Shelly Svoboda, M.D., Neurology – The Corvallis Clinic

Well neurology is just fascinating, I think it’s
become such a big area of interest, every magazine you see anymore has a brain on
the front of it, because we’re learning so much about it. The brain is where we
live, it’s who we are, and that’s a pretty pretty interesting area of Medicine. People come to me with the problem that
I really try to approach patient care as a person with a problem, so many of my
patients have diseases that will last for the remainder of their life, and
affect many aspects of their life, and so I get to know them, I get to know their
families, and I find that very rewarding. I also find the intellectual pursuit of
Neurology, learning about neurology that constant updating of
information and education in neurology. That’s something that I really love. I
hope that my patients leave an office visit with me, every time, feeling a bit
more educated about their disease, and a bit more empowered about what they
personally can do, not just take a pill etc…, but to take care of them self,
and to manage the symptoms they have for whatever problem disease process that they’re dealing with. And also that their family members feel included,
and have some tools to help. I moved here to be with my sister, I love going out on
many adventures in the valley because it’s so beautiful here, my sister is a
very adventurous person, just pick up on a Saturday morning and
brush off to someplace. Silver Falls or going mushroom picking. Like many people
who have moved to the valley, I have become a gardener, an avid gardener, and that
brings me a great deal of pleasure. I’m teaching myself how to do bonsai trees,
so I like I like making things, watching things grow. My husband and I have three
furry children, rescue dogs, so there’s a lot of fun with the dogs. I think my
favorite thing about my practice at The Corvallis clinic,
when speaking of the clinic specifically is I have wonderful people to work with, the
colleagues I have in neurology are not just excellent doctors, but they’re
just excellent people’s work with. I think I have the best assistant at all
clinic. we’re a real team, and I love having that
approach to our patient care. The Corvallis Clinic is physician owned, and that means
a great deal to me, because I feel that physicians should be very invested in,
not just day-to-day patient care, but directing what that patient care looks
like as an institution as well.

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