SharePoint Intranet at Yeovil District Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

I’m Richard Hale, I’m Chief Technology
Officer at Yeovil District Hospital and I’ve been responsible for the implementation of SharePoint, which we call Y-Cloud, at Yeovil Hospital. I think Ascribe were the right partner for this project based on their experience working in other trusts and they understood our vision
and working with somebody that understands we’re trying to achieve
makes life a lot easier. My name is Matt Davey, I’m a physiotherapist here at Yeovil, I’m the project lead for Y-Cloud or SharePoint deployment. From the beginning
I didn’t know exactly what SharePoint was. Nor do I have any form of programming
background or IT background but one of the joys of SharePoint is that you get an awful lot out of it without a vast technical knowledge behind it. I think engaging with the clinicians was absolutely essential. They could see the
power of being able to look up patient details populate clinical
information and display that information to them at any time in the future. As
momentum started to build and people understood that the power of it, then
it was well accepted. SharePoint has an inherent usability. It allows you as a
clinician to forget about the stuff other than patients and we’ve made sure that whilst
we’ve rebranded that within the Y-Cloud concept we maintain that inherent usability. Use of apps now is starting to gather pace and our clinical staff and clinical nurse specialists whilst they’re treating patients on a ward
and enter data directly onto an InfoPath form on Y-Cloud and catch
clinical data and then report on it and manage patient care remotely. So when you come in, in the morning boots up
in front of you bottom area there is a clinical links so that links off to our PAS system, our packs we get to our order comms scenarios as well as
things by antimicrobial guidelines discharge summaries which we are
developing in-house and to our junior doctors handbook, whereas at the start we would go
out and say “right what you want, how can we help”, now everybody’s coming to us and
that’s great and now we’re starting to get other people involved in building
their own applications creating their pages in the team sites and customizing
it best how they work. We’ve now got a system over which we have complete
control we can do what we like to it we understand how it works and we can build
what we want in it. You can almost build publish and have available an application through Y-Cloud in a day without too much difficulty. We’ve been very pleased working with Ascribe I think that they’re very adaptable and responded very quickly to
our needs. I think Ascribe appreciated that
we were starting from perhaps the novice end of the spectrum with SharePoint. Now we’re saying
we’re doing this, we’re doing that, we’re doing this. What can you help us with to make that even
better and it’s been good to have Ascribe along with us because they
could appreciate where we were going with it. Y-Cloud is allowing staff to get the
information that they want at the right time to deliver what Yeovil Hospital
wants as first class care.

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