[Omar] Dude, don’t even go in there! [Moe] Hello? [Omar] Is that you, James? *(Someone yelling) Somebody in there? We should get out of here, man. Bro. I legit almost just died. Whoa! Did you see what that says? …what? Oh! Oh! Oh! What is up, fam? Welcome to another haunted adventure with your boy, Omar. Today. I have Moe Sargi himself Hey guys. What’s up? Got James, a.k.a The Fam. We stumbled across this abandoned haunted hospital in South Florida and we’re gonna explore it. We have no idea about the history. What was that? This is in a really rough neighborhood. People come here to do drug deals. There have been people that have been murdered here and, this is after the fact that it’s been abandoned for so long. That’s not even including the time that it was a hospital and people died here. We’re gonna split up. me James, and Moe and have three completely different videos. I encourage you to go to every one of their videos show them some love and it’ll be a second part or third part to this video. Hope you enjoy! Let’s do this! You know what? Like as soon as we came in here, it smells like there’s something dead in here [Moe] It’s like the middle of the ghetto, it’s been abandoned for a very long time. [Omar] Yeah Dude, don’t even go in there. You’re actually gonna step in there. I’m going to step in there. Are you really? Yes. You wanna hold my camera? Uh. Yeah, I… I mean the way I see it is this elevator’s been sitting here for a very long time That’s not shaking. I’m pretty sure it’s like on ground level. Hey. This is what scares me with James, man. [Moe] I know. I know. Like little holes like that I’m not sure if this was a kitchen or a parking garage. Looks more like a parking garage the way it’s set up. I could be wrong though Trying to find the stairs to go up ’cause this building is massive. Whoa Gimmie kiss. Hey, I think I found the stairs. I found ’em. They’re right here. There’s probably more than one set of stairs but they’re fine. Tons of graffiti Yo, Omar? Yo. Was that you? What? Where you in here? Yep. Well, some…something threw something at me Is James still down there? I don’t know where James is Dude, this is creepy! It’s like a nightmare. It’s like no rails on any of these stairs. I mean, going all the way up. You fall down there, you’re gonna die… There’s like 15 floors or so. Wow. It’s a crappy day. I got caught some rain on my way here. Yo! *(Squeaking sound) Oh! Hello? Bro. This place is scary. [Moe] See this is starting to look like a hospital. Oh my god.. what? I thought I just saw something there. Holy –…what was that it? It looked like a hand or something. A hand? yeah, I swear to God I thought I saw a head like reach around the doors or something? Yeah, It just disappeared. I swear. I thought I saw a head over there. This looks more like the hospital. This looks more like a crazy haunted abandoned hospital. Yeah. Oh! Hello? You might hear me talk a little bit funny, or the sound of my voice might be a little bit funny just because I’m trying to protect my lungs here. Just split up with Moe a little bit ago and I came in this room here. Thought it was cool. It said Don’t come in here So I came in here to see what it was about and uh… Sorry about the curse words, but what the heck is this? He killed me here. Ooo, what’s here? These look like medical file rooms. Pretty sure that’s what this is. Lots of mold here. Good thing I got this mask on. This is a really big Hospital. So…*(Bang) Just heard a noise come for me. *(another noise) Oh … I hear one of the guys behind me Okay, that’s the same door Looks like some kind of changing room (disembodied groan)* Oh, this door is locked Isn’t that the truth Like I was saying before This is a big place there might be stuff in my video that you don’t see in maybe Moe or James videos so go check their videos out And the same thing with their videos, you know? I might explore something that they missed in their video. No there’s a big place There’s that medical file room Just showed you and this place is in pretty bad shape Whenever you go exploring if you do safety first man, it’s good to have a mask. Oh ow… As (laugh)…as I’m talking about safety that just hit my head Wouldn’t hurt to have a hardhat too, but I got really good shoes on, these are steel toes non-slip shoes and I got gloves on my hands I hear Moe.. Is that you Moe? Well, what is this the punishment room? [Moe] You okay? You know what the name of this room is called? [Moe]What? The punishment room. [Moe] The punishment room? Yeah, says it on the door Well this is the lab here I wonder if there’s anything in here Oh look somebody had a mask there too. Smart, could have been from graffiti Oh, what is this? There like oxygen tanks or something? Could be wrong Oh that’s strange one of the stories on this hospital is that it was used for tuberculosis as a sanatorium In other words they used to treat TB patients here. If you don’t know anything about TB, you can look it up It was one of our greatest killers here. If you don’t know about TB The outbreak was crazy a lot a lot of people died one of the most popular plac…places Was the Waverly Hills Sanatorium. did a video there, lot more people died there than here, but… I don’t know. I don’t know if it’s like chemicals in the air, but I feel really itchy I’ve never thought been in a ton of places before that were very similar to this, but I feel itchy Like I’m almost like things are crawling on me Very dark in here. Oh check this out that’s an x-ray table I hear James up there, gonna go up behind him… Bro, don’t fall man there’s no rails *(clanking) This place totally reminds me of the abandoned hospital that James and I explored I hear Moe, but the one in California at the military base looks just like it just a lot bigger It’s gonna be a lot to see here This is why they usually don’t want people exploring places like this because you can get hurt like really bad. I mean If you’re just creeping through here See? You could fall *(disembodied growl) I just heard a growl *(strange groaning sound) Somebody in there? *(another groan) Hello? You okay? *(More loud groaning) Who’s there? *(thump) The heck? Is that you James? *(banging and rattling sounds) What the —…? [James] Hey, is that you guys? That’s not me I thought it was you [James] No, what’re you doing down there? I don’t know it sounds like there’s somebody trapped in here. [James] Bro, you need to come up here right now. Is there somebody up there trapped? [James] No, but you need to come up here. Is Moe with you? I don’t know where Moe is at. [James] Bro, get up here like right now. Sounded like somebody needed help So I’m going to investigate a little bit more. James told me to get up to where he’s at right now, but I have no idea where he’s at. [Moe] James is up there…but I was in the x-ray room [Moe] In the room beside it, chandelier things started moving all by themselves [James] Yo guys…come up here? [James] Yo, come look at this real quick… [Omar] Alright… [James] I just went on the third floor… [James] This is so spooky, like I don’t remember something like this, since we were at the haunted prison… [James] Like, it’s what it reminds me of… [James] Dude, look at this… [Moe talking in background] [Omar] Woah!! [James] You see what that says? [Omar] Oh whoo oh oh oh, Dude, that just opened up all by itself [Moe] Holy — I think I just got that on camera…That wasn’t the wind. [Omar] No [James] Bro, even if it was the wind, how was it being held together? [James] We didn’t touch it. [Moe] Right. You’re right. [James] Bro, what does it say thought? What did it say? [Omar] There is a there is a really strong draft right now, but… [James] But then how is it stuck together? [Moe] Dead inside. [Moe] Here, let’s see if this happens… see if this happens again. Oh [Moe] Bro it wouldn’t even stay shut. That’s not the wind, that won’t stay shut. Like there’s something forcing it open… [Omar] What’s in there? [James] Wait did one of you guys throw a coke can at me by the way? [Omar] No… no not at all [Omar] After you hear all that traffic that’s because we’re really close to the freeway right there [Omar] Moe just found Slenderman… right there… Oh, look it says 666 on the door [ Moe] Right by slenderman? [Omar] yeah… [Moe] Yeah *(clanking) [Omar] You ever wonder to yourself like how does the place get this destroyed?… Like all about possible… [Moe] like do people just purposely come in with sledgehammers day and night and just break —? [Omar] Hey, I think that’s mold. [Moe] that is black mold yeah… Good thing you’re wearing gloves [Omar] Oh I found another set of stairs. This place is all tagged up [Omar] Oh [James] God bro, really? Why you on my floor? I dunno how are you on my floor? I just came like all the way across… *(door clank)Woah! [James] It’s really windy [Omar] Be careful man, there’s stuff everywhere this place is a deathtrap [James] Sure is dude [Omar] See this is like the nurse’s station… Oh! Dude I swear there was somebody like around the corner right here. They were like just looking at me Hello? Nobody in here That was weird There’s a possibility that sometimes where you shine your light you might, maybe see something it might be kind of like a an illusion, but I Swear somebody peeked their head around this corner I’m not sure if I got that on video they went like this, and then went back.. and I saw it It wasn’t like corner of my eye, type of thing – I was looking in this direction. I think I had the camera Not sure exactly where I had the camera facing yeah, glanced over, and then it went back It was when I was talking about the nurse’s station which is right here I’m not sure if we’re gonna run into anything like crazy haunted. You know I mean I’m a little spooked out not gonna lie. I mean it’s only daytime My battery’s getting ready to die. I got to change that but.. There is a chance that we’ll come here at nighttime and just spend an entire night But we got to be really careful We don’t draw too much attention to ourselves because we are right by a busy highway, and they could see our lights [Omar] It’s on the roof [Omar] Oh….This is cool Super windy up here had to take my mask off, I need some fresh air. This is cool, though. Yo, it almost looks like a jail [Moe] Why you say that? [Omar] All the bars. Yeah, oh look at that [Moe] Uh… [Moe] That was creepy.. [Omar] Yeah, hey you want to see the world’s largest turbo Looks like a giant turbo this is all the air-conditioning work *(Loud wind) Definitely windy out I’m gonna take you up there. I’m thinking this should be like a maintenance Hoping this doesn’t fall apart… doesn’t… Oh I don’t know if I should go up this It’s not very stable see Ya, safety first remember okay? How did those stairs feel going up? The other side was like really questionable. It was disconnected from the building. Oh, this is kind of wobbly too… [Omar] Eh, live a little Bro this is not look safe at all no no no oh All right, I’m gonna take a chance No I’m good No, no no no… no bro. Come on dude, really crazy [Moe] Bro, there’s nothing wrong with it. [Moe] I’m telling you it’s safe. [Omar] If you want to see what it looks like in these places Moe went in there. That one was way more unstable Just came across This right here. It says, I lost my son on this floor. That’s horrible Just found the basement this is where they usually have morgues We’ve gotta be really careful you don’t step on nails Lost James, I thought I seen him on the roof, but he wasn’t there We tried to calling him a couple times Couldn’t connect with him. I do have walkie-talkies, but they were all dead And I don’t think it would have worked anyways in here It’s all concrete Moe went in here though…oh wow. That’s what you could expect floor to basement. It’s always gonna have water in it like this maybe more *(Scraping sound) What was that? That you James? Moe? I thought Moe was down here… [Moe] Yo guys, Omar and I are down here in the basement… [Moe]That looks like blood to us. This is where the morgue is, the morgue is down here somewhere. You think that could be blood? [Omar] I dunno [Moe] Looks like blood [Omar] Oh neat! [Omar] What do you think they used to shoot through that? [Moe] I dunno [Omar] Somebody put broken again. It was like a little mini elevator [Moe] Yeah… [Omar] For maybe food and supplies Do you see like a mortuary? [Moe]No, I don’t…[Omar] oh, this is in really bad shape right here….[Moe] Yeah *(clank) [Omar] Oh… [Moe]What was that? [Omar] Was that you James? [Omar] You don’t really find basements too much in Florida *(Moe talking) [Omar] Yeah, yeah, I got like a really bad headache That what it is? could be I mean there’s a lot of like asbestos in here though. We should get out of here, man [Moe] There’s a stairway here… Is there? all right [Omar] What is this [Moe] Dunno *(scraping noise) [Omar] What was that?… That you James? *(crunch like sound) [Omar] Oh! Dude it was like a cap see that it was like a spray paint cap it moved Did you get that? [Moe] I got that ya, I didn’t get the first crunch, you got the first crunch right here… [Omar] Let’s get out of here dude I gotta bad feeling bro, plus I got a massive headache [Moe] This is the basement, there’s a lack of oxygen down here [Omar] Oh, what is this? *(Clank) [Omar] That you James? Bro, where the hell is James? [Moe] Lets just go..lets just go, there’s something down here Could be an alligator too, this is Florida… [Omar] Or a Python [Moe] Yeah, or a python. [Omar] Yeah, this place is in really rough shape dude Like I don’t I don’t feel safe at all [Moe] That’s why they’re demolishing it. [Moe] What’s in there? [Omar] It’s like an old lab – where the hell are the stairs *(Crashing sound) [Moe] The hell was that? [Omar]Thought I heard James over here…. [Moe] James? [Omar] James…? [Moe] Is that you? *(Moe gasps) [Moe]Holy —… [Omar] What? [Moe] Holy —- look look look look… [Omar] I don’t see anything…. [Moe] Look, there’s a tire [Omar] Oh! I see it! *(Sound of tire falling) [Omar] Ooh! [Omar] Dude, we just seen a tire roll out of nowhere [Omar] You alright? [Omar] What’s the…dude, what the hell happened to you? [James] I’ve got scratches…[Moe] got scratches, well you’re covered in mud, what happened to you? [James] Bro I legit almost just died. [Omar] what do you mean? [James] Like, no clickbait like legit almost died. Like… [Omar] what do ya mean you almost died? [James] Okay, you guys went on the roof… I heard you. I thought you were coming do you know the like…you get to the roof… [Omar] You weren’t in the basement right now? [James] No, listen…No, I was upstairs. You know the roof You know above the roof There’s these two things I was up there. Like, guys lets prank him. They’re gonna come up here blah blah blah I’m sitting there, and I’m looking through…[Omar] I wouldn’t go through one of them because the stairs weren’t like that great [James] No, I know they weren’t? [Moe] Woah… [Omar] What? [Moe] whistling… *(whistle) [Omar] Oh! I hear it! *(whistle)…[Omar gasps] [Omar] I thought you were messing around [Moe] No… Hello? [Moe] We had a tire roll up on us in the basement…[Omar] are you ok, can you walk? Do you got any broken bones? [James] My knee hurts bro…but I’m alright. Back at the entrance where we started. There’s my umbrella right there so glad We made it out ok. It’s not raining any more! James is saying that he almost died. I have to hear this story, and I have to share it with you And I have to ask too, did you get it on camera? [James] I was recording then. You think it’s like when I say I almost died, like people say that lightly… I really almost died…[Omar] Like tell me what the hell happened..[James] Bro. I was looking through this thing for you guys I took one step like this BOOM, I straight down. [Omar] I was worried about there’s holes everywhere [James] No no no, when I say a hole, there’s a hole like this…Okay? [Omar] You fell through the hole?! [James] When you look down.. It goes down to the first floor from the top. [Omar] Yo, we are… if we go to a place like this again Dude, we are not splitting up again. Ever. I’m glad like you didn’t die. [Omar] You fell in that hole right there?! [James] Bro, Both my… like, my whole leg and my knee went in there And the only way I survived was my arm, grabbed right here on my forehead banged right into here Bro you can go…[Omar] Dude Shh, I heard something in here *(thump) [Omar] Heard like somebody say “shh” Did you hear that? Du… I’m just glad that your okay man… [James] Well, I’m just thankful to be alive right now… Alright Fam, there ya have it. We completed. I don’t know if you want to call it a 3 a.m challenge because it’s not 3 a.m. Let me know if you want us to come back here in the middle of the night. Maybe we could get some pretty good spirit activity here at night But I don’t know after hearing James almost falling in that hole I don’t even think I want to come back here anymore, this place is definitely a death trap. I’m gonna go ahead and start letting you go make sure to follow me on social media Let me know if you’ve seen or heard anything it could be the smallest thing ever, I love checking those things. also check out my friend Moe, and James aka the Fam’s video I will leave links in the description follow their videos. See if you caught anything in their videos if you caught something here I know I caught at least three different things here in this video that we’re paranormal or unexplainable events I’m gonna have to go and review the footage to see if I found anything else I gotta go but before you leave gimmie kiss. Peace.


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