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  1. Bear!!! He's just so cuuuute!!! Bear-pup is adorable! He just walks up and starts licking the faces. Infinity out of ten best dog.

  2. Dr Mike have you met Jess from How to ADHD on YouTube? She’s done a TED talk and we’ve been “getting to know her” per se over the last few months while my son and husband are going through ADHD diagnosis.

    Would love to see more understanding about people with ADHD/Aspergers/ASD etc!

    Thanks so much for this info with Pamela! She’s such a superstar!!

  3. This woman is now my idol I am 4’5 and I am inspired to be me now. I hate when people call us shorties “fun sized” it’s kind of annoying.

  4. I wanna see "Doctor Mike Reacts" to Grey's Anatomy, season 11, episode
    21 — the episode has 2 car crashes, a total of 5 victims, one of whom is McDreamy. (By
    this time in the series, McDreamy and Meredith have been married for a
    while, and have two kids. They have been through a rocky period in their
    marriage, but got it back together and are way happy.) McDreamy sees
    the first car crash happen, on a back road, and rescues the first set of
    victims with interesting medicine, improvising with materials on hand. Then he gets
    t-boned himself, as he's making a U-turn on the road (a dumb driving
    move, I know, but then watch the medicine after he gets to the

  5. I'd like to see more like this. She has important things to say, in an intelligent manner. I'd definitely watch her Netflix special, if that ever happens!

  6. When he said crib I literally thought he meant like a baby crib because she's short. Like I thought it was a joke.

  7. Love her I was diagnosed with dyslexia at a vey young age and my public school system said the same thing to my parents. To lower their expectations that I would not have a real job and I would not even graduate from high school. I am currently a TA at a special ed school and I am going to be graduating college this December! @DoctorMike

  8. Just for the reference for my Indian friends out there or anyone want to know about TS problem this woman has ,you should check out the movie Hichki rani mukerji it's based on true events

  9. There is a Jewish saying: You can laugh or you can cry, and it's better to laugh. Pamela, you rock! I would love having you as a friend. ☺

  10. When you said she bought a crib, I was thinking like a crib for infants, not a house. I was really confused for a second and thought it was a joke on her being short.

  11. I think higher of her, not because she has a disability, but because she has a disability that makes me laugh because in some situations, it is funny, and she even lets us laugh about it. There are a lot of people that are ashamed of their disabilities, but she is really making the best out of it. That is why I think higher of her.

  12. She's an inspiration — not because of tourette's, but because her life insights are on point and her attitude is da bomb!!!

  13. I have chronic health issues which are disabling. I mean, I wish I didn’t have them, but I don’t want to erase the life experiences I’ve had through them. Also, I constantly do dark humour about them. I like to shock people and show them that you can laugh about so called sad stuff.

  14. You should watch Jess Thom/Tourette’s Hero. She wrote a book called “Welcome to Biscuit Land”. She did a good interview with a comedian called Russell Howard.

  15. Omg the guessing game is horrible that ppls do
    Story time !! ( I'm a type 1 diabetic with needles )
    I went out to eat with my mom after the drs and when I went to take my insulin some random lady thought I was shooting up on drugs and went to my mom who was in the bathroom and said I was doing drugs my mom had to tell her that she knows while laughing and saying she should go ask me why lmao she came back and asked ( was extremely sorry for assuming and I told her not to assume ppls disabilities and just ask ) lol it was an odd experience

  16. It’s funny and nice when people with disabilities can joke and laugh about their struggles, it means they embrace it and it makes it easier for them with humor, but it’s not cool at all if someone else makes fun of it it’s just extremely rude. Like if a blind person makes fun of it by saying “I see” vs someone saying “Ha you can’t see”

  17. I can relate I have tics I fall so bad dr mike what is ur opinion on tics if I trie to talk I bark being in gr 10 it's not easy I get bullied I was diagnosed at the age of 4 I cry everyday I wish airline also treat people with disabilities better dr mike ur such an inspiration u make me happy thank u love from Canada 🇨🇦🇨🇦

  18. Thank you so much for this! Pamela, you are hilarious and I adore you. Plus, I love your hair. But really, thank you for starting the conversation about that f*(king awwww factor.

  19. Everyone deals differently with trials. I appreciate that you point that out clearly. Some people may need to laugh through it and others may need to not. I think it is extremely important to know your audience so to speak. My mom had paranoid schizophrenia and I knew other people dealing with paranoid schizophrenia that needed to joke about it but I know neither me nor my mom could handle the jokes. Knowing your audience means not just slapping a bumper sticker on your car about the voices in your head. Something like a comedy club can be planned or avoided as necessary. Bumperstickers are a punch in the gut at the most unexpected times. Sorry for the rant but obviously something close to my heart.

  20. I have Tourette syndrome too. You know who else has Tourette syndrome? That's right. Billie Eilish. We're all cool

  21. I avoided this video for a while because I watch Dr. Mike for Dr. Mike and not the guests he brings but Pam is fun. Also love that the video is longer.

  22. Ayyy I have Tourette’s! I’ve seen her before and she is so awesome and funny! I want to see more of her and Dr Mike together, they’re so entertaining 😂 also I literally spent 26 minutes trying not to tic watching this 😂

  23. This reminds me a lot of Daniel Sloss, he talks about his sister in his comedy and he feels its okay to make light of his family and their struggles, because its his story to tell.

  24. Having Tourettes seems like it can have many advantages, most fun one being able to literally show that you don't give an f by rolling your eyes etc. And then just blame it on Tourettes.

  25. People giving you pity and imaging that you wish your life was different is one of the biggest things that gets me. I have a disability and I wouldn't give it up, because it's shaped me into who I am today. But my life doesn't revolve around it, either. I often forget that I'm disabled until I encounter an obstacle or someone asks about it. Yesterday, I tripped over my own feet (muscle disorder) and fell so hard that I ripped my shirtsleeve, injured my elbow, and pulled two muscles. Did it hurt? Yes. Did I laugh about it after? Absolutely. You have to laugh. This is my life and I'm just accepting it, because if I don't, I'm going to be miserable and I have too much to offer to waste it being miserable.

  26. Thank you as a person with a disability for letting people know we can do for ourselves. I have Severe nerve damage to my spine. I use a cane and wear a brace on my Rt leg. People will immediately try to help me with lifting or carrying items when I can do it. If I need help doing something I will ask for it. I like if people would ask about my disability instead of staring at me. Kids are the best because they will just out right ask what is wrong with you. As their parents scream on the inside. I will answer them and they usually just say oh I am sorry and go on about there day.

  27. My mum got a disabled badge because I am partially deaf. Before when I was younger, my mum would park in a disabled bay any way, once this woman parked next to us, using the space on my side to get out as she was disabled as well but all the disabled bays were full and literally picked up her disabled badge and shoved it in my face. I had no idea what she was saying because it was in a harsh whisper. When I started hearing her it was because she had started shouting things like why don't you look at me when I am talking to you. This was when I was eight or nine and my mum was around the other side of the car putting the shopping in the boot as when she heard the shouting came to see what was going on and the lady was stood their red in the face from shouting and I was bawling my eyes out. I was very sheltered when I was a kid so hearing all these mean and very rude comments was a shock to me. My mum got upset. She went inside the shop and got the security guard who told both of us to leave. My mum was used to this by now and I was already in the car and the woman physically punched the security guard, promptly got in the car and left. We got in our car and drove away as well. That was when my mum applied for one and got a message saying that I was able to one and it has happened like it but never as bad as that one time.
    Don't like my post. It is just here to show you that maybe there is a different reason for everything. Please don't judge other people it is not nice an is very disrespectful.


    P.s. Dr Mike is incredible and if you are still reading this like and subscribe to his account and turn on the notification bell as I'm sure you won't be disappointed. 🙃🙃🙃

  28. Problem is when I try to make light of my depression, I get called out and told not to joke about it. Perhaps I can channel it into music instead?

  29. She is such a good person and seems like an amazing friend and person but I can't get over the fact that she does shows in Israel. Is she Israeli? I don't hate all Israelis, just the ones who are in or support the military that is occupying my home, Palestine (the "West Bank and Gaza" if you were confused).

  30. I don't think anything should be off limits to joke about, like no one and nothing is above being laughed about as long as the intention is good. On another note I've never understood the whole "inspiration" thing. To me I just see it as everybody has challenges throughout their life some maybe bigger for some people but ultimately everyone is going to struggle at some point in their life. Like if you're born a particular way then you've never known any different, you learnt to do everything that way. Like I've grown up in a big family (2nd oldest of 5) I've had to share my entire life (room, toys etc.) but my friend is an only child and so didn't have to share anything at home but also didn't have siblings to play with. If you were born missing half an arm and you've learnt to swim then that's how you swim and the only way you've ever known to do it so I just don't see it as a big deal. What I think is a big deal is when someone achieves their goals or does something incredible. That's long and idk if it will make sense but there.

  31. Ilove medicine so much and i love to help people who are sick and my heart comes to them especially the needy and the poor who can not pay the procass I thought I becom a doctor as you are, but I am still a student will help you motivate you,especially you Dr Mike you have humainty and a wonderful doctor like to help you patients do not stop trying,THink YOu😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  32. My friend had to go to a private school due to the public system not being about to provide adequate education for her

  33. Seeing this video makes me think Mike would probably enjoy meeting Sweet Anita, who is a Twitch streamer that has tourettes and is so wonderful, doing the same as pam and trying to teach people about her condition

  34. The first experience I had with someone with turrets was a scary one, the kid was violent because of his turrets and would flail his hands around, hitting people, while throwing around random words. That was the moment I got a little scared about it, now I do realize there are a lot of different kinds, but when you're about 14 and THAT is your first experience with it… It's scary.

  35. People look at me sideways because I laughed so much while watching It: Chapter 2. It’s not my fault they put comedic relief in the movie ! 😂😂

  36. WOW! What a champion. I wish more people loved themselves the way Pam loves herself. Despite all adversity she was able to overcome it and become who she needed to be and who the world needs to see. I needed this, THANK YOU!

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