Scans of Mummies Reveal Clues About Cardiovascular Disease | Brigham and Women’s Hospital

We’re scanning five mummies from
Greenland to look for evidence of atherosclerosis in these mummies that
had a mostly marine diet. Many other projects looking at mummies have found atherosclerosis. We want to know did that offer any protection, or not? We have to understand well what is the
reason that individuals acquired atherosclerosis. Why do people acquire it
today and also why did mummies acquire it? And there’s some commonalities and
that’s really what we’re interested in. We keep on learning more and more in
cardiology that the more aggressive we are with controlling these risk
factors the better patients do. At Brigham we have a lot of expertise in
cardiovascular imaging. We’ve done thousands of scans in this room but this
is our first time actually scanning mummies. This is another opportunity to
learn more about this disease process and also increase awareness to the
importance of cardiovascular disease.

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