Scripps Clinic Dermatologist Reza Jacob, MD, Treats Many Skin Issues

>>Reza Jacob, MD:
I went into the field of dermatology because I like
treating patients using my hands
and my eyes, dealing with problems
that we can see and making a change
in people’s appearance that helps people
become as natural
and comfortable as they want to be in their own skin. I specialize in treating
all sorts of skin problems including growths, acne, warts, laser treatments
for acne scarring, as well as
cosmetic treatments, such as Botox and fillers. Patients often come for
removal of harmless moles, which are annoying, or suspicious lesions
on the skin which might be
skin cancers. I often refer patients
for treatment of skin cancers to my colleagues
who perform Mohs micrographic surgery, which is a
minimally invasive way to treat
skin cancer, leading to a complete removal
of the tumor. I really try to get in touch
with my patients and find out what
their main concerns are and oftentimes I’m able to
give patients a choice among treatment options where we can
select the treatment that’s best for the patient,
for their schedule as well as something
that’s very effective for treating
their issues. When patients
come to see me, [music begins] we give a very
professional approach to dealing with any
sort of problem, no matter
how mundane, embarrassing or routine the patient may think
their concerns are. And so, making
patients comfortable, making patients love
the way they look, making patients really happy
about their appearance, about their skin,
making them feel whole, that’s what I love
about my job. [music ends]

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