SCARY MORGUE in Abandoned Hospital | HAUNTED Clark Airbase Hospital

Alright guys we’re going to follow these signs. I swear I could hear footsteps in the hall. Jesus that scared me. I can already hear noises coming from inside the buildings behind me. Hi guys,
thank you for tuning in to Amy’s Crypt. I am currently in the Philippines to show
you guys around one of Asia’s most haunted places, the old Clark Airbase
Hospital. The Clark Air Base Hospital, which is
just behind me, dates back to the very early 1900s and is commonly thought to
be one of the most haunted places in Asia. And that is for its very dark past
and all of the horrible things that it would have seen. It was operational and
used during World War Two and the Vietnam War. So you can just imagine all
of the stuff that has gone on here. This place has been occupied by both Japanese
and US military’s. It was also heavily used during World War Two and the
Vietnam War and as a result treated a lot of wounded soldiers, particularly
u.s. soldiers that were sent here from Vietnam. It could treat up to 800
patients at a time and did so right up until the early 1990s when a nearby
volcano erupted and blanketed this place in ash. Ever since then it has been
abandoned and left to accumulate many, many ghost stories. A lot of the paranormal reports to come
out of the old Clark Airbase Hospital include disembodied voices and these are
usually wailing and crying in pain. There’s also been a lot of people who
have reported to hear babies crying, which is particularly eerie and
disturbing and a number of apparitions have been sighted by people inside the
hospital, all throughout it. And these vary from people wearing white and
hiding behind pillars to shadow figures and they are also particularly common to
be seen in the morgue. So tonight is going to be very interesting when we
make our way into the hospital and conduct our investigations. Alright guys we’re not allowed in the
main area of the hospital until after 8 p.m. we have a contact who’s been kind
enough to grant us access. But what we do have access to right now is the buildings
that are also been abandoned and scattered around the hospital. And we’ve just walked
through emergency room 1 and it’s kind of creepy. I mean anytime you go to an
abandoned hospital, particularly one with as many ghost stories as this one, it’s
always a little bit scary. There’s a few buildings that surround this one. This
one looks like it’s falling to pieces. I don’t know how game I am to walk down
there. Most of it, I mean, it doesn’t seem safe, but not the worst place that we’ve
been in. There’s a lot of rooms and I’m not sure what they were all, would have
been used for? There’s a lot of graffiti saying building one, building two, around the place. Alright so we’ve just spotted a sign painted on one of the walls of the
building up here it says morgue. Um, we’re gonna go check that out. I don’t know if
there’s actually a morgue in the large hospital section, but that’s supposed to
be one of the most haunted areas. Alright, so this way to the morgue. Ok, it’s particularly scary in here. This really concerns me, seeing things
like this, where the whole ceiling has just fallen in on itself. Wow, this is so creepy.
The thing about this place is there was so much death experienced here. It was a
place that a lot of injured people, particularly injured people during the
Vietnam War, were sent here. Injured US soldiers, so I mean you could imagine how
many people would of suffered their last days here. That room is just full of trash. I can see part of like, the ventilation unit that’s fallen out of the roof in this one. So we just walked over to another one of the
buildings and this one also has a morgue sign. So I’m guessing that there was a
lot of need for places to deal with death and store bodies, which is creepy
and sad and I feel like the main hospital building also has its own
morgue. I just watched an episode of Ghost
Hunters International, they actually came here to investigate and this didn’t look
like the morgue that they had all the paranormal activity that they
experienced. It looked like it was inside the main building. So that will be cool to
check out a bit later. All right, so just following these three arrows down more
towards the morgue. So I guess this is it, can you see
anything? Not really. Making sure there’s no bats on the roof or anything. So I wonder what all these rooms were for? And who stayed here while this places was operational? It’s crazy to think of all of the history this
place would contain. I guess the campus that the hospital was on was pretty big. And
we were just in the courtyard of all these buildings that we just explored
now and I feel like there’s even more ruins around the body of the hospital
itself. I really can’t wait to get in the actual hospital though, because from the
outside that place looks spectacular. Monkey Willie. This one actually smells like s**t. I did read
online that this place was occupied by squatters. So that kind of freaks me
out. I don’t think the actual main hospital will be, since that place is quite guarded. I don’t know about all of these surrounding buildings around the
hospital. I have to go. Alright guys, if anyone’s coming here to
explore. Do not go into building 2, it smells like number two. So they reckon this one’s a morgue as well. all these buildings seem to be morgues. Doesn’t the hospital just look crazy.
There’s a lot to explore tonight. I want to see what this other ruined
building over here is. Alright guys so these buildings out here
are very creepy and very cool-looking. And since they’re so associated with the
hospital, I’m sure that there could be paranormal energies in there too. So
before we get access to the main hospital tonight, we’ll definitely be
back to do a bit of investigating in here. So hang tight. Alright guys, we’re just back at these
exterior parts of the hospital. We’re gonna go in and look around in the dark and explore. I can already hear noises coming from inside these buildings
behind me. We might go in and see if we can reach out to any spirits that may linger
there. Check the corners for birds. I can hear bats. So this room here is emergency room 1, Keep watching
and listen closely because in this room we captured an unexplained voice
whispering on the cameras audio. Let me know your thoughts on this voice in the
comments below. Do you think it was paranormal? Or caused by something else?
Can you make out what it may be saying? It looks so much scarier at night. Maybe we make our way to one of the
morgues? I’m a bit scared there might be people
squatting in this area. Alright guys, we’re going to follow these signs. Did you hear that? Mm-hmm. I can hear a generator or something running. I think it’s a lizard walking along the wall. A lizard? In the next clip we capture another
unexplained voice, which seems to be yelling over the top of my own. Listen
carefully and let me know what you hear in the comments below.
I think here might be a good place to Reach out. Ok, guys I am standing in one of the morgues of the old Clark Airbase Hospital. This place is now abandoned, but it saw a
lot of death in the past. I’m gonna reach out and see if there are any spirits
that linger here. This place is said to be insanely haunted. I’m gonna be reaching
out in English. This is actually a place where US soldiers were bought from the
Vietnam War that were injured. A lot of them did die hear. US soldier, US soldier,
US soldier, US soldier. Are there any spirits around that would like to communicate with me? Can you come close and give me a sign that you are here? Okay, I swear I could hear footsteps in
the hall and I seen a shadow behind me. We’re in darkness, but there is a small
amount of light from my speaker toggle. It could have been Jared’s reflection in
that light. It freaked me out a little bit. But paired with the footsteps, I actually
thought someone was coming down the hall. I heard footsteps too – yeah – yeah, I
thought someone was coming down the hall to tell us to get out. I mean
No one has. Should we have a quick peak around the corner? I don’t see anyone there. There’s no one on this side either.
I’m gonna just keep going. If I see something again, I’m just going to keep
going and ignore it and invite it to come closer. I’m pretty sure it’s not either a squatter or security or something. Did you hear a weird noise behind you?
A dripping noise. Dripping? It’s no dripping on me. Are you trying to get closer to us? I
invite you to come to us, show yourself, or say hello and let us know that you are here. Were you a patient in this hospital? What year was it when you were here? Were you injured? Can you tell me how
you were injured? Do you show yourself to people in this
hospital? Can you tell me where you were born? Thank you, goodbye.
There was definitely voices coming through, a lot of it mostly sounded like
radio static. I’ll have to review. It’s definitely creepy in here and Jarrad
keeps looking up from the camera behind me as if there’s something there. It was
freaking me out. There’s an entry door on either side of
the morgue and I don’t know, it’s very, very scary. It’s just a lizard, woah, and a bat swooped you too. Can you just look in that hole? I just thought out of the corner of my eye I seen something. Alright guys we’ve just entered the old
Clark Air Base Hospital. So we’re currently in the basement, which was also the morgue
area. Oh my gosh, look at this tunnel. That is the big drop. That goes all the way down. Basically bodies would have been burnt in there. Thank you guys so much for watching. I
hope that you enjoyed this episode. If you haven’t done so already, make sure to
subscribe, I have my part two video coming really soon. Where we venture
inside the main hospital at night to investigate. We’re actually just about to go
in there, so I’m very excited! If you did enjoy this video though, please
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remember guys, until next time, stay spooky!

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