School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

I knew I liked science before but now I
know I’m good at it and I can contribute to this bigger picture. Just getting my
degree it’s not the end, it’s the beginning, it’s the key to open the door
to everywhere I can possibly go. From cutting-edge technology, to the most
personal touch, the University at Buffalo prepares its pharmacy students for the
dynamic world of healthcare. Our mission is education, research and pharmaceutical
care, patient care. The kind of professional we’re trying to create first and foremost
is a caring professional, one who cares about people. Both my parents are
pharmacists, they graduated from the University of Buffalo pharmacy school
back in 1979, and they continued a tradition that my grandfather started. I
could recall at a young age just the interactions my parents would have with
people. It really makes a difference to know people, their name, a little bit
about them, to be able to relate to them better and that personalized care is
important. The community pharmacist has always been a trusted source for health
and healing. For more than 120 years, UB School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical
Sciences has educated these skilled professionals. It is ranked among the top
pharmacy schools in the nation and is a leader in teaching, research and
innovation. The work that we do in the Pharmaceutical Sciences Department at UB
helps in all levels of drug discovery and drug development. About 20,000
patients per year in the U.S. die from ovarian cancer. It is a very very
difficult cancer to treat, but we think that some of the therapies that we have
might actually lead to real benefit to patients and so again yes, it is
something that is exciting for us and helps to motivate us on a daily basis. UB
School of Pharmacy is known around the globe for its pioneering research.
Research that has developed new drugs to treat society’s most devastating
diseases. The school is also proud of its well
trained students, highly recruited by industry. The courses, the faculty and the
whole rigorous training that we have has really prepared me. I have become a more
independent person. I can think on my own. Your faculty can really inspire you and
make you realize what you’re good at and what your potential actually is. The
immediate goals are to do good research in the lab, do well in the courses, but overall
I would say in the longer term might be do something which more than just giving
you a salary or a pay kind of affects the life of people. This might be a very
small role in the big picture but at least have that contribution. Scientific
discovery is enhanced through partnerships with companies like Pfizer,
which calls the pharmacy school one of the world’s leading academic centers.
These collaborations provide millions of dollars for research, faculty, equipment
and training. You know every time you talk to different patients, different types of patients, you’re getting different skills that you can use down the
line. Our students make a difference in the community, while gaining diverse
real-life experiences and learning new ways to pursue their profession. UB was
the first accredited program in the country to train pharmacists
specifically in managing HIV pharmacotherapy. This one patient in
particular was doing very poorly and we weren’t sure he was going to make it.
We designed a regimen that was based on what we thought would be most optimal
for him and he’s a teenager now and doing extremely well and every time I
see him I just I’m just he’s so full of life. I feel blessed to be able to be in
a position that I’m working with patients that the pharmacist role is so
pivotal. The School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences now envisions a
vibrant future as it moves back to UB’s South Campus, uniting the five health
science schools that comprise the Academic Health Center. Kapoor Hall
will be transformed into a spacious modern facility designed for 21st
century learning. We’re gonna have more interdisciplinary relationships because
we’re going to be right next to the other schools and that’s gonna have a
huge impact. The ability to pursue new ideas, to use state-of-the-art equipment,
to attract the very best students, this transforms our school into a program
that truly is outstanding. A new building and the school’s prominence, are both
tributes to the generous support of alumni.
Getting the right education, meeting the right people, learning about the country,
the culture, all it goes back to what I learned here and that helped me to
launch my career. One of the things that the University at Buffalo did for me is
it instilled the philosophy of quality and I think that that’s just something
that’s always in the back of your mind. It’s part of you it’s part of the fabric
of what you do and it never really leaves you.
My mother always used to say you know charity begins at home. Well you know if you look at it,
University at Buffalo School of Pharmacy is kind of home. A legacy of caring, a promising
future. Join us on a journey where better health starts here.

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