Shannon Appel, ARNP – Family Medicine in Marshalltown, Iowa | McFarland Clinic

Hello, my name is Shannon Appel, and I’m a
board-certified family nurse practitioner. I joined McFarland Clinic in 2018, and I’ll be practicing in the Marshalltown
Main Street Office. My specialty is Family Medicine, and I chose
this specialty because I wanted to be able to establish long-term relationships with
my patients and also have diversity in the ages I see, ranging anywhere from infant to
older adult. It’s my job to work with patients throughout
their lives, managing both common and chronic illnesses, providing preventative care, screening
for different diseases, establishing long-term health goals, and providing education so
we can try and promote the healthiest possible lifestyle. Patients can expect me to address the reason
why they’re in the clinic and what their goals are and what my goals might be for them, and
I’ll take the time to talk to patients about their medical conditions, any new diagnoses
they they might be facing. I think it’s really important for patients
to understand what’s going on with their health and their bodies in order for them to make
informed decisions about their health care. What I find to be most rewarding is just being
able to help people and to improve their quality of life. Extraordinary Care to me means listening to
the patient needs and concerns and then working together to find an acceptable solution, and providing the best possible services
we have to offer.

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