Second Sunday Bryan Health Report: Center for Excellence in Clinical Simulation

As students train to become
medical professionals, hands-on experience is crucial. But they won’t come across
every scenario possible. That’s where
simulation comes in. Channel 8’s BriAna Campbell has
tonight’s second Sunday health report. It looks like any
other mannequin. But these simulators
blink, breathe, and talk. I want an epidural. Like a real patient. We can create a scenario
so that they understand what medications, what
assessments need to be done, who you need to call when
you need to call someone. Barbara Sittner oversees
the Simulation Center at Bryan Health. In its new home at
the Bryan East Campus, the center provides students
with hands-on experience without the risk. It’s just a really
safe place for us to go and see scenarios
that we may not be able to see on the floor or
during an everyday clinical. Students, like Samantha, who
is in her last year of school. The mannequins can
do almost anything a real patient
can, with students being able to dress wounds, set
up an IV, even deliver a baby. Samantha says that
type of experience has helped her feel more than
ready to enter the field. I can go into the
hospital saying, hey, we just did this sim
scenario the other day. I know exactly what to do. And that’s the type of
attitude this program is trying to instill. It helps build their confidence. Research has shown that
simulation does have an impact on their confidence. The simulations aren’t
only for practicing skills. They also get the
students talking. It promotes teamwork
and collaboration. And that’s what
we really need out in the health care
environment is for everyone to work together. And it’s not just students
who get this opportunity. The mannequins are used
to train incoming nurses and travel around the state
for educational purposes. The program is on track with
national and even global trends and plans to keep expanding,
like with this new facility at Bryan East, something
everyone is excited about. I can’t wait to see what
happens and what comes to Bryan. We’re always trying to grow
and expand our horizons. In Lincoln, BriAna Campbell,
Channel 8 Eyewitness News.

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