SEC Shorts – The Nick Saban Coach Rehabilitation Clinic

This is the third late power bill notice. “Your request to interview for the UCLA offensive coordinator position…” “…has been denied.” Greg, that 8 million dollar buyout isn’t going to last forever. I know! I know! Look I saw the Kinkos was hiring. I can check that out. Wait, honey. What about something like this? “Nick Saban Coach Rehabilitation Clinic?” Hmm. The Nick Saban Coach Rehabilitation Clinic is the premiere coach rescue service in the country. This three year program begins when you’re given your generic off field position designed to take advantage of whatever unique piece of knowledge you possess. that Coach Saban has found useful in the continued reign of his dynasty. Whether you went 3-9 in your last season in the MAC or crashed and burned as a discarded Power 5 also ran, Coach Saban personally curates the learning structure based on where he thinks you are as a coach. At the clinic, you’ll be able to coach and interact with 5 star athletes that would be just as successful whether you were there or not. Jeudy let’s have you run really fast down the field and uh, Tua, you throw it to him when he’s open. Woooo, Touchdown! That came to me in a dream last night! I’m not sure how I ever got fired! But don’t take our word for it just look at the strong list of successful clinic alumni. Hey you mind if I hang on to these leftovers here? I tell ya you can fit that 20 grand they’re paying me in the back of Geo Tracker. No but I have been showering at the Flying J. At the end of your three year journey, You’ll be rewarded with the greatest gift of all. Awe, look what came in the mail today, honey! It’s your Saban Coaching Tree certificate. Yes! Oh no, I’m still here. Yeah I can hold. Old Dominion. The Nick Saban Coach Rehabilitation Clinic. Because there’s always something to learn from failure. Suck it, Kinkos!

100 thoughts on “SEC Shorts – The Nick Saban Coach Rehabilitation Clinic

  1. Another classic, funny cause its so true…its like at this, point a coach uses "I coached @Bama", as like a perfect reference on their resume.

  2. "Look … I saw the Kinkos was hiring …." That sounds like something I would say. If they were Kinkos in 1990, then dang it they're Kinkos today.

  3. Is this SEC shorts channel going to ever give anybody else in the SEC any credit or just dick ride Alabama all season…

  4. I don't know if coach Saban ever watches YouTube but I hope that he somehow sees this video. Nice work SEC Shorts. πŸ‘ Roll Tide!!!

  5. When I Saw Steve Sarkisian name pop up I lost itπŸ‘€πŸ˜¨πŸ€£πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ
    "Yes I can hold….OLD DOMINION!"🀣

  6. Next video idea. Do a satire on all of these college football analysts that are making horrible arguments like Alabama hasn’t played anyone or Clemson has the best chance to beat Bama (us). We are the best there is in college football RTR!!!

  7. I wonder what temporary useless position Saban will give gus malzhan in his empire before gus' 32 million dollar buyout runs out?

  8. Coaching clinic, hell everyone that coaches under Saban and gets a job as head coach somewhere end up losers, especially losing to Saban

  9. Yeah cause if u lose to Bama for 5 years In A Row and then win with them in saban rehab, sure, you deserve a Gatorade Bath, and a cigar for all your hard work laying the bricks that got you there πŸ™„

  10. Did Kiffen complete the clinic? Some say he quit the program while others say he was kicked out by Miss Terry.

  11. There is a reason why Saban is 16-0 vs former assistants. Glad the Gators got rid of the last two Saban coaching specials. Thankfully Mullen is not that, and we can tell that already.

  12. It would be funny if Auburn fires Malzahn then Saban hires him as OC & beats Auburn with their old coach. You know Sark isnt gonna stay long & if Malzahn loses 3 of his first 5 he will be gone

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