Scripps Clinic Internal Medicine Physician David Felix, MD

>>David Felix, MD: My dad
was a doctor and ever since I was a young kid, I would look through his books and obviously I didn’t
understand, you know, what it was about,
but I just remember my dad talking at the dinner table,
talking about his cases. It’s not just the passion
in his face and how he explained something, he would like silver
spoon me the information and I would understand it. He was a great teacher and it
was a lot of fun. To be a great doctor
it’s the four As. It’s the four As. One is obviously ability. Two is affability. You could be a great doctor, but if you are very full of themselves the patients won’t
feel comfortable. Three is availability. You can be the great doctor, you have a great personality, but if you’re never available, it’s difficult to have
a patient-doctor relationship. And the fourth, which is
incredibly important, is advocate. I will advocate for my patient. I will push things through.
I will call in favors. I will get the best
for my patients. The single most important thing between a doctor and patient
relationship is trust. It is obviously a great privilege, but it’s also a responsibility. Why do I keep on going
in every day? It’s fun. I enjoy being with my patients.
I love the talking. Yes, it’s a doctor-patient
relationship, but when you sit down
with your patient, it’s like two neighbors
chewing the fat. I really enjoy the interaction between patient and the doctor. Intellectually,
it’s incredibly stimulating. [music begins] Where I work,
It’s very collegial. The staff are highly motivated.
They all take the extra step and it’s a wonderful
place to work. I chose Scripps because
it has a fantastic reputation and, bluntly speaking,
I’m not disappointed. I’m glad to be here. Actually I’m lucky to be here. [music ends]

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