12 thoughts on “Shaun Comforts Carly On a Rough Day – The Good Doctor

  1. My boy shaun became a man tonight. I love that he had her back all the way thru the episode. They worked things out and worked well as a team and look at the outcome of it. Plus they finally smashed too. Wish they would have showed it tho but I'll take it for now. But I'm going to need shaun to get a bigger bed because that twin bed is not working 😂

  2. Carly is just a doormat for shaun. Take a screenshot. He is going to dump her and be with that roommate once he overcome his anxieties.

  3. Seriously, he has grown and matured so much. He is now knowing and understanding the feeling of having someone to love who accepts him for who he is. He is doing so well in being a great lover to her. I can't wait to see how far this goes for him.

  4. I love carly and shaun together
    I don't understand the hate
    I wanted leah b4 but carly is good for him
    Leah is emotionally unavailable

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