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  1. Lea told him flat out that she can't love him back because he's autistic i.e. not a normal person, while Carly loves him unconditionally and accepted him for what he is and he still think Lea makes him more.

  2. I think, the reason why Lea pushed Shaun away was because she has a habit of pushing people away or people leaving her, this might be her first time where someone is actually willing to stay for her. People need to understand that her reasons do break his heart aren't atism perhaps can be something more deeply than that, which she needs to figure out?

    well that's what i think

  3. Lea may have taught him how to drive, but Carly loves him unconditionally…it's interesting how he checked Lea and now the writers got him back-tracking after the fact. 🤔🙄

  4. Shaun's problem is talking ONLY about the good "more" Lea is responsible for in making him a better man,, and very conveniently omits his bad "more".

  5. The best theories of which character they may kill off the show… Morgan Resnick-I know she’s at the hospital and it seems unlikely but long term she cannot be a surgeon and that’s her adamant dream. Maybe something happens?

    Carly who has been absent from the last 2 or 3 episodes maybe she finds out what’s happening and races to the charity building and helps Shaun and Leah survive and doesn’t make it out herself

    If they kill off a main character like Melendez or Glassman I may stop watching the show so I hope they are very careful about it. I think a lot of other people feel the same way.

  6. I can't believe during this emergency, everyone let him get all of that out without stopping him, or talking over him

  7. Okay enough with the Lea hate it’s pretty simple he loves her you can’t hope who you love. Yes Carly had sex with him but she had to work for it because he was never comfortable with her to the level that he is with Lea I guarantee you that Lea would of got him to do it with much less effort she was his first kiss I can not stress this enough for someone with a disability feeling/being comfortable with someone is very important.. Leah has never had someone love her the way he does it’s new to her to. If she dies I’ll lose my shit! They look good together.

  8. I don’t want that to be a relationship. It feels like guilt and pity. Give it some time and approach it when it isn’t life or death, ya smell me.

  9. I'm confused by the comments saying that they really hope/think Lea loves him back and is just afraid. She literally said that when Shaun confesses in ep 16 no?

  10. Some of you on here are very biased and selfish and i wonder where ur brains are. All you guys talk about is shaun this shaun that. Have u all ever though ehy lea cant date shaun? We all know its not everyone u love u date because u maybe want more that they cant give u. Have u all though lea wants wild romance, she wants someone spintaneous, someone to maybe have wild sex with, where they can laugh and it not bring weird, have conversations just explore all that she wants. Shaun cant give her that based on bis conditions ee have seen him with carly, we have seen him with everyone. Thats who he is and who he is isnt all of those things i mentioned lea may want. She prolly wants someone she can be messy with who wouldnt care hoe things are put and in any form. She wouldnt want someone who woulf have to call her everytime and say u did not put this right or so. By being with shaun she would maybe have to do alot of compromise because he is authistic and thatd how he is. You all ever thinks she isnt willing to compromise all these things just to accomodate shaun?. Have any of you thought for one second this can be lea's reason why she might love shaun but not want to date him cuz therr are other things she wants which due to shauns limitations he cant give her? U all are just out here being selfish and biased and all u care about id what thr autistic person wants lea may not be autistic but she has a fucking right to chose what she wants and if what she wants in a partner isnt shaun, u all need to fucking let it go. I just read all the comments and its so dissapointing how u all just see from shauns side and i have not seen any one comment where someone cares about what lea wants. Shaun is not the first to be inlove with someon who doesnt want them back in that way. Everyone in the real world goes through that. Its totally normall. Becaude ur inlove with them dont mean they have to date u. Its a fucking two way thing.

  11. I watch grey's anatomy and I am at the 3rd season but I already know that izzy, george o malley, dr burke,seperd, and christina will either leave or die. It's worth continue watching it??

  12. He a perfect example that nice guys finish last. Even though she loves him but she scared to love him because she a mess

  13. Lea does love Shaun. She is just insecure. I always thought that she did like Shaun, but she pushed him away because she is afraid to commit. I think she does have concerns regarding Shaun's autism, but she is also using that as an excuse not to be with him. Although, her "it's not you it's me" routine was pretty annoying. Yes, she is unpredictable, but Shaun is learning how to deal with unpredictable situations every day as a doctor and from other people. You can see how he has grown from the previous seasons and even though he doesn't always understand other's feelings he tries too. I think she is not giving it a chance because she is afraid of screwing it up and losing Shaun in her life altogether.

  14. This is becoming too much. I’m sorry, I am not autistic, nor do I understand them, but from my POV, Shaun just seems obsessed at this point. Like come on. Those basic ass things make you better? Really? ANY ONE can do those things for and with you. And if she does “fall” for him after this, it will seem forced. She will fall for his words in the moment. Not him. And if she does genuinely fall for him, I feel like their relationship will be toxic as hell. I’m talking if she breaks up with him, Shaun might commit suicide or something. That is how obsessive his love is

  15. Yeah I understand that completely it's not easy moving on from the person you love I still love my old childhood crush from when I was Eleven it's not easy to let go of love like that I'm glad Lea heard how Shaun truly feel's about her.

  16. I don't think you can completely love someone from the beginning…when you grow old you love them even more because you see them shine through the tough times….I just wish it was Lea confessing her love

  17. I have never seen a single episode of The Good Doctor but I’ve literally been watching scene after scene after scene on YouTube cause his acting is so good😂

  18. Is this for real, she got to GO and for the good doctor your brother told you correctly MOVE ON. The person who took time with you was dismissed so easily and quickly and allowed to just walk away with you not saying a word that would make any sense. I hope part 2 has more reality than part 1. I really hate to cancel watching this show.

  19. I’ve seen this scene more than 10x today and I still want to keep watching it. The feels. Shaun and Lea forever! What a sweet declaration!

  20. I think it's great that Leah heard what Shaun said. She may never get to tell him that she really does love him

  21. This scene makes us MORE,

    The context makes us MORE,

    The chemistry makes us MORE,

    The love for them makes us MORE.

  22. So obviously they are going to have Shaun and Lea be together. I think it’d be cool if they did an episode on Lea from her childhood that shines a light on why she has the commitment/trust issues and why she feels she’s not deserving of real love

  23. I’m sorry but Shaun is weak and hard headed. This guy has been told countless times to move on from co-workers, loved ones, strangers and even Lea herself and yet he refuses. It’s borderline stalker like and I’m seeing people on here sympathizing as if it’s sweet. Let’s keep it real… if this were happening in real life to you, the majority of you Hypocrites would have taken out a restraining order by now. And I’m not letting Lea off the hook either. She’s just as wishy washy as they come throwing out mixed signals to Shaun left and right. I thought Shaun had finally manned up and grew a pair, when he confronted Lea by the car, but I was wrong. He instantly turned white knight, when he thought she was trapped. Damn, even his dead brother was trying to slap some sense into him….🤦‍♂️ On another note, I love the other characters and hope that they don’t bite it!

  24. Oh god he should not end up with Lea…… They don't look right together…

    I'm jk I don't even watch this show
    I just came to piss a bunch of shippers off

  25. Just proof how much he love her…I truly believe that they will be together some episodes. I’m waiting for it to happen 🙏🏻🤞

  26. This man risked his life to save her showing her his autism doesn’t mean a thing once he gets out of this if she doesn’t get with him she gotta move 🙏🏾

  27. So yall let us see how much Shaun loves Leah, but force us to wait a WHOLE week to see what happens, if anything, between them? Thats pure evil

  28. Now I am curious, why is Lea at that cancer benefit? Is that the reason she is holding out on Shaun because she is definitely in love with him.

  29. The more you watch this scene, the more you realize that Shaun's not exactly confessing his feelings with the hope that Lea would eventually reciprocate them, but more like he's confessing that he's afraid he'll lose the man he has become when with her…more outgoing, more of a risk taker, more open to new things that he would not have had the will to pursue on his own, like falling in love. And he's afraid of who he might become without her in his life, but eventually beginning to understand and accept that he may have no choice but to cross that bridge and to find out….only for Lea to be on the other end listening to him pouring his heart out…

    Call me crazy for thinking that way, but feel free to add onto what I've written. Nevertheless, this was one hell of an intense episode, can't wait for the finale…

  30. please help me.is there any website that I can use to watch this show please tell me.I can't find any of it on google 😭i really want to watch this shows😭

  31. Havent seen the whole ep yet but right there is page turner. Either Lea will suddenly realize she better with him then with out him and they will be together or she will leave him completely as to not continue go break his heart. I think she will realize she better with him then with out him.

  32. This type of relationships don't work…
    Becoz its one sided…even if they end up together there is doubt that they will remain happy…
    The uncertainty in leah's mind will always come in the way during hard times…

  33. I don't watch this show….I never have searched for it….my girlfriend does…. This scene was on last night ….and now it's in my YouTube feed….

  34. I really want to hug him and let him know it’s okay. I’m autistic and I fell in love hard with this guy. He broke my heart and it took me the same amount of time that we dated to get over him. I finally found someone better

  35. Used to wtch this every wk. Nw no. Theyve made shawn too crazy. I dnt like it anymre. Im done. Bet im nt alone😞

  36. At the end of the day lea will be never the girlfriend shawn thinks he wants and lea can’t change that. But she knows how much he needs her as a friend

  37. As a human one of the worst feelings is to love someone with all that you have, and know they dont love you the same back.

  38. You gotta love Lea's look at Shawn's confession…its more than just sadness, it's her saying "Damn i messed up hard here".

  39. That's me and the girl I'm talking to. She make me feel so alive and do better in my life because of her. She made me honest and loyal and consistent.

    She loves me but not like how I wanted. But I know shes worth it

  40. When she looks at the monitor( after he confessed) she looks like she needs to tell him the truth about something …like she's holding something back from him

  41. I love the gradual growth of his character. The fact they aren't tiptoeing around the fact that he is autistic allows for and forces him to grow. Leah is now learning that him loving her had nothing to do with him combating just another social challenge but that he truly cares for someone who isn't Glasman or his brother. This pulls on all my heart strings.

  42. What bothers me so much: it’s clear women these days don’t want to be held responsible for their actions that would consider to be classically “leading someone on” and it makes me sick and so annoyed. We talk about feminism and the #metoo movement and yet we still think it’s okay or innocent behavior to treat Shaun like how Lea did, with no repercussions? There is no excuse. She knew exactly what she was doing and she only came back to San Jose after leaving for Hershey and went straight to Shaun when she moved back. If you’re a fan and watched every episode you would know this. It’s always been about Shaun and Lea since day one/season one. Lea DOES love Shaun. She always has deep down but she IS terrified to be with someone who challenges her like she challenges Shaun. That is Leas whole entire shtick and part of her written storyline character. She’s the carefree spirit who has baggage and emotional damage she doesn’t talk about and is afraid of going out of her comfort zone and challenging herself. That’s why she doesn’t last long in relationships, she stated it herself in season 1! She’s afraid of commitment and she used his autism as an excuse for being challenged in a relationship with someone with a disability or on the spectrum. (Which is not right, but humans are messy) She’s very much in love with him as he is with her and all her behavior in all 3 seasons have proved it over and over. Love makes us afraid and angry and unsure at times. It’s normal human emotion and that’s what the writers want to capture for both characters in their growth in the show.

  43. Every fan last week: “Yeah Shaun! You tell her, you don’t need her.”

    Every fan during the 1st half of the episode: “You should move on Shaun, cmon help the other people.”

    Every fan after seeing this scene: “Well, this changes things…”

  44. this is ridiculous ! last episode- end was more realistic and it should've ended that way.. no need to bring it up all again. Some stories never meant to have a closure..

  45. The thing I don’t like about this is that now the show will make Lea all of a sudden fall for Shawn which I don’t like because she would only do it because of pity. Shawn deserve someone who accepts him for who he is and not because after eves dropping on a conversation and all of sudden “ REALIZING” they made a mistake

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