Scot Broadcasts the Mayo Clinic Report to closed group. 8/28/2019

Good morning brothers quick Update on the situation was at the Mayo Clinic yesterday and it was actually a really positive meeting we basically uh kind of Confirming what we knew yes, there’s a growth yes. It’s probably cancer. Yes They think we should have surgery and I have a follow-up scheduled for next week with the head neurosurgeon at the Mayo Clinic He would be the guy doing the surgery. I guess he’s awesome. So looking at maybe December The first week in December three four days in the hospital followed by you know, maybe two three weeks of limited limited Workload, I guess not sure what that means. I do have some concerns about You know cognitive ability But those of you that know me probably I don’t have a lot to worry about there’s not a long way to go there So anyway, that’s the deal. I am pretty fired up To read a book today Silverstein’s giving tree’ it was a reminder of of I don’t know. There’s some there are some lessons there about the tree that very much gives everything to this boy And I am going to try to do something here today, which I’ve never done on The live video and I don’t know that’s gonna work. No because the button I’m pushing doesn’t seem to want to to work, so I guess that whole experiment is going to end very Quickly here. I was gonna try to share my screen I know there’s a way to do it when you start the video, but I didn’t know that you could do it. I Would assume that you could do it mid video. But anyway Blah-blah-blah-blah-blah, so the reports of my demise have been greatly exaggerated the doctors have confirmed I am in fact still alive. So that’s the update. Thanks for all the support I love you guys and go kick some fucking ass today. Alright later

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