Savitri Devi College & Hospital – 7th May 2018 – सावित्री देवी कॉलेज & हॉस्पिटल – Full Episode

Isha, I’m operating
on a case of appendicitis. Will you assist me
with that? Yes, sure. – Let’s prepare
for the operation. Let’s go. It’s an unknown caller. Hello. – ‘Hello,
is this Ms. Isha Negi?’ Yes, who are you? ‘I’m calling from GT road.
Your father has met’ ‘with an accident.’ ‘Please reach here
as fast as you can.’ What! I will be there right away! Veer, I can’t help you
with this surgery. I have to go and see my dad.
– What! Isha..
– Dad has met with an accident. I have to leave.
– What? The fun starts now. I’ll have to perform the surgery
by myself. The operation was successful.
We will shift the patient to his ward now. Fine, Dr. Veer.
– Thanks a lot, Doctor. I’m grateful to you
for saving my son. Bless you, dear.
– Ma’am, thank you for your wishes. Please don’t scream, sir.
Please calm down. Sir, I will inform the doctor. Please, calm down.
– Nurse, what’s wrong with him? Hasn’t Dr. Veer performed
his surgery? Why is he wincing in pain?
– Sir, I don’t have any idea. Wait a minute. ‘Why does he have two
incision marks?’ ‘Didn’t he undergo an operation
for Appendicitis?’ ‘Why does he have a second
big incision mark?’ Nurse,
shift him to my clinic, fast. Okay, Doctor. Yes.
Is the Doppler report ready? Okay. Sir, here is Dr. Veer’s
patient’s Doppler report. Oh, God! One of his kidneys is missing. Veer. Mother-in-law, when are these
photos from? These date back to Veer
and Priya’s childhood days. Veer cried a lot the first day
he went to school. Oh, God! We had to take a photograph
of him to pacify him. Mother-in-law, you know what? Even I cried a lot on the
first day of my school. Here.. Your friendship with my mom
was very special. Very few people
share such a bond. Mother-in-law why don’t you two try to resolve
things between you? It is possible that such
a day might come but not right now. I am feeling sleepy
and I want to sleep. H-Hold on. E-Easy..
– Hold on. Easy. Veer, when did you come home? When you were talking to my mom. Did you see that?
– Yes, I did. Veer, I am so happy. Finally everything
is falling in place. I know. Come here. After such a long time I’ve got time to spend
with you alone today. Veer, control. What if someone sees us?
– Let them. By the way I am romancing
my lawfully wedded wife. By the way,
today is the day to celebrate. Happiness has come back in our
lives after such a long time. You know, your mom asked me
to do an operation today. Wow! Veer, that’s great. Well..
I just have one wish now. We should have
a big family photo in which both our mothers
pose happily. Don’t worry. That will happen very soon. Here we go. We were speaking about
your mom and she called. Mother-in-law, yes? Veer, come back to the
hospital, right away. Sure, Mom.
I will be right there. What happened? Mother-in-law has asked
me to come to the hospital. There might be an emergency. I will freshen up
and then leave, okay? Okay. Goddess Durga, thank you for making everything
right in our lives again. How did this lamp
extinguish suddenly? Is something wrong? What happened,
Mother-in-law? Why did you call me
all of a sudden? Is everything all right? What happened, Mother-in-law? Veer Malhotra,
you have proved today that you are
Dr. Anand Malhotra’s son. In fact, he’s still better
than you. You turned out to be
worse than him. But what is the matter,
Mother-in-law? Please tell me
what the matter is. What have I done?
– Don’t you know? You removed a patient’s kidney
despite being a doctor and you are asking us
what has happened. What! What are you saying, Dr. Kabir? Not me,
but these reports say so. This report.. Not me, but Doctor..
– Just shut up, Dr. Veer! Shut up! Please, Dr. Kabir. I haven’t done this. In fact, I can’t even think
of doing such a thing. Veer, who has done this
if it was not you? You are the one
who had done the surgery. You knew that they were poor. The surgery was being done
free of cost because it was
my husband’s dream. But you still betrayed us. Mother-in-law, I have not ruined
father-in-law’s dream. Look at me. Look at me. Tell me honestly. Can I ever do such a thing? Mother-in-law, I agree
that I have many shortcomings. But I am not so cruel. Who has done all this then,
Veer? Tell me. Who has done all this? I don’t know, Mother-in-law. But I promise you that I will solve this problem. I will find out
who is responsible for this. Just give me one chance. I’m giving you 12 hours. Go and find out
who the real culprit is and prove your innocence. You also have to arrange
another kidney for that patient in these 12 hours because he will leave
this hospital in a perfect condition.
– I understand. I have a request, Mother-in-law. Please don’t inform Sanchi
about this. Mom and her relationship
is finally changing. I don’t want to ruin anything. Okay, Veer. But remember one thing. You have only 12 hours. Veer.
– Yes. Where are you going? Nowhere. How is your dad?
– He is fine now. Actually, it was a prank call. What?
– Yes. I’ll attend my patient now. I’ll see you later, okay?
– Yes, bye. ‘Oh!’ ‘That call was made to frame me’ ‘so that I won’t have
any witnesses.’ ‘I am sure’ ‘that somebody might have gone
to that room’ ‘after the surgery’ ‘and that person
has committed this lowly act.’ CCTV. There’s a CCTV outside
the operation theatre too. Something might have been
recorded on that too. A paint box has been kept
in front of the CCTV. So, whoever has done this has planned it very well so that I cannot find
the real culprit. Ms. Jaya, what has happened
to my son? His operation is done. Why is he in so much pain
even then, Ms. Jaya? I’m sorry that we are not able
to cure your son’s pain. But we are trying our level best
to cure him as soon as possible. Dr. Kabir, the best doctor
in Delhi is treating him, ma’am. Don’t worry.
He’ll get well soon. Right now, I have to focus
on searching for a kidney for that man instead of looking
for the real culprit. He’ll be in pain as long
as he doesn’t get a kidney. Chiranjeevi Donor Centre? This is Dr. Veer. I need to make a kidney
transplant urgently. Do you have a donor? You don’t?
Okay, thank you. B. K. Hospital. You don’t have any? All right, thank you. Pal Centre?
It’s Dr. Veer. I need to make a kidney
transplant urgently. Do you have a donor? What! You do? All right! No problem.. Tell me tomorrow morning. Also, call me up
on this phone number. All right. I’ll be waiting
for your call. Thank you.
Thank you so much! Where is Veer? It’s been so long but he still
hasn’t come home. Veer! Veer, where were you? Why are you so late? It’s nothing, dear. I had to deal with an emergency. I’m late because of that. Okay. Take rest. You must be tired. Let’s talk tomorrow morning. Hello.
– ‘I’ve heard that’ ‘you need
a kidney desperately.’ ‘You’ve called up a lot
of donor centres.’ But who are you? And how do you know about this? ‘Don’t worry about
those details.’ ‘Just tell me, do you really
need a kidney?’ ‘I got a new kidney from Savitri
Devi College and Hospital’ ‘today.’ ‘If you want it,
you can buy one’ ‘from me for Rs. 5 Lakhs.’

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