Scripps Clinic Gastroenterologist Gauree G. Konijeti, MD

>>Gauree Konijeti, MD:
My main focus is on inflammatory bowel disease which includes
both Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. But in general,
I see a broad range of gastrointestinal
disorders with the focus,
I would say, on the inflammatory
conditions like Crohn’s and
ulcerative colitis, but also celiac disease,
microscopic colitis and others. I think there are
a few essentials to a doctor-patient
relationship. One is trust. I think good communication
is another. Sometimes it helps to have
friends or relatives come in to a visit, especially if they’ve been
part of your journey or can see it
another way that might be
difficult to express. I think being open about what
you’ve experienced about your symptoms,
about what worked for you and what didn’t
is really helpful, in fact, invaluable
to providing care. I want patients to know that I think it can
be really confusing with all the information
out there, especially with complex
or chronic diseases, and I view that
part of my role is to help them
understand and translate all the information
out there so that they
can make the best
possible choice for their care. I think the most satisfying
part of my job is seeing someone
get better and seeing them
through the years. And it’s been a joy
to see patients go through pregnancies, even before that, get married,
get engaged, get a new job. It’s just a joy
to be a part of their lives. [music begins] Patients should go where they feel
most comfortable and where
they feel like they’re getting
the best care. And I think at Scripps, that’s what we all strive
to provide. We all bring an amount
of technical skill, compassion, empathy,
knowledge in our care
for patients and I think we’re always
trying to improve on how we do that
and we want to really just help patients feel
as well as possible to improve their quality of life. That’s what I try to do
every single day. [music ends[

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