Savitri Devi College & Hospital – 6th August 2018 – सावित्री देवी कॉलेज & हॉस्पिटल – Full Episode

This is my last
and final warning. Don’t even try to interfere
in my life otherwise you will have
to face dire consequences. Sanchi? Sanchi! Sanchi.. Sister, open the door. Dr. Kabir, we cannot delay it
any further. Kindly perform
medical check up on Dr. Sanchi. What? I? I-I can’t do this. How can I? – Don’t worry, Dr.
Kabir. I’ll take care of that. Kindly wait outside. Kabir! What happened, Kabir? What happened to Sanchi? W-What did the doctor say? How is Sanchi’s health? She had a nervous breakdown
due to hyperstress. That’s why her body isn’t
responding to any medicine. We need to keep her
under observation tonight. If she doesn’t gain
consciousness by tonight then.. She can slip in to a coma. You can’t do this to me, Sanchi. You cannot abandon me
so easily. Our relationship has just begun. I am yet to tell you
that I love you a lot. You must wake up. You must wake up
by tonight, Sanchi. Dear. Nothing will happen to her. She will be all right. Don’t worry. Go outside and take rest for a
while. I-I will be with her. No, Mom. Until she regains consciousness,
I’ll be here. Where are you going? This room belongs to you. I am aware of that. But I don’t want to be here. Why? Is it because you are in love
with someone else? How do you know all this? I somehow got to know. What you need to know is
that girl was your past. I am your present as well as your future. That’s why
you need to be with me. A very good friend of mine
has told me that the bond of marriage
is very strong. It can change anyone. Even I am eager
for that to happen but until then I’ll be a good wife. It’s your call whether or not
you want to pay attention to me but I won’t stop myself
from performing my duties. You are free to do
whatever you want but I will never be able
to love you. Okay. But I won’t lose hope. Someday our relationship
will bloom. Where are you going? You needn’t sleep outside. You can sleep
on your bed comfortably. I am any used to sleeping
on the floor. Dr. Kabir? You should take rest
for a while. I’ll take care of Dr. Sanchi. No, Sister. It’s okay. Go and take rest. I’ll be with Sanchi. Okay, Doctor. Sanchi. You do everything for others. You never think about yourself. Today, I hope that somebody must be concerned about you. I hope your goodness
and kindness get noticed. Hail Lord Ganpati.
– All Hail! Ever since I was a kid on my every birthday
something has transpired which made me doubt
Your existence. That’s why
I stopped visiting You. Today.. I have made so many mistakes that I am ashamed
to seek Your help. But Sanchi has
immense faith in You. She never wronged anyone. She doesn’t deserve
this punishment. I am the one who made mistakes. I should be punished
instead of Sanchi. Please, help Sanchi recover. I cannot live without her. You will have
to make her recover. If you don’t help her recover I’ll lose faith in You. All those who have faith in you will lose it. You must make her recover. My life is meaningless. Everything is over. I couldn’t become a good son
for my mother. I couldn’t make my dad proud
by being a good doctor. I couldn’t win my wife’s trust. I’ve been a disappointment
in every relationship. There is no reason
for me to live. I don’t want to live. Mom.. I am sorry. Veer! Sanchi! Thank.. Thank God
you are all right. You finally regained
consciousness. I was scared. I..
– Take rest. How.. How come I am here? What had happened to me? You had a nervous breakdown
due to stress. Sanchi, you should not
torture yourself to this level. Then what should I do,
Dr. Kabir? I am responsible
for Veer’s condition. Everything has happened
because of me. And this is killing me. I had a d-dream.. That.. I am very scared, Dr. Kabir. I hope Veer
doesn’t harm himself. He has already ruined
his personal life. Now he is about to ruin
his professional life too. What about you, Sanchi? Look at your condition. What if something happens to you
due to stress? Sanchi, please. Stop worrying about Veer. Promise me that you will
take care of yourself. And I promise I’ll do everything possible to bring Veer’s life
back on track. Promise? Kabir. Why did you make
such a promise to Sanchi? Mom, I actually
want to help Veer. I agree.. I agree that your intentions
are noble but Veer’s every step will remind Sanchi of her past. Think about it. Why would Veer seek your help? He thinks you are responsible
for everything that has gone wrong in his life. Then why do you
want to do all this? Because this will make
Sanchi happy. Her health is suffering
due to stress. If I can’t keep Sanchi happy then our relationship
is meaningless. Before I became her husband
I was her friend. I have caused her immense pain. I’d rectify my mistakes
by making her happy. Sanchi is worried about Veer
and I’m worried about Sanchi. Mom, please don’t stop me. Doctors wanted to keep you
in hospital for some more days as you still need rest but I’ve brought you home
on my responsibility. That’s why you must follow
all my instructions. Okay? No sort of irresponsible
behaviour will be tolerated. You must eat
and take medicines on time. Then you need to take rest. Okay?
– Okay. Dr. Kabir,
did you think about Veer? Yes. I have a plan. Don’t worry. Hello. Hi, this is
Dr. Veer Malhotra. Is there a vacancy for a surgeon in cardiac department
of any hospital? Actually, it’s very urgent. ‘Sorry, sir. There is
no such vacancy as of now.’ ‘As soon as
we get some information’ ‘we’ll inform you.’ Okay. Thank you. Here is your tea. Are you planning
to keep it on my head? Keep it on the table. Shall I ask you something? You own a hospital. Why do you want to work
in some other hospital? I-I’ll handle. What brings you here?
And why are you alone? Why Ms. Sanchi isn’t with you? No, she is a little busy. Okay. Gayatri, send Mishri inside. I don’t want her to witness
any ruckus. Okay. Mishri, we have a guest at home. Will you just talk to him? Go and get some tea for him. Yes, I’ll get you a cup of tea. I prepare good tea. I’ll be back in a while.
Okay? How dare you come here! Who let you enter this house? Security! Security! There is no need
to call the security. Listen to what I have to say
and then I will leave. Read it. What is this? It’s an offer letter from Savitri Devi
College and Hospital. Anand, Veer should accept it. Yes, let me talk to Veer.

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  2. Kabir I hate you tm bht bury ho veer Etna payar krta hy sanchi sy tm ny veer sy sanchi ko dour kr diya plz sanchi ko veer k pas wapis jany do jaisy alag kiya hy aisy hi in 2no ko aik kr do

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