Sexual Health Clinic Tour (Durham Region Health Department

Hello hey man is Jen can you talk for a minute yeah, I guess what’s up well I seen you at school today, and you didn’t seem like yourself What’s wrong? I was just concerned as all well Jen. I messed up on the weekend I went to a party at a buddy’s place, and I slept with this girl, and I didn’t use protection. I’m concerned I might have caught something from her oh So that’s what’s wrong. Well if you want we can go to the sexual health clinic to get you tested just to be sure Yeah, I guess is it for because I have to be back for dinner. No it’s not too far There are a few clinics in the region But we’ll go to the one in Pickering because it’s the closest I don’t even know about these places well I buy my birth control from there It’s a lot cheaper than buying it from the pharmacy, and why don’t you give them a call right now? I’ll text you the number and then you can let me know when your appointment is so I can meet you there. Okay, thanks I’ll texting let you know what they say Yeah, I think it’s this way Good afternoon to either one of you have an appointment today. Yeah, I do I called an earlier today You said you could book me to see your nurse. My name is Sean all right? Good job for booking an appointment although walking appointments are available wait times can be lengthy depending How busy we are so here’s a form if you could fill out your contact information that would be great All of our clinics are confidential so any information that we collect today will be kept private Sorry, I didn’t bring my healthcare I still be seen of course you can still be seen a health card is not required to receive clinical services What do I do after I fill out the sheet when you’ve completed the form you can just bring it back to me and then You can have a seat again there’s lots of pamphlets in the clinic for you to read while you wait a nurse will come out shortly to call you to a Private room okay. Thank you Shawn that’s me hi I’m Jackie one of the nurses. Please follow me. I’ll be oh you’re weighing good luck Thanks, so Shawn I want to let you know that your information is kept confidential we don’t share it with anyone without your permission The first thing I’m gonna do is go over the consent for services form and then you can tell me why you’re here Then I’ll get your medical history and your sexual history. Okay sure so depending on the information that you give to me I’ll be able to determine what you need from our services So whether it be counseling education testing or perhaps a referral for further follow-up will that make sense? I’m here because I done protected sex on the weekend, and I’m weird I might have caught a sexually transmitted infection Do you guys do testing here? Yes? We do we test for sexually transmitted infections at all of our clinics testing usually includes either urine sample blood tests Public exempt for females or a swab of the infected area test results take about one to two weeks to come back Now it’s important that if you have negative test results this time that you continue to get tested if you’re going to have sex without A condom so what I’m just come back positive what I do next if the tests come back positive Or there’s anything unusual on the tests. We’ll give you a call from the clinic now We’re going to use a code name so that if your parents pick up the phone They won’t know that you were at the clinic Privacy and confidentiality is really important to us at that time the nurse will ask you to come back to the clinic so that you can get treatment free of charge and Further counseling or education depending if you need that or not it’s good to know my parents wouldn’t find out It’s really important to a lot of our clients it’s important that you trust us and that you trust your information with us that we’re not going to share it with your parents or Anyone else without your permission, so why don’t we talk about your history? And then I can determine what testing is appropriate for you sure that’d be great Well that wasn’t new as bad as I thought it is idea yes, it is did you have any more questions for me Well, what else happens here? Do you guys just do STI testing sold birth control not at all we also do pregnancy testing? This is done through a urine sample the test results are given immediately if it’s a positive results options are discussed with the client So that she can supported through her decision there’s also Vaccinations that we provide to certain populations such as HPV hepatitis A and hepatitis B our clinic is staffed by nurses nurse practitioners and doctors and we provide a Sex-positive open atmosphere where everybody is welcome wow that’s a lot of stuff. I think you’ve answered all my questions Alright then well if you think of something else that you forgot to ask me you can always call the clinic or Come back to the clinic or you can call the Durham Health connection line at one eight hundred Eight four one two seven two nine and speak to a public health nurse. Oh, and don’t forget to take some condoms Okay, sweet tell your friends – definitely How’d it go not bad. I should get my results back soon definitely tell my friends about this place It’s a good thing that people are really nice here

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