Scott Steele, MD | Cleveland Clinic Colorectal Surgery

I spent 25 years in the military, went to West Point as an undergrad, and West Point, at the time, you had about 2% that could go to medical school. I had a roommate that was going into it, and it just kind of really was serendipity, if you will. I saw him before we were choosing majors and he was choosing chemistry. And I asked him why and he wanted to go to medical school. And I said, “Wow,” and I found myself walking up to that thing and writing down chemistry, and kind of took off from there. And then immediately when I went into medicine, and almost from day one, I knew that I wanted to go into surgery. Colorectal Surgery is one of the few specialties that really encompasses a really personal area of the body. It’s something that has outpatient operations, large operations, we deal with cancer, we deal with inflammatory bowel disease, we deal with all age ranges, and I think that’s something that really initially drove me to the field, how you could have an effect on so many different broad range of patients’ lives. One of the things that we try to do is ensure especially with some of the disease processes that we treat is to tell them, “It’s okay what’s going on with you. We’ve seen that before, we’ve taken care of it. There’s nothing to be embarrassed about” and really kind of to take it from there. And I think that once you put them at ease and be relaxed, that’s when we can really get down to the nature of what’s going on, the treatment that we’re gonna give to it, and how we’re see them through to successful results. I like to be active. I’m married with a daughter who’s 11, and two young puppies. I like to do long runs, I love Green Bay Packer football, and I like to fancy myself as someone who hopes that that both of those passions will continue for a very long time.

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