Should Breast Implants be Changed Every 10 Years? | The Plastic Surgery Clinic

So one of the most common questions and the
biggest urban myths when it comes to breast augmentation is, “I hear I have to change
my implant every 10 years.” I am not sure where that has come from, but every patient
thinks that their implants have to be changed every 10 years and it’s just not true. The
only reason you would ever change an implant is if there’s a problem with it, so if you
have a complication. And the only, one of the only complications that you’re going to
see down the road is an implant leaking. The risk of an implant leaking, we know what that
is: very rare. The risk is 1% a year. So at the end of 10 years, 90% of women have their
original implants. So for 90% of women, at 10 years their implants are soft and natural
they don’t need to do anything with them. So it’s just a misconception that you need
to change implants every 10 years. In fact, I’ve been a plastic surgeon for 25 years and
most patients keep their original implants with a soft, natural, great looking breast
for their entire lives.

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