Sean Maloney, MD, Family Medicine Physician, University of Vermont Medical Center

Hi, I’m Dr. Sean Maloney. I am the medical
director and a family practice physician at Colchester Family Medicine. I spent 20 years of my life working in a
rural area before I came to the University here, and one of the things
that I struggled with in that environment was the ability to both take
care of the whole patient but also be able to get them the specialty services
that they need. They often had to drive long distances, although in Vermont you
have to drive long distances on occasion. So I find it extremely beneficial to be
in a system where not only can I try to answer their questions here in this
office, but I can also reach out to specialists throughout the university
and get them the best care possible. I find it rewarding when I feel like
I’ve really connected with a patient and their family and been able to answer
their questions to the fullest and when I feel like, even though we may not have
solved all their problems, they feel more comfortable with where they are.

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