Seth Bourn, PA, Orthopedics and Rehabilitation – South Burlington, VT, UVM Medical Center

(instrumental music) – Hi, my name’s Seth Bourn. I’m an orthopedic physician assistant. (instrumental music) What I like about this clinic
is I have a lot of autonomy. I round at the hospital,
I assist the surgeons in the operating room, and I evaluate and treat patients here in the clinic. I see patients with problems
from the shoulders down to the toes, a lot of sports
injuries, fractures, and if a patient does need surgery I have easy access to our surgeons. (instrumental music) – My patients should know that
I really care about education in clinic so we spend a
lot of time evaluating and treating patients but I try to spend a lot of extra time with education. I spend a lot of time talking
about activity modifications which, with my background
in exercise science, it’s kind of fun and
helpful for the patients to talk about different exercise
programs that are low impact and easy on the joints. (instrumental music)

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