Scripps Clinic Gastroenterology Expert Franklin Tsai, MD

>>Franklin Tsai, MD:
I practice general gastroenterology, but my areas of
special interest and research include acid reflux,
Barrett’s esophagus and colorectal cancer
prevention. We’re one of the few
centers in California that offers
all three modalities for treatment of
Barrett’s esophagus, including
radiofrequency ablation, cryotherapy ablation and endoscopic
mucosal resection. It allows patients to have
the most options and is also one of the
reasons Scripps is considered a esophageal
center of excellence. These endoscopic treatments
for Barrett’s esophagus are minimally invasive
outpatient procedures and have really
revolutionized the treatment of Barrett’s
esophagus and dysplasia which previously required
invasive surgeries to treat. It’s important
to treat every patient as an equal
member of the team because they
need to feel that their concerns
and their opinions matter. As physicians, we provide
guidance and support, but ultimately, patients
will be making decisions about their health
and their body. Because we have such a strong
network of specialties, including primary
care physicians, medical specialties,
surgeons, pathologists and so on, it makes it easy
to collaborate, [music begins] not only on
patient care, but also medical research, process improvement
and medical education. I love my job because
it’s meaningful every day. It’s gratifying
and rewarding to be able to help patients
in times of need. [music ends]

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