Several Blackheads | Auburn Medical Group

Today we have a gentleman with a number
of black heads around the periphery of his eyes right around the orbit.
Let’s see if we can get those out. So approximately how long have those been there? “I guess a fair amount of time, I actually dont remember…” “They’re not recent.”
Ok, and how does your wife feel about them? “She just thought they should be removed” Well let me have you lie on your back and we will
start working on those. When viewed under magnification it’s possible to see
what those actually look like. That they’ve got quite a bit of material that’s been stuck in a pore that’s been blocked. That ones done. Is it hurting? “Uhhh, yea.” Sorry Let me get the Keratin out There’s a little one here. “The last couple didn’t hurt.” Doing better on those, ok. Kinda saving the big ones here. And we have lots of viewers on our YouTube channel who watch our procedures. Some of them may just be
seeing us for the first time on this and we want to let them know that we do lots
of other procedures. And they’re welcome to watch those too. They can subscribe to the channel. Now I’m going to use the other end for these larger ones. That came out very nice. “Thank you for doing that….” “That was easy” Well thanks for joining us, if you enjoy watching medical procedures go ahead and subscribe to the Auburn Medical Group channel. We love the comments, there have been a lot of people having conversations on it, we really appreciate you guys. Until next time this is doctor Mark Vaughan telling you to stay in good health.

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