Scripps Clinic Dermatology Expert Hubert Greenway, MD

>>Hugh Greenway, MD:
Being a physician here at Scripps is extremely rewarding to me. I think it’s the best
model of integrated care where we can work with our
various colleagues to deliver the best
in patient care. In my area,
we’re able to work not only with our
dermatology colleagues, our other Mohs surgery
colleagues, but our plastic surgery, head and neck surgery,
oculoplastic, hand surgery and others, medical oncology, to, as a team,
provide the best in care for each of
our patients. I got interested in skin
cancer when I worked at a missionary hospital
in Ghana, West Africa in the late 1970s, and originally had been
a family physician. I was board certified
in family practice, but got interested in dermatology
and skin cancer. The main procedure
I specialize in is Mohs surgery, which is a technique
that’s used to remove the difficult-type skin cancers
where we take the tumor out and we take a small margin
and we evaluate it under the microscope
in the lab, in our facility. I’ve done about
40,000 of those since I’ve been here
at Scripps Clinic. We probably have the busiest
practice in Southern California. Having practiced
for a number of years, we get referrals, not only from within
the Scripps system, but also all over
the Southwest. So, we receive a lot of difficult
and challenging tumors which is very rewarding. We have a
team approach and we have a whole
ton of nurses and people that are really excellent and it’s really a pleasure to be involved
with them as a team in caring for patients. The other part of my job that’s very rewarding
is teaching. We have a
fellowship program it’s clearly known as
the best one in the world where we take the
top dermatology residents that finished their program,
we take three of those a year and they
come and learn the advanced
surgical techniques. So, in addition to
taking care of patients, training the next generation
of physicians is a real pleasure for me. [music begins] I think it’s important
for each patient to understand that we’re
treating you as a patient
and a person in addition to the fact
that we may be treating your melanoma or your
other type of skin cancer. And that’s
very important we have the
expertise to do that, but we really value
you as a person, also. As I said,
my background, I used to do
family practice, so I understand that. So, I think it’s it’s important
that we care for your specific
medical problem, especially in our specialized
and subspecialized area, but also understand that
we’re interested in you as a unique individual. [music ends]

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