Shareef O’Neal Continues His Recovery | Basketball Wives

– Hello.
– Welcome to Upgrade Labs. – Thank you.
– I’m Joe. – It’s good to meet you.
– Shaunie. – Nice to meet you.
– This is my son, Shareef. – Good to meet you guys. – We are here ’cause he had
open-heart surgery, and he has been cleared by the
doctor to get back in the gym.Shareef got great news
from the doctor,
and he passed his stress test.Now it’s just the countdown of
him getting back on the court.
But I definitely think
Shareef is a little nervous about the cardio part. I mean, he just had
open-heart surgery. I’m nervous about it. You guys are recommended
to have a lot of gadgets. – Yeah. – You know, just me
being a little… – Making sure he gets
his heart to 100%. – Being mom–yeah.
– Okay, yeah. – Let’s check this thing out.
– Yeah, let’s do it. These are cuffs that go
on the arms and the legs. There’s gonna be cold
running through it, which creates bigger
growth hormone spots, boosting testosterone. Feel everything
start to compress and the cold start to come in.– Under his doctor’s
he’s been slowly getting back
to playing ball.
♪ ♪Pretty accurate.Shareef’s work ethic
and mental strength
to get back on that court
is crazy. You feel the cold? Oh, yeah, that is cold. [laughs]
– My legs hurt so bad. – Oh, your legs are
already sore, huh? – Yeah.
– Oh… – And my arms. – And then by the end of this, you’ll know what? – It’s more just for
the recovery aspect. You’re doing it
for the benefits. It’s gonna help bring
the inflammation down. – Okay, cool. How are you feeling? Are you, like, nervous? Excited? – Ugh. – Like, your first game,
I think I’m probably gonna cry, so just be ready. But I’m so excited for it. I feel like, I don’t know why,
I just visualize you having– like, you being so much better
than you already were.It’s going to be so amazingto see him back on
the basketball court
because I know that’s
his favorite place
in the world to be. I’m just so happy to be able
to watch him follow his dreams, just like I’m following mine. – How you feeling?
– Sore. – [laughs] Well, you’re gonna feel sore.

42 thoughts on “Shareef O’Neal Continues His Recovery | Basketball Wives

  1. Thats a blessing he caught his heart issue early💯 her kids so tall. You hug him you be all in his stomache area.

  2. Shaunie's love for her children is a beautiful thing to behold. May God continue to bless and keep you and your family covered in his 💓

  3. Very beautiful mother strong mother her son looks so happy looking healthy in good 🤗🤗🤗❤️❤️💕

  4. I don’t think he should play.
    He’s wealthy by way of both parents.
    He doesn’t need too.
    I’m a little scared 😟 for him.
    I don’t want him to play. I want him to live and enjoy 😊 the rest of his life.
    Ion know I’m scared for them.

  5. They caught his before hand🙌🏾🙌🏾 because I was playing ball in college I died on the court. And they brought me back.

  6. I want shareef to get better an all but vh1 please give shaunie and her family their own show cuz I fast forward their boring azz scenes shareef and those 4 words he be giving us 🙄

  7. I admire Shaunie's deep relationship with her children. She appears to be at all times putting her kids FIRST! That's what a REAL Mom does❤

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