Savitri Devi College & Hospital – 31st May 2018 – सावित्री देवी कॉलेज & हॉस्पिटल – Full Episode

I have had enough. And you have had your
way for far too long. But don’t you interfere between me and my wife anymore,
Dr. Kabir. And yes.. Learn how to be in your limit before making me realise
the same. Please stop fighting. What is so urgent that you had to come in when
a meeting was going on? I am not going anywhere. We are holding a birthday
party for Priya at home today. You need to attend it and on time. Priya, me and everyone else
will wait for you, Sanchi. Please be there on time. And apologise to everyone
for your misbehaviour. I need not say this but if you
still value our relationship don’t disappoint me. I will be waiting for you. You will not attend the party. I will but I must put an end to this game today. I cannot see Veer
so worried every day. ‘Where is Sanchi? She should
have been here by now.’ ‘Let me just check outside.’ It is such a happy occasion. We have come together
to attend an event after a long time. We all are not, Mother-in-law. The so-called daughter-in-law
of this family, Sanchi and the son of this family,
Veer, are nowhere to be seen. That’s all right.
We all are here. So, Priya.. Before this party starts I want to give you a special
surprise gift. Savitri.. – Yes? Please give her
the surprise gift. – Sure. Thank you, Mom. Happy birthday, dear. May God bless you. Thank you, Dad,
but what is this key meant for? This is the key to your
happiness, dear. I didn’t get you. Since childhood,
you had the dream of having your own farmhouse. Do you remember you used to make
designs of farmhouses in your art book? And so, your dad has
built you a farmhouse. This is the key
to that farmhouse. Really? Dad.. Thank you so much! You know what, Dad.. This is the best gift
I have ever received! Thank you.
– Dear.. The Almighty has
gifted us with you. Obviously,
you deserve only the best! Thank you. Wow! Yes! What’s wrong with her? Waiter! Come here at once! Make it fast.. Oh, my God!
Anand.. Cheers! Gosh! Priya.. You are so lucky! A farmhouse as a birthday gift! How amazing! So many things for her.. What about me? Just a nurse uniform! But I am the dean of such
a reputed hospital. Dean Dr. Sanchi Mishra. Sanchi Malhotra. And what did you reduce me to a nurse. Anyway.. Priya! It is your birthday today and you have got some gifts.
So come let’s celebrate.
– Sanchi.. “Happy birthday to you..” “Happy birthday..”
– Oh, my God! “…to you..” “Happy birthday,” “dear Priya.” Congratulations on being
the owner of the farmhouse. The good news is that now you will leave your maternal. You have been here
for months now. Like they say women are supposed to
stay at their in-laws’ after they get married not at their maternal. Sanchi! What has happened to you?
What rubbish are you saying? I am just stating facts,
Mother-in-law! Mother-in-law.. You are my mother-in-law and you make me work like
I am a domestic help. As a matter of fact,
we get to see many servants here in this huge house. But you make me cook food for everyone. Have you ever asked your
daughter to lend you a hand? Mother-in-law.. And the one to secure
the second rank is my respected father-in-law. I have been made the one
to call the shots in the hospital,
in your place, and it has
got you agitated! You seem to be so angry all day. You murmur something and behave weird. Really? I am your daughter-in-law
after all. Why are you so jealous of me? Those eyes have fire in them Father-in-law. Oh, yes! And the most respected..
– Excuse me! Behave yourself.. Anand.. The second Mrs. Anand Malhotra. She is useless! She just creates problems
among others. She has a sharp tongue
but when it comes to work.. You are a snake
which infects poison in others’ lives. Sanchi! – Listen.. Sanchi! Enough now. Let’s go from here. Veer! I have more to say. I.. – Sanchi! You will not utter a word more. Let’s go! Priya.. Priya..
Please, Priya. I apologise on Sanchi’s behalf. I am very sorry! No, Veer. Don’t stop me. What she has said is true. She was right when she said that,
after marriage women are supposed to
stay at their in-laws’ not at their maternal. I have no right to stay
here for so many days. I have made a mistake. Priya.. What rubbish are you talking? You have every right to be here. And never talk of
leaving this house again. You can stay here for
as long as you wish. No one has the right
to bad-mouth you. What has happened to you,
Savitri? How can you still keep calm? How can you turn a
blind eye to all this? What does she think of herself? How dare she insult Priya and on her birthday? Break your silence for your
daughter’s sake at least. I have made a huge mistake
by forgiving you. You do not deserve to be
a part of this family! You hate and loathe us so much! All the concern and love
you displayed for us was false! You were just pretending! Tell me,
how has Priya harmed you? She has always been with you. And you, on her birthday want to oust her
from this house. Keep this in mind, Sanchi! The one to leave
this house today will be you not my daughter. Hey, Savitri,
what are you doing? Savitri.. – Enough! Nobody interferes! I have no place for a woman
as indecent as her. Get lost from here! Never come back! ‘I am sorry, Mother-in-law
but what I have done’ ‘merits such a treatment.’ How could I make
such a huge mistake? I couldn’t discern
her true colours. I could not understand what
intentions she harboured. Didn’t I tell you before
about this? You never heeded me. Savitri, I have always
told you that this girl just takes advantage of your naivety. Actually,
she is an indecent woman. Like mother like daughter. Mom, Priya is better now. She is in a bad mood but
she will cheer up soon. And yes.. I’ve informed all the guests that the party
has been cancelled. And once again I apologise to you all
on Sanchi’s behalf. God knows what has
happened to her. This is not how she actually is. You know her well, right, Mom? Where is she?
I don’t see her here. I don’t know her. She had been pretending to
be nice to us for so long. And the scene she created today
has revealed her true colours. And the sooner you
understand this the better. Mom I don’t understand
what you are saying, Mom..
Where is Sanchi? Sanchi! Sanchi, where are you? Sanchi! Sanchi!
Sanchi.. – She is not here! I have ousted her from here.

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