SEC Shorts – Alabama fan set to donate ankle to Tua

A collective hush fell over the crowd at Bryant Denny Stadium last night as star Alabama quarterback Tua Tagovailoa slowly limped into the locker room suffering from an apparent ankle injury. But while most Alabama fans watched on helplessly as their season hung in the balance This week’s hometown hero decided to do something about it. Meet Randy Giles. Giles is a lifelong Alabama fan who couldn’t stand idly by while his team was in need. For as long as I can remember I’ve been an Alabama fan it’s just something that’s in me. So when I saw Tua go down with an ankle injury that set in motion the process of me donating my own ankle to him. The ankle donation would be the first of its kind in the medical field. Though lacking a medical degree Giles says he has the surgery mapped into four distinct stages. Ok step one is pretty obvious we’re gonna remove the ankle from my body and immediately we wanna get that into something reliable like a Yeti ok no Ozarks because this is for Tua. Many in the medical field share the same optimism for a successful surgery. Well obviously the surgery is impossible and I think any licensed surgeon would face serious professional reprecussions if not criminal charges for pursuing it. Giles friends are not at all surprised by his generous nature. Man this guy is so awesome such a true Alabama fan He tried donating his knee to Dylan Moses earlier this season it doesn’t surprise me one bit he’s doing this. Here’s Giles showing us several agility drills to demonstrate the sturdiness of his ankle. Scramble back! Cut out of pressure! Throw! I’m not left handed but…you get it. Oh I’ve been training on it all my life. I’m actually, if you’ll look at this, a two time youth karate champion So it is pure steel down there. Listen Tua’s the greatest quarterback of all time but lets be honest he’s ankles are softer than Charmin Two Ply. Ok lets just say it did work perfectly you’re still dealing with an 8-12 month recovery time just to be able to walk again. and that doesn’t account for the mental scarring that would come from the Frankenstienesque grotesque markings on your body post surgery. And I think that would psychologically break even the strongest of minds. A lot of people wanna call me a hero. I mean…I don’t know. I mean yeah probably. And if they wanna send me a ring after this whole thing I wouldn’t say no. For now, Giles waits to see if Tagovailoa will take him up on his offer An offer that Giles says will still be on the table long after Tua gets ravaged by poor offensive line play on the Dolphins. That’s our Hometown Hero of the week. For Channel 8 News, I’m Tracy Wimblee.

100 thoughts on “SEC Shorts – Alabama fan set to donate ankle to Tua

  1. I'm pretty sure there are more than a few Bama fans who would donate their ankle to Tua….

    Also no Ozark only a Yeti lolololol

  2. Got to admit I thought this week's video would have to do with Joe Burrow's butt coming out and his comments about a full moon in Starkville.

  3. They ask an F1 driver to do this on both legs to be shorter to fit in the car. Offered him an extra 30 million. Cheaper than changing the car.

  4. I just want confirmation that the sec schools' students/players actually watch this channel

    maybe if you write tua a letter with the video link and if he'd like an ankle that would likely set in motion some new fans

  5. Tua is like the Greek god β€œAchilles” his momma put him in the river of the youth but she held him by his ankle…

  6. Tua would just break that one also by taking hits to show how strong he is and should be named as the heisman……I just dont understand why tua always hung onto the ball so long, it looked like he was yelling to nfl scouts….look see me throw the ball look at me I can take a hit….and dont worry I am only thirty pounds overweight….I am invincible….

  7. This is serious. Both Bama and LSU have slacking defenses, and if Joe Burrow stays healthy but Tua is out, along with a terrible kicker for Bama which always matters vs LSU, LSU shall roll

  8. Do y'all even know how hard it is being a Dolphins fan right now? Just when you think you are safe, BAM. Another Dolphins joke

  9. Tua should be able to play… Hell Saban won a State Championship playing on a Broken Ankle… Tua just has a Sprained Ankle…

  10. I speak for myself and all LSU fans when I say I hope it takes like 5 weeks for him to recover. Like I hope he gets to 100% and it’s not a nagging injury or anything just I like our chances without him

  11. Arkansas’ chances to win the game Saturday went from a snowballs chance in hell to the chances of winning the powerball…

  12. Naw, Bama has a magical β€œtightrope” surgery that apparently no one else has. Gators two best defensive players have the same injury and we just rub some dirt on it and give them some Robitussin and hope for the best.

  13. As an LSU fan, I really hope Tua is healthy for the big game. I want to beat them at full strength, and I genuinely hope he feels better. As much as I hate Bama, Tua is a tough person to hate on

  14. As shown Saturday night, Bama will be fine since the refs seem to bail them out anytime it looks like they’re in danger. Just look at the β€œroughness call” on 3rd down vs UT in a 8 point game and blowing a play dead for no reason that was a trick play inside the Bama 5. Guess some teams can afford to pay the refs more. Row Tide!

  15. Tua's brother comes in & throws touchdowns against LSU & saves the day like Tua did against Georgia when he was a freshman…….lol

  16. I think they could have done better with this one. Not their best work. Still give them a thumbs up. Even though they clowned my Dawgs hard last week lol. Now that was funny.

  17. You got to Love Alabama Fans ! They are just as crazy as OU fans, as LSU fans, as Texas fans, as Ohio State Fans !!! Fans is short for Fanatics, so yep, we Crazy !

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  19. Nice gesture but what you goi g to do go on disability you know they have prosthetics for limbs and they can take them from corpses

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