Shoes I Wear in Medical School!

Hey everyone! For today’s vlogmas I wanted to talk about
some of my favorite shoes in medical school. A lot of you guys have been asking for this
video so I’m really happy to be doing it right now. So I’m gonna start from the very beginning
of when I started doing interviews for medical school to some of my favorite winter boots
now. So the first pair that I’m going to talk about
is this Salvatore Ferragamo Vara shoes. So these are a little bit of an investment. These are probably the most expensive shoes
that I have of all the shoes that I have here in front me. And I got these just before med school interviews
and I wore them through all my medical school interviews as well as with some of my business
casual outfits and now that I’m doing residency interviews I’m wearing these to every interview
as well. So I feel like these have held up really well. And have been really worth the investment. So they do have a little bit of a heel here. Probably about two inches from what I can
see. They’re pretty comfortable. They’re not great for walking all day long
but they’re great for interviews and if you have to go to an event or something like that. So I really like these. The next pair I’m gonna be talking about is
the business casual shoes that I wore actually in the hospital. If you’re doing like medicine rotation, or
a family medicine rotation you’re wearing business casual but you’re walking literally
all day long from 8-10 hours so the first pair that I talked about isn’t really great
for that but these shoes.. these are called Rothies… they’re great for walking all day
long, they’re super comfortable and they’re also made of recycled water bottles so that’s
really awesome. Another really great thing about this pair
is that you can actually throw them in the washer. So I have worn these probably for a little
over a year and I washed probably four times and they held up really well. From everyday wear and from washing four times,
they’re just now starting to show some of the wear and tear in the back here. I love these so much that I got them in another
color. I got them in this red color. I bring this up just to say that on the website
it says that there is no break-in period for these shoes which I found it to be true for
the black ones. I pretty much started wearing them right away. I didn’t have to break them in, no blisters,
nothing. But for some reason these red pairs, it actually
did give me a little bit of a blister. It did have a little bit of a breaking in
period. So I just want you guys to be aware of that. But overall these are super comfortable and
I really recommend them for wearing in the hospital because you have to wash your shoes
from time to time. The next pair I’m gonna be talking about is
of course the iconic Dansko. These were Christmas gifts last year and I
wore them all throughout my surgery rotation. They’re great for just standing in one place
for a long time like you might be in surgery and also if you’re gonna be in surgery you
don’t know if you’re gonna be splashed of some type of bodily fluid… these are great
because they’re water resistant and you can kinda just wash them away and they’re good
to go. So these are great for surgery and a lot of
people wear them in the Emergency Department as well because there you can also be splashed
with something that you don’t want on your shoes. So the other pair are these Nike Flyknit sneakers
and I wore these in the hospital if I wasn’t gonna be in surgery but I was gonna be kinda
running around the hospital everywhere because the Dansko, it’s great for standing in one
place but it’s not great for running. These are pretty heavy. So these are great for if doing a medicine
long call or some other situation where I knew I wasn’t gonna be in surgery but I was
gonna be all over the hospital. So these are really great because they’re
really light and they’re made of that knitted material so they’re breathable, they’re light
and they’re great for running around. So these are the pair that I wore on most
days if I wasn’t gonna be in surgery. So those were all the pairs that I wore inside
the hospital and now I’m gonna talk about some of the pairs of shoes that I wear outside
the hospital. So you guys know that I recently started running
and I experimented with a bunch of different running shoes and I found that my favorite
to run in are these ASICs Gel Kayano sneakers. I think they’re Gel Kayano 24s and found that
with the other sneakers I did have a little bit of a pain when I was running for first
few miles but then afterwards I would get used to them but I did have that initial period
of getting used to. With this pair I can pretty much run pain
free for a long time from start to end. These have become my favorite pair and these
are probably gonna be the pair that I run in for my half marathon coming up in a couple
days. For the next few pairs of shoes I have my
favorite winter boots. I did a little segment in Insta-Story just
talking about all my winter boots and a lot of you asked for more information and where
to get them so I thought it would be good to just include these in this video so you
guys have all the information in one place. These are my favorite flat boots. They’re from Marc Fisher and they have this
great start decoration in the back. I don’t think this exact pair is available
this year. I got these last year but they do have these
in different colors and just plain back and these are super comfortable. I wear them all the time. So I think these are actually a knock offs
of a very popular Acne boots but you can get this pair for like… literally a fraction of the cost and I feel
like they have a really great cost per wear cause I really wear them often. They’re really comfortable. These are great pair of flat pointy toed black
boots… booties?… boots. The next pair is my new favorite of the moment. These are the Dune London Pancras boots. And they have this great croc embossing all
around. And they do have a three inch heel but these
are probably the most comfortable heel boot that I have worn. I can literally walk hours in them and I don’t
hesitate to reach for them if I know that I’m gonna be walking a lot. I really love how they look. I feel like they really elongate your leg. They’re pointy and they have a little bit
of a heel and overall I feel like these are a great pair for going out and also for casual
as well. Last but not least.. these are my Kenneth
Cole booties and they have a little bit of a heel as well. These are kind of in line with that sock booties
trend. So it does have a little bit of a tighter
leather ankle sleeve kinda thing in the front and it has a zip in the back with a tassle
detail I love and these heel are slightly higher than the Dune boots that I just talked
about so they’re a little harder to walk in but they’re still pretty comfortable. so I wouldn’t mind walking a few blocks in
them if I’m going out to dinner or if I’m going out the movies or something like that
so these are really great. So those are all the shoes that I have for
today. I hope you guys found it helpful. I’m gonna link all the information in the
description box below so if you guys wanna check it out you can look there. If you have any questions about what to wear
in the hospital or any questions about these shoes in general I can try to answer them
in the comment section below. So I hope you guys enjoyed the video and I
will see you guys next time. Byee!

51 thoughts on “Shoes I Wear in Medical School!

  1. I need help I have a 3.1 gpa but I did not do my pre science courses for medical school and I use on maximum limit for financial aid, what do I do


  2. I hope you could do outfits next timeee 🙂 Med School applications start next semester and I'm really anxious about it alreadyy. 😞😞😞

  3. I'm currently in RN school and for clinical I tried wearing clogs, knowing I have very flat feet. I was on my feet for 12 hrs straight. By the time I got home, the clogs were next to my dinner in the garbage. 😩😂 I highly recommend Sketchers Sure Track.

  4. Jamie I love you but I CRINGED at you touching the soles of your Danskos. As a nurse, I strip completely down and never wear my shoes past my garage LOL 😭

  5. Wow that's so cool that you use Rothy's! I've been eyeing them for a while now. Would you say they fit true to size? Also, as far as width, are they average, or on the narrower or wider side? Thank you!

  6. as a junior doctor it wasn't until I really started working on the wards (8-14hr ward shifts) to appreciate a good pair of flat-ish shoes.  A comfortable pair of shoes that you can wear all the time that look tidy is so important. Also be prepared to buy replacements as you wear them out!

  7. sorry I messed up what kind of outfits did you wear to interviews and throughout collage and medschool. Also what kind of scrubs do you wear and recommend.

  8. Loved the video!! Also, are the Marc Fisher booties waterproof? I've been looking for nice black booties but the ones I come across soak water, which doesnt help at all 😭

  9. After watching your video, I bought the Dune Pancras boots as well! Like you said, they're super comfy. (My size wasn't not available initially and I had to crazily check the site every day multiple times. haha.)

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  11. Where do you get your rothy's?? Do you buy them online? If so, can you send us your refer link?? (So you can get $$ for referring us!)

  12. thank you so much I've been trying to find out how Rothys hold up for medical professionals. just started my 3rd year rotations and my feet are taking the toll just as much as my sleep schedule. thank you again. 🙂

  13. una de esas zapatillas le ampollaron la parte de atrás de los pies……corriendo en el Central Park.

  14. Hi jamie, love your broad selections of shoes! What kind of pants did you wear with the ferragamo vara flats?

  15. Hey Jamie! I've just revisited this video because I'm currently also looking for running shoes. I was just curious whether you're a pronator/slightly flat foot arch – the Gel-Kayano seems to be a highly supportive shoe that's why i ask (it was recommended to me because my arches are slightly flat but neutral shoes can work for me too). If you're a normal arch, did these shoes give you any knee pain? Also, curious if you tried the Brooks Adrenaline GTS running shoe when you were searching for running shoes? If you did, do you have anything to say about that? Thanks heaps in advance, and amazing + super helpful content as always!

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