Scripps HealthExpress Walk-in Health Clinics Open in San Diego

[music begins]>>Narrator:
We know your life can be busy. There are times
when you need care for a minor health issue,
illness or injury and you just
can’t wait. You want to be seen
the same day. Scripps HealthExpress
is a convenient option to get that care quickly.>>Tracy Chu:
So if you’re not feeling well, and it’s not serious enough for an urgent care or
an emergency room the HealthExpress clinics is a perfect alternative
for you.>>Siu Ming Geary, MD:
What we have now at Scripps HealthExpress
is the opportunity for patients when they have
a minor illness, such as a cough, or a cold or
urinary tract infection to be seen, same day. They won’t need
an appointment; they can just walk in.>>Narrator: Scripps
HealthExpress provides care when and where
you need it, including offering
extended hours at times when your
doctor’s office might not be open. Seven days a week,
Monday through Friday, 7 am to 9 pm, and Saturdays
and Sundays from 8 am to 5 pm, some locations with
special pediatric services. Plus, Scripps HealthExpress has locations throughout
San Diego County, convenient to your
home or work.>>Siu Ming Geary, MD:
We will have Scripps HealthExpress clinics at our existing
Scripps Clinic and Scripps Coastal locations
throughout San Diego County, so wherever you’re located, there will be a
convenient clinic near you.>>Tracy Chu: Our Scripps
HealthExpress clinics are staffed with
physician assistants or nurse practitioners. They are trained
in family practice and internal medicine
and they are overseen by our physicians within Scripps Clinic
and Scripps Coastal.>>Narrator: And Scripps
HealthExpress is open to everyone,
whether you live in San Diego or visiting from
out of town. You don’t need to be
a Scripps patient to use Scripps HealthExpress.>>Tracy Chu:
We will bill insurance, but we will also
accept cash payments, and we will take any walk-in that needs to be seen.>>Narrator:
For times when you need care at a time that’s the
most convenient for you. Simply walk in,
go online or call ahead
to reserve your spot. Scripps HealthExpress. [music ends]

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