difference in terms of chip implants going mainstream is how easy it’s going to be
to set them up. So I asked the Founder from Dangerous Things
about what to expect: Seems fairly easy. With one of those things you have the option to customize
it more, while this one is as simple as it gets for the basic applications. And at this point I really had to google what
it’s like when they inject it. It’s not too bad, right? Apparently, it feels like a bee sting. A really big bee sting. And just like that, in a few seconds, you
can be part of a yet small group whose members are technically cyborgs. And since I’m a huge fan of science fiction,
I find this pretty exciting. But as a physician, I wanted to know more
before I was about to commit to a medical procedure altering my body. Right? So I prepared a few questions for my surgeon
friend, Dr. Zsolt Varga: With all these pieces of information, I thought
the rewards outweighed the risks. At least
for me. With this chip, I could operate doors, unlock
my phone, or even carry my boarding pass at airports. It’s awesome. I just needed to get the all-go from my wife
as we discuss every body altering technology that I plan to use. So that happened. There went my dreams of becoming a cyborg. Apparently, my wife sees a different risk-to-reward
ratio. As all RFID chips are hackable, depending
on what kind of information I store on my chip, hackers could get access to it. For example; as I said, I could have my phone
password right here and unlock it with a wave of my hand or have all my medical records
right here, with me at all times. But do I really want to have that information
exposed like that? I’m not comfortable with the fact that hackers
could access it fairly easily. Another problem is the limitations this technology
has right now: It can have a widespread application, we can program a chip for a lot of things,
but one chip can only do one thing. And even though the Next implant from Dangerous
Things has two chips in the physical space of one, it’s still not a lot. And even though these chips are passive, meaning
they have no internal source of energy and you don’t have to change batteries, in case
you do want to remove them, as my surgeon friend described: it’s way more trouble
than implanting them. It requires an actual surgery. So, as of now, my RFID enthusiasm is put to
rest. The plan is that I’m gonna wait for the
tech to catch up with my vision for the future. Because I believe in a few years, chip implants
will have better security, bigger capacity and more customization. We’re going to have multiple applications
in a single chip. And we gonna see universal standards for digital
identification systems, and finally surgical protocols for implantation. And further down the line is when it’s going
to get really exciting. When these things are going to have sensors
that will be able to track vital signs to keep our health in check all the time. And with better security, they could revolutionize
medical care. Instead of my medical data being stored at
various hospitals, my GP’s office and at the pharmacy, I could have the chance to establish
my own health care identity and become the steward of my own data. And imagine all that in a medical emergency
situation. The first responders arrive and they only
have to scan your hand to get to know every valuable medical information about you. They can spare crucial minutes and really
focus on your care. That’s when these chips are really going
to start changing lives, and that’s when I’m going to pitch this idea to my wife
again. Because then, the rewards of this thing will
truly worth the trouble. Until then… Patience

14 thoughts on “Should You Get An RFID Implant? – The Medical Futurist

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  2. I thought the same thing about waiting a couple years for technology to improve 4 years ago. And it has improved slightly with the dual chip. I would say implant the one you have and if the technology does eventually catch up then put it in your other hand.

  3. It's so funny, when your wife walks by and says no! 🙂 Otherwise, this RFID implantation is fascinating. I can't wait for generation 2 or 3!

  4. Mate, you need a couple of implanted RFID balls – then you can make your own decisions without asking mummy #RFID #growapair

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