1. 12:05 when the door opens, I’m just wondering if the automatic door sensors work in those abandoned places with no power?

  2. need to get you on the travel channel your much better than ghost 👻 adventures! the roof looks like a restraining place for dangerous psychotic people

  3. At 3:37 when you pointed the camera up the stairs, there was a figure leaning over the stairs! 😱

  4. i hate how people disrespect houses and etc by spraying graffiti on the wall and i wish all the satanic cults to be locked up because they are the ones causing hate in this world

  5. Omar you’re videos are fantastic and amazing and awesome too watch Omar you have amazing friends too11:22pm

  6. Omar I just heard a man 👨 saying that he needs help and I just saw those doors4 open bye them selfs11:44pm

  7. Those doors opening was caused by wind tunnelling. You can see evidence of a hard wind moving things such s plastic, James's pants when he stands in the doorway.

  8. Are you following ghost adventures about cause they have been there a paranormal investigator fell down a lift shaft there and died

  9. After the spray paint cap moves in the basement and you pan around the corner upper left side of the doorway at the end of the hall it looks like someone is peaking around the corner

  10. It's too easy to debunk everything that happened because outside people can enter and create noise or movement.

  11. I’ve been in that hospital several times. Your best time to go in there is at night… you’re itchy from all the asbestos. You can see it flying around at night with flashlights.. the stairs on the opposite side of the building don’t feel right.

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