Serious About Hand Hygiene – Penn State Hershey Medical Center

Warning — do not confuse any lightheartedness
in the following video with a glib attitude toward the problem at hand. The makers of
this video are very serious about the prevention of hospital infections. [ Music ] Another busy day. Traffic as usual. [ Music ] Now look at that. He goes right past the hand gel. Doctor. How’s the leg today? I’m in a lot of pain, Doc. Still no better. No. Alright, let’s take a look here. Not even in gloves? Oh come on. That doesn’t really happen, does it? If you could see what I see — MRSA , VRE,
pseudomonas, et cetera, et cetera. Your attendant isn’t wearing gloves, so you’re
not either, right? Wait — the hand gel! Oh. What? OK, yes. Are those gram negatives or gram positives?
Oh. How can I help you? Those microbes spread everywhere. Yes ma’am. OK, I’ll draw that blood right
now. MRSA, VRE, whatever. [ Music ] Good grief. Nurse, nurse? You didn’t clean your hands either? Oh man. He just had an operation and you put a big
IV in his neck. It goes almost all the way to his heart. Please, don’t. [ Music ] Finally — that’s the part I wanted to see. Clean your hands before and after every time
you contact the patient or the patient’s environment. If your hands are not visibly soiled and the
patient doesn’t have c-dip, use alcohol-based hand gel to kill those germs. See? Doesn’t slow you down. Really, you should also clean your equipment
just as often. [ Music ] Your patients thank you. [ Music ]

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