Series 10 Trailer | Doctor Who

This is the gateway to everything that ever
was… …or ever can be. It’s like a- -spaceship- kitchen! A what? THAT is a robot! It speaks emoji! Mars? 1814! Get in! Nice here, isn’t it? So how do we stay out of trouble? This is naughty. Exterminate. Something’s coming, Bill… …I have the feeling that we’re gonna be
very busy. It’s time. Doctor… Bring it. You’re about to be exposed to the vacuum
of space! This is the moment you’ve been waiting for
since the day you were born… Nardole, Bill, with me…to the TARDIS!

100 thoughts on “Series 10 Trailer | Doctor Who

  1. I'm probably in the minority here, but I think this season should be the end of Doctor Who. Don't get me wrong, I still love the show, but I fear it runs for to long and gets ruined, becomes predictible and boring like most TV shows. I think 10 is a good number to stop, it should end while is still on top.

  2. Gotta say, the first episode was really surprising. I wasn't too impressed from the introduction to Bill's character that was released last year. But from watching "The Pilot" I am really starting to dig this new season and Peter Capaldi as the doctor. It is a shame this is his final season though because I feel like I am just getting used to him.

  3. there was a woman there who looks like mary shelly, author of frankenstein. is 1814, which was mentioned, somehow connected?

  4. Nardole is definitely in episode one, five, eight, nine and eleven (due to images from all the trailers). Hope he is in more though!

  5. Noticed that the Doctor and Bill show up at the Frost Fair of 1814. The same one that 11 brought River to and had Stevie Wonder sing.

    (I can't be the only one to notice, but I didn't see any comments past the usual clutter so I thought I'd mention it.)

  6. Oh look an another female companion who will survive maximum 2 seasons then get replaced by an another girl who dies after 2 seasons and the cycle will continue for eternity

  7. Oh yes a lesbian black chick just what we needed!

    What's next? Black gay doctor and his transgender Asian companion?

  8. A thought occurs.
    The Mondasian Cybermen in the clip were tethered to their planet, when it went they died with it, so maybe the episode they appear in is set on Mondas or close to it. It would actually be a nice thing to see some more of their world and it's parallel developments.

  9. well here's my view on Moffatt and his final season, Moffatt–(Im gonna do whatever I want this my final year, easy story telling, old characters, two or even three Masters, I dont care what anyone thinks !!Im totally gonna do it 100 per cent my way ) Ive got a feeling that this js the BEST season that we will get from the marvelous Mr MOFFATT ,,,.actually speaking as a life long fan and living through the WILDERNESS YEARS where bloody lucky that where getting new Dr Who at all thanks moff ,R.T.D and Mr Chibnall….!!

  10. Missy looks like she's imprisoned and in a big old building. Could she be in the vault, or is that too obvious?

  11. Matt Smith fue mejor doctor que Capaldi. Por qué? Porque Smith es más activo en el escenario. Capaldi es un tronco beneficiado por una buena historia, aunque tenga una buena gestualidad.

  12. We still haven't seen the clip of the vault doors shaking. A deleted scene or something in the finale?

  13. 3 main characters, the master & the cybermen? feels like old times (You can count season 9 as those times but i mean a bit further back, i don't think the master was in s9 even)

  14. só vejo doctor who dublado, só vejo legendado quando não acho dublado, e me desepçionei com algumas das dublagens da decima temporada ! principalmente a voz da bill, ficou muito ruim !

  15. Honestly this season was at its best in doctor who Peter capaldi had it all can't wait for Christmas with David Bradley the 1st doctor.


  17. Every time a new trailer comes out, the comments are negative, so I decided to come to the last season's trailer just to read the negative comments, it's more fun this way

  18. The worst series. The worst Tardis team. Terrible Bill with her boring story and her terrible actor play, drama for drama, loud words, a lot of pathos, stupid dialogs and no story line. In a word, beautiful candy wrapper without a candy. RIP Doctor Who.

  19. Too bad Doctor Who got cancelled after this series. Suppose it could've been worse. They could've run the show into the ground. At least it ended on a good note but I'm still sad that the Doctor died blowing up the floor. It was an epic last stand though. RIP Doctor 1963 – 2017

  20. I thoroughly enjoyed this series and it's definitely one of my favourites. Peter is at his best in this series, Bill is great, Nardole is hilarious and together they are just brilliant. Very decent and entertaining stories that I think are underrated and I personally enjoy the monk triology more than most. The finale is one of the best and John Simm came back! I loved Missy's storyline and ironic death just as she fully turns good. The only real complaint I think I have is just the build up of what's in the vault being made a little less exciting with the casual reveal but that doesn't stop me loving this series!

  21. Hi someone from 2019. Look at that better times, when Doctor Who was must see and one my favorite shows. Well its 2019 and no more, as it were. No longer a must see show anymore, series 11 worst I have ever seen and series 12 looks meh. Damn you, you people now involved.

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