Savitri Devi College & Hospital – 2nd May 2018 – सावित्री देवी कॉलेज & हॉस्पिटल – Full Episode

Ms. Savitri! Mom!
– Mother-in-law! – Mom! Mom!
– Mother-in-law! Mom! Mom! Veer, mother-in-law’s blood
pressure is still high. That’s why, she had fainted. She has swelling in her legs,
too. She won’t be able
to walk for a few days. She needs bed rest. But how did it happen suddenly? Exactly. Mom’s last report was normal. She is taking her medicines
on time, she is taking care of her diet. We had even reduced her dose. Then how come her BP
increased so much? Because of the shock
that your wife gave her. Her betrayal has brought Savitri
to this state. Anand is absolutely right. You stay away from her. She is in a state of shock,
all because of you. You betrayed her
because of which she is in such a condition. Mom.. W-What has happened to mom? All of this has happened because of your brother
and his wife, Priya. Sanchi, dad is absolutely right. Why did you have
to lie to her? Why did you have to cheat her? Stop it, everyone. What are you saying? We’re right. The scholarship was so
important for your wife that she put Ms. Savitri’s life
at stake. And you’re no less, Veer. Your wife’s career has
become so important for you that you forgot
your mom as well. But enough is enough now. I won’t tolerate this anymore. Henceforth, you won’t go
to the hospital. You will stay at home
from today and take care of sister. Do you understand that? Mind your words,
Mrs. Malhotra. No one has asked
for your opinion. And the way you’re reacting I’m sure you’re
behind everything. What? What nonsense is he talking,
Anand? Stay away! Stay away, Mrs. Malhotra! Sanchi and I are taking
mom to the hospital. We will give her the best
treatment there. Be careful.. Veer! Mom.. Mom, how are you feeling now? Why did all this happen? Dear, where are you taking me? Mother-in-law, we’re
taking you to the hospital. We will get you the best
treatment there. No..
– Mom! I-I don’t want to go anywhere. I won’t go anywhere.
– Mom.. I’m fine at home. Yes. Now that Ms. Savitri had said
that she doesn’t want to go so, she will not go. She has been in the hospital
since so many years. So, would you go send
her back to the hospital? Besides, everything has happened
because of her. She is responsible
for her condition. Shut up, Gayatri! What’s the use of all
these things now? You’re too much. Anyway, this girl has done what she wanted to do, right? Wow, Sanchi,
congratulations to you. Though by deceit but you finally won. Mom. Mom. You made my son fall for your trap. You tricked him so cleverly! But let me tell you one thing,
Sanchi. You won’t be able to play
any games with me. I’m telling you, Veer I won’t get admitted
in the hospital. I will stay at home. And if you really care for me then stay at home
and take care of me. Mom. Mom, how is that possible? Mom, the hospital won’t
run without Sanchi. It’s okay, Veer. If mother-in-law doesn’t want
to get admitted in the hospital and wants to get treatment
at home then so be it. Until mother-in-law
completely recovers till then, I’ll stay
at home and treat her. Seeing you in this condition I am feeling very bad,
Ms. Savitri. But in a way,
you did a good thing by refusing to get
admitted in the hospital. Why did you give in to mom’s
condition? Veer,
that’s because she is sick. In such a situation,
we’ll have to give her treatment in whichever place she wants
and the way she wants it. Veer trust me I’ll take very good care of her. So that she recovers soon. Once things become normal then I myself will rejoin
the hospital. Until then, I know that you’ll
handle everything efficiently. It is necessary that
Sanchi stays at home for my son to have a future. If she goes to the hospital then she will always keep
passing orders on Veer as his boss. Then Veer will never be able
to become independent. He will never be able to make
an identity for himself. It’s good at least, on the pretext
of taking care of me she will stay at home. To have a future for my son I don’t mind being sick
for my entire life. I promise hereafter, Sanchi will never
rejoin the hospital. What is the matter, Dr. Sanchi? Why have you called us
here at this hour? Sir, Mom, today morning.
Mother-in-law Savitri fainted and fell down from the stairs. Oh, my God! Now.. How is her condition now? She is in a bad
condition even now. She wants me to stay
at home and treat her. Fine. You take leaves.
But ensure.. Please take good care
of Savitri. – Excuse me. Ms. Jaya, how can you
allow her to take leaves? Dr. Sanchi is the dean
of this hospital. She can’t go on leave like this. And Dr. Sanchi how can you abandon the rest
of your patients in-between and go like this? In fact,
you should get Ms. Savitri admitted in our hospital. She can get good treatment here. Dr. Kabir apart from being a dean,
I am even her daughter-in-law. And as her daughter-in-law,
I have certain responsibilities which I’ll have to fulfil. And I am asking
for leaves because Mother-in-law Savitri doesn’t
want to get admitted here. And I won’t force her. And what about your patients? I have handed over all my
case files to Dr. Veer. Hereafter,
he will handle all my cases. It’s okay, Sanchi. You carry on. Take care of Savitri. Okay? Thank you, Mom. Dr. Kabir
it’s okay. It’s more important
for Dr. Sanchi to stay there. Oh gosh! I completely forgot that I am not suppose
to go to the hospital today. Why are you doing all this? Sanchi, you don’t need
to do all this. I will speak to mom
and I will convince her. But I won’t be convinced. This is the most crucial exam
of my life. Mom has trained me for this
since I was a child. I want to be
the best daughter-in-law and the best doctor
for mother-in-law. I am not doing this forcefully. Just a minute. Now, you can go
and all the best. I know that you will handle everything properly
in the hospital. Even then you can call me if you
need something. Okay, Dean. I will call you. Savitri, are you observing this? She will stay at home but she will have
total control over Veer. Veer. Shall we? We are getting late. Bye.
– Bye. ‘Thank God, finally I got rid
of Sanchi.’ ‘At least, one problem
has been dealt with.’ All right, Gayatri.
I shall take your leave. Take good care of Savitri. You don’t worry.
I am there to take care of her. I shall take your leave. Sanchi. Give me your phone. Why are you so startled? Anyway, you are suppose
to stay at home and do Savitri’s treatment,
right? You will not be speaking
over the phone, will you? So, give it to her. Mrs. Malhotra, what if there
is an emergency at the hospital? What if Veer needs my help? Why? Are you that important that our hospital
won’t function well in your absence? Or do you feel that Veer
isn’t capable enough to take up this responsibility
without your help? Don’t give pointless excuses. Give me your phone. Mother-in-law, I am not
giving pointless excuses. But..
– You have decided to take up the responsibility
of this family, right? Then,
uphold this responsibility. Good. Go and get Savitri’s breakfast. It’s time for her
to eat breakfast. You did the right thing. Mark my words, henceforth,
only your commands will be carried out
in this house. ‘Sanchi, you are about
to regret your decision.’ ‘In the forthcoming days’ ‘I am going to destroy
your life.’ Mr. Saxena,
how is your back ache? I am better than before, doctor. But I still have
the pain in my leg. It’s okay, did you take
any medication before.. It’s okay, I will check.. I’ll check, okay? What happened, Mother-in-law? Did you need something? N-No.. I just came to check.. I wanted to ask you
something, Dr. Veer. Excuse me. Did you want to ask something
about any special patient? Mom is better now. And I am sure she will get
well soon. It’s because a good doctor
is taking care of her. I know that you still worry
a lot about her. Please go and meet your
old friend once. That’s not right. I just wanted to know
when Dr. Sanchi will be back. So, keep me informed
about her health. Please! Both the mother and the
daughter are the same. Both of you can’t lie. Thank you, Dr. Veer. Mother-in-law. Mother-in-law, have
the breakfast. Please wake up. Thank you. Wait a minute. Ouch! Oh, my God!
What have I done? I am sorry, dear.
You.. Please be careful.
– It’s all right, Mother-in-law. Mother-in-law, let it be.
I.. I will clean this up. I will get breakfast for you. I will go and change
my sari as well. I am so sorry, Sanchi. Please be careful. Take this.
– Thank you, Gayatri. I gave her the breakfast.
Thank you. If you keep changing
your sari in every two minutes then, how will you take
care of her? I will have to do something
for your help. I have an idea!
Wait a minute. I will be back in a minute. Don’t feel bad.
She got it for me. That’s all right,
Mother-in-law. Have your breakfast.
– Okay! Sanchi, take this. Hereafter, you can wear this. This is a nurse’s dress. You can work comfortably
in this dress.

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