Savitri Devi College & Hospital – 9th July 2018 – सावित्री देवी कॉलेज & हॉस्पिटल – Full Episode

Thank you, Veer. Did you see? This is what it means
to be human. This is called humanity. You wronged him yet he came here when you called. I’ll assist Veer in the surgery. In which OT do I need to go? Wait a minute. Come with me. Over there. OT. All the best, Veer. Pragya. Make sure Dr. Kabir doesn’t find out that Veer is doing a surgery
in here. Or else he won’t allow him. It is very important for us.
– Okay. Fine. Sanchi, who is in there? Who went there
to do this surgery? ‘If Dr. Kabir sees Veer’ ‘he’ll stop the surgery.’ ‘Oh, God! What should I do now?’ I asked who went in there,
Sanchi. Well.. Actually.. Dr. Kabir! Actually, I had called my friend
from another hospital. We need more doctors
and we have very less time. If we can get help
from anywhere whatsoever it’s great, right?
– Yes. So.. Yes.. Concentrate on the
surgeries you need to do. I’ll handle everything here. Anyway,
many patients are in line and there are many more to come. Okay. You are right.
I’ll go, check on my patients. Dr. Kabir! We’ve got the reports of the
patient in ward number 222. ‘What is Veer doing here?’ Dr. Kabir..
I need your signatures on the report of the patient
in the maternity ward. Okay. Congratulations, Sanchi. We kept our word. We completed this event
successfully. Yes, Dr. Kabir. Thank you for your wishes. By the way, who is your friend the one who helped us?
I want to meet him. I want to thank him. You can thank him later. For now, let’s go. The media
personnel are waiting for you. Yes. Good evening, everyone. Today, I’m glad to tell you that not only did we complete
the heart surgery marathon we have also set a record of performing so many surgeries. Great. No credit for the one
who did the real job. They will take the credit
for the whole thing. I swear, I.. I had never imagined that Sanchi would
become so selfish. She called you when she needed and now she won’t
even thank you. Let’s go from here. It’s useless to waste time
by staying here. Come on. By the way,
I would like to say something. During today’s event,
we faced a major problem because of which,
we fell short of staff but in that crises someone came forward to help us. Had he not been there today we wouldn’t have
set this record. That’s why I would like to give the credit for this event
for this record, to that person. His name is.. Dr. Veer Malhotra. Dr. Veer is one of the best
doctors in this hospital. Savitri Devi College
and Hospital is proud of Dr. Veer. And I am sure in the near future Dr. Veer will be the best cardiac
surgeon of this country. I would like to call
all the doctors on stage. Please collect your certificates of the record
that you’ve set today. Dr. Veer. Please join us. If anyone has rights over it,
it’s you. Now, our CEO will address you. Doctors. I am proud of you all. Well done. Hello, everybody.
Welcome.. Thank you so much for coming.. On this day
of great significance I feel proud of my students,
the doctors. As you all know,
Sanchi, Kabir and Veer.. They were my students. I am the one who taught them. So, it is pretty obvious that by setting such
a huge record they’ve taken Savitri Devi
College and Hospital to great heights. I’m very happy about it. Apart from this,
as you all can see.. Dr. Kabir..
– Sir. Dr. Kabir, how do you feel now? Your hospital has set
such a record. ‘My honour is taking a hit
because of Kabir.’ ‘First, at my house
and now, at the hospital.’ ‘This scoundrel has left me
with nothing.’ Dr. Kabir, what do you feel now?
Please tell us. Kabir.. Ka..
Kabir. Kabir, I..
Kabir. ‘What happened to mom?’ ‘Why is she chanting
Dr. Kabir’s name like that?’ She behaves strangely
whenever she sees Dr. Kabir. ‘Kabir and Sanchi..’ ‘Kabir and Sanchi
shouldn’t get married.’ ‘Mrs. Malhotra, just a minte..
– Mom! what are you doing here?’ ‘So, finally’ ‘you’ve got married.’ Judging by these incidents I can conclude that Dr. Kabir
has got something to do with mom’s current condition. But what? I must find it out. ‘God, I must thank you
for this opportunity.’ ‘I have hurt Veer so much.’ ‘But with this step,
I was able to bring’ ‘a smile on his face.’ What brings you here, Dr. Veer? Till today, I haven’t got
the answer to one question. Why did you leave me
for Dr. Kabir? I tried a lot to find
an answer for that. But I won’t try. Because I’m not in need
of that answer. You may talk or remain silent. But what you did today has proven that you still care
for me. Don’t mistake a favour
as my love for you, Veer. I’ve married someone else. That means, I’ve moved on
in my life. Can’t you look into my eyes
and say it? Anyway, don’t worry. I won’t question you. Because I can see the answers
in your eyes. What are you doing here? I came here to thank the dean for what she did for me today. Unlike you, I’m not fond
or breaking others families to start my own family. What was all that, Sanchi? Didn’t I warn you? Despite that,
why did you call Veer here? Instead of venting your anger,
thank me. If I hadn’t called Veer today this event would have failed. You can agree or not. But the truth is
that Veer is the reason behind the success
of this event. I can understand
your frustration. The one who you dismissed
in front of everyone has broken your personal record. He has performed more surgeries
than you. And all of them were successful. No mistakes at all. No problems. Everything was smooth. I’m sure that he will
be even more successful and a much better doctor
than you. And as far as conscience
is concerned he is a much better person
than you ever will be. On that regard,
you are no match for Veer.

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