Savitri Devi College & Hospital – 7th September 2017 – सावित्री देवी कॉलेज & हॉस्पिटल – Full Episode

That’s enough, Veer.
You don’t have to look after me. My entire family
is finally together. Savitri, you know what? Our children missed you a lot. Every moment of my life
was painful without you. I always used to think about your recovery. Stop pretending, Dr. Malhotra. If you really cared
about us and mom then you wouldn’t have kept
her away from us. Everyone knows
that you are very selfish. So, please stop pretending. Veer! How can you speak
to him so rudely? Why are you addressing him as Dr. Malhotra? He is your father. He has always looked after and watched over us. And you are saying
that he’s pretending. Mom, he..
– That’s enough. I don’t want to hear
any explanations. Come on, Veer. Hug your father. You are his son. Leave the past behind and hug your father lovingly. Get up, Veer. ‘The father and son are making
amends after Savitri’s return.’ ‘This is not a good sign.’ Ms. Savitri! Ms. Savitri! Ms. Savitri, thank goodness.
You are completely all right. You have no idea as to how
much I missed you. I am so happy.
I am overjoyed. Do you remember
the time when we.. What’s the matter, Ms. Savitri?
Why are you looking at me in this way?
Don’t you recognise me? I recognise you.
You are Gayatri. Yes.
– Anand’s secretary. That was a long time ago. A lot has changed since then. I am his..
– She’s my senior secretary. Oh! She has made a lot of progress
in the last 15 years. She has been promoted, Savitri. ‘How dare he refer
to me as his secretary’ ‘in front of everyone.’ That’s great.
Congratulations. No, Ms. Savitri. I am..
– Gayatri? I would like to spend
some time with my family. So, please. Why don’t you visit Savitri
some other time? ‘Anand, you are
sending me home.’ ‘Come home and I will
deal with you over there.’ All right, Savitri.
I need to go now. Get some rest.
I will drop by after some time. All right. Mom..
Mom, I will be right back. Why are you standing there?
Come inside. ‘For mom’s sake,
I’ve to clear my doubt’ ‘whether Ms. Savitri really
doesn’t remember anything’ ‘or she is lying.’ Ma’am, how are you feeling now?
– I am much better now. Do you recognise me? Yes, I do, dear. You took such good care of me.
I am aware.. That you played the most
important role in my recovery. Ma’am, then I am sure you also
remember where we had met first. No, dear.. ‘It means that she only
remembers those things which’ ‘happened to her
after she was treated.’ I.. To be honest.. I can hardly express
my gratitude to you. You people have given
me hope to live. So.. So, ma’am, you must remember that I had told you
something at the garden.. Do you remember
what I had said? You had told me something?
– Yes. And at the garden? Dear, I am not able to
recollect everything. Some of the memories
are not very clear. God knows when I will
remember everything. ‘It seems that she was not
able to understand anything’ ‘as she was sedated under the
influence of the medicines.’ No issues, ma’am..
It’s okay. Please take rest now.
I will come back again. At the garden? Here is your favourite food,
Mom! And this plate contains
all your favourite dishes.. I can see that. Tell me something..
How do you know which my favourite dishes are? My attractive grandma did! And she has instructed me to
feed you with my own hands. Really?
– Yes. So, get started.. Look, dear..
Jaya, look at this. Savitri is looking
so beautiful here. Mother-in-law.. Savitri.. She doesn’t remember anything. I am confused,
Mother-in-law. God knows what will happen..
– Jaya. When she had left us,
15 years ago could we ever imagine
that she’d come back? But by God’s grace she has come back to us. Please be patient enough.. Things will surely fall
into place with time.. Hey, Sister-in-law.. Is this the family album?
Please let me see. It is an old album, Khushbu. I was just going to keep
it back in the drawer. Oh, I see. By the way,
is Sunny all right now? I hope he doesn’t
still have any issues. No, Sister-in-law, he is fine,
please don’t worry. He is studying in his room. Okay. I will be right back,
Mother-in-law. – Okay, dear.. ‘What such thing is
there in that album’ ‘that they closed it as
soon as they saw me?’ So, Sunny,
will you come to the party with your girlfriend tomorrow? No, I don’t have one.. Are you sure?
Don’t you really have one? Yes. Sunny, who is the one
you are talking to so late in the night? She is.. N-No.. Just forget it! Come on, tell me.
Please! She is my..
– Go ahead.. She has just become
my girlfriend. Who are you talking to,
so late in the night? N-No, Grandma,
it was a call from my friend. He was talking about our school
affairs.. We have a project.. It was your friend’s call,
right? – Yes. Why do you seem so tense then? Switch the phone off
and get some sleep. It’s already quite
late in the night. O-Okay.. Okay, Grandma. He is too much! You are such a coward! I have a doubt whether you’ll
even attend the party or not! No..
I am not a coward. I will be there tomorrow. Are you sure?
– Yes. Bye.. – Bye. Baby, I am feeling thirsty. Please get me water
from the kitchen. I am going to my room. Come soon. ‘Oh, God!
Thank You very much.’ ‘Finally, mom has recovered.’ ‘I have missed her so much.’ It’s me.
Sanket. Sanket, what are you doing here? What if anyone notices us? Priya, there’s no one here. Why did you get so late
in coming back? Are you all right?
– Yes. Mom has recovered completely. Mom? Sanket, I forgot to tell you. Do you know we have found mom? She was not well
when we found her. But today, she has
recovered completely. She spoke to us. She called out for me. She was standing
without any support. What!
– Yes. Priya, what are you doing here? You should have been
with your mother. She might need you. Priya! Why are you with this person who doesn’t let you
spend time with your mother? Sanket,
this is my personal matter. You need not interfere. No, Priya.. – Priya! Vikrant! Vikrant is here.
If he sees us together.. Sanket, please hide here. You can’t do even
a single task properly. Have you forgotten
how I punished you? I mean, how much I love you. You very well know
what I can do. Let me remind you. Watch this. Vikrant, I was about to get
water for you. Baby! Why do you always get late? Don’t force me to do something. Because I love you very much. I hope, hereon,
you won’t get late. Come with me. ‘What was Vikrant showing
Priya in his phone as such’ ‘that Priya got so afraid?’ Everything is over. We’ll be left with nothing. Before Savitri throws us out
of her house I must pack my bags and leave. Hello!
Listen to me. Book two bus tickets
for Ambala. Ma’am, why do you have
to go by bus? I’ll book your flight tickets. Mister, have you gone mad? Why are you asking us
to spend so much? Do you even know how expensive
flight tickets are? Book my tickets in an AC bus. Hold on. How much will it cost? Ma’am, Rs. 3,400.
– What! So expensive! Do this. Book the tickets
in a non-AC bus. Okay? Two tickets for Ambala
in a non-AC bus, okay? Okay, ma’am. Anyway, we must get over
the habit of staying in AC. We won’t find AC rooms
in Ambala. Mom! What is all this?
Where are you going? What’s with this new drama? It’s not a drama. This is the truth. Even you must understand this. Anand insulted us in the
hospital before everyone. He lied before everyone that you are his secretary
and not his wife. He is very clever. His intentions doesn’t seem
right. Just wait and watch. He will bring Savitri back
to this house and replace you. Mom,
nothing as such will happen. Before any such thing happens I will show them
their true worth. The documents of this house! I wonder how mom
must be handling herself. I will have to do
something for her. Sanchi!
Sanchi! Veer!
– Sanchi! – Veer! I am so.. – Veer..
– I’m so.. Veer, put me down. – I’m so..
I am so happy today. Sanchi, thank you! Thank you so much, Sanchi. You have no idea
what you have done for me. After 15 years, I have got
my mother back. She is talking to me. She is smiling.
She is feeding me. And all this is like
a dream to me. And my dream has come true
because of you, Sanchi. Sanchi, whatever you have done
for my mother even I couldn’t have done that. You united me with her. You helped her recover. And I am so.. I am so grateful to you,
Sanchi. Well.. And I am sorry, Sanchi. I yelled at you before everyone. But it was your fault. Why did you defend
that woman? Veer, don’t you remember
this? Your mom had
said that Jaya Mishra is
her good friend and she can never
harm her. But you were still being
rude to her. That is why I stopped her.
– No, Sanchi. You are not understanding. I had seen her running out
of mom’s ward! And she had gone there
to kill my mom, Sanchi. I also know who is
supporting her in this. Her daughter,
Sanchi Mishra who is working in this hospital
under a fake identity. And you know what? I will find her. Just let me find her.. And you’ll see
what I do to her.. See how strange this is.. You two share the same name. You guys share the
same name. But the people
are different in nature. Anyway.. I’ll find out about her. I’ll make a move now. Thank you. ‘Forgive me, Veer.’ ‘I am hiding my truth
from you.’ ‘But I don’t have
any other option.’ This is a big problem. We never thought that Veer will become
Ms. Jaya and your enemy once Ms. Savitri gets cured. Gayatri, why is the lawyer here,
at this hour? What is happening here? Anand, all this had to happen. It is time for you
to fulfil your promise. I have got the property papers
ready. Sign on these papers. Gayatri, this is not
the right time for this discussion.
– This is the right time, Anand! You have thrown me out
from your life as soon as Ms. Savitri
got cured. You insulted me
in front of everyone. I was so embarrassed! Anand, you have claimed
to love me. Today is the right time
to fulfil all your promises. If you think this is
my insecurity then you are free to
think so. Today, you have ousted me
from your life. Anand,
where will I go if you oust me from this house
in the future? I cannot put my life at risk. You’ll have to sign
on these papers. No, Anand. Don’t sign these papers. How can you transfer
all the property to Gayatri when Savitri, the owner
of this house, is back? I feel like I have been married
into a family of dramatists! I just can’t take it.
I’m so fed up. I have no choice,
Anand. I cannot help but
make sure I have a safe place in this
house and your life. Don’t sign these papers
if you don’t want to. But I won’t remain quiet now. You stopped me from
telling the truth today. But you cannot stop me
every time. I will tell Ms. Savitri
that I am your wife. I am your wife. You will be responsible if anything happens to her
after that. ‘Wow!
She has developed the courage’ ‘to threaten brother-in-law.’ All right.
Fine, Gayatri. I will sign it. Give me the papers. Make arrangements
to register the property. Okay, Ms. Gayatri. Well, congratulations. Now that you have called him
at night to get your work done why don’t you serve us sweets
on this happy occasion? Thank you so much, Anand.
Come on. Let’s go and bring the sweets. Mr. Sharma. Yes, Mr. Anand. Keep this money. Leave this city for
some months as soon as possible. Don’t show your face
to anybody. And don’t you answer
Gayatri’s calls! Okay, Mr. Anand. – As far as
these papers are concerned forget about them. – Okay,
Mr. Anand. – Go now. Where did Mr. Sharma go? He told me that he had
to catch a flight and he was getting late. It’s okay.
The papers have been signed. Gayatri.
– Yes. You asked me once and I signed
on the papers. I hope you can do
a small favour for me. Tell me, Anand.
Don’t hesitate. Gayatri can you become
my Secretary in front of Savitri? No way, Anand! How can you say this? I’m your wife.
I’m your wife. I cannot do this.
I’m so sorry. No.
– Okay, Gayatri. If you can’t do
such a small work for me then it is better that I shift
to the farmhouse with Savitri. I cannot leave her alone
in this condition. Now that you are the owner
of all the property.. So, why would you care for me
anymore? What are you doing?
Have you lost it? If Anand and the two
of them stay here we can keep an eye on them. If they go away,
we won’t be able to do anything. Why are you yourself
making Anand Savitri’s? Just go and stop him. Anand! I’m ready to be your Secretary but just for the sake
of my love for you. I really love you, Anand.
– I know that, Gayatri. Thank you so much. You may go. I’ll join you.
– Fine. Darn it! So, did you see how much
your brother cares for you? He has transferred the
entire property to Gayatri. What do we do now?
Should we start begging? Why are you getting so hyper?
– How can you be so unfeeling? I feel everything..
What makes you think that brother will transfer
his entire property to Gayatri?
– Adarsh.. He has already transferred his
entire property to Gayatri. Didn’t you see that?
– Relax, darling. Relax. What do you think?
Brother is not as innocent as much he appears to be. In fact, I just spoke
to brother. And he told me that he has
delivered a masterstroke against Gayatri.
He has befooled her. He has definitely signed all the
property documents before her but he didn’t get them
registered and he has sent the lawyer
away before whom he did all this somewhere far from the city by sponsoring his vacation. And even now, brother is the
owner of all the property. He is too smart. Wow! Brother-in-law Anand
proved to be very smart. So, there would be a triangle
love story in this house now. Between a husband, a wife
and a Secretary. This is going to be so much fun.
– Oh, it is. Hi, Mr. Vikrant.
– Yes. Why have you got
all these files here? Mr. Vikrant, the legal advisor
appointed by you previously seem to be useless.
I just don’t understand why he didn’t get such important
documents signed by you? I have completed
all these papers. Just sign them.
I’ll get them processed. There were a lot of work
and transactions left pending owing to these files
not being processed. Really? Let me see what was our previous
legal advisor doing. You seem to be working hard. Sir, when one is getting close
to his aim he won’t shy away
from hard work. Pen. Here you go. You seem to be quite fond
of poetry. Sir, I’m a very creative person.
– Really? What happened? There was a mosquito. Mr. Vikrant, may I use
your washroom? Sure. Okay. Vikrant, your breakfast. Baby, I hope you can see that I’m working.
Don’t disturb me, please. Just keep it there.
I’ll have it. Baby, as you know,
I love my work very much. ‘What is he up to now?’ Calls.. Messages.. Which app is this? Why is Vikrant using this? Let me see. He has fixed his aim on someone. This means Vikrant must be threatening
Priya to kill someone. That’s why Priya is not able
to do anything. How are you feeling now? I feel much better now. Tell me if you need anything.
I’ll get it for you. Will you be able to give me
whatever I ask for? Of course. You just
need to ask for it. I have spent several years
in this hospital but now, I want to go home. I want to go back
to my own house. I don’t want to stay in this
hospital for even one more day. Tell me, dear. Will you
take your mother home? I will certainly take you home. That house without you is
like a body without a soul. Once you come back happiness will be
rekindled there. ‘I have handled
the situation for now.’ ‘But I can’t keep Savitri’ ‘and Gayatri together
for a long time.’ ‘I have to find a way out.’ Come in. What brings you here? Didn’t you go home
with Savitri? No, sir. I am going. But.. I want to tell you something. Yes, tell me, Veer. Dr. Kabir, thank you, sir. Thank you..
Thank you for everything! You’re always welcome, Veer. Besides, being a doctor,
this was my responsibility. I couldn’t have let anything
happen to Ms. Savitri. See, you had helped
my mother once.. And I am so glad to
help your mom now. Sir.. What you’ve done for my mother.. It’s priceless. No, sir.. I thought that I’ll lose her again.. Sir, it felt as though someone
was playing games with me. But you saved her, sir. What is this, Veer? Mr. Kabir, no matter
how many times I thank you that won’t be enough. That’s why this is a gift
I have got for you. It’s a small gift
from my side. Now, I am just an intern,
hence, I am giving you a miniature of your
favourite car. But I promise, sir.
One day I will buy you
your favourite car. I will wait for that to happen,
Veer. That will be the most
important day of my life. And I’ll be extremely
proud of you. I might not be able
to accept that gift. But today, I will certainly
accept this gift. Henceforth, this gift will be
a part of my cabin and my life. Thank you so much. Hello. Yes, Mom. Sanchi, make me
meet Savitri once. Look, I’ll try my best
so that she regains her memory. Please, Sanchi, do something.
– Mom.. You won’t be able
to meet Ms. Savitri. She is being discharged today. She is returning
home. – What? If Savitri goes home then how will we help her? Is there no way out, dear? Dear Lord.. How will Savitri regain
her memory now?

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