Savitri Devi College & Hospital – 29th September 2018 – सावित्री देवी – Full Episode

But why would everyone
stay in the dark, Veer? Yes.
– Mother-in-law! Riya!
– Mother-in-law! Let me call them.
– Yes. My phone doesn’t have network. Mother-in-law! Nayantara, what did you do? Where’s my family?
– They’re still safe. Give me my flower
and I’ll return your family. I won’t give that flower to you
at any cost. Then forget about your family. Veer! Dr. Kabir! Please stop him, Mother-in-law!
What are you doing, Dr. Kabir? Why do you want to hit Veer? Leave him.
Why do you want to hit him? Mother-in-law, please stop him. What are you doing, Dr. Kabir? Veer! Finish him off.
Don’t spare him. No! Dr. Kabir. Dr. Kabir, stop. You’re not in your senses. Mother-in-law..
Someone, please stop him! Give me that flower, Sanchi. If you want everyone to be safe
then give that flower to me. Listen to me, or else,
your Veer will die. Dr. Kabir, let go of Veer! No! Dr. Kabir. Nayantara, I am begging you. Please let go of Veer
and everyone else. Please! Okay.
Then destroy that flower. She can’t harm me. But your family can kill you,
right, Veer? Think about it, Sanchi.
If I die then I’ll even take your Veer along. Okay. Please let go of Veer.
I am ready to give this flower to you, Nayantara.
– No, Sanchi. No, Veer, nothing can be more
precious than your life for me. Nayantara, please leave
everyone. I’ll destroy this flower
in front of you. Okay, destroy it. Didn’t I say you?
You won’t be able to defeat me Sanchi. ‘Just a moment!’ ‘Veer, why did you pick
that flower?’ ‘You never know,
we might need it later.’ I won’t spare anyone.. I’ll kill the entire
Malhotra family. We won, Sanchi. We won.
– Yes, Veer. We saved our family
from Nayantara. Veer! Sanchi, when did you both come? Mom, we have come just now. You could have joined us
for the final veneration if you would have reached
a bit earlier. We are coming back from there. Yes, Mom, we both
were a little busy. That’s why, we couldn’t make it
on time. Mom, you all go
and take some rest. I need to discuss about
an important case with Sanchi. Okay.
Come. Sanchi, let’s take this lamp
and keep it in ward number 13. So that, Nayantara can’t harm
us or our family again. Good morning. Sanchi, this is.. We have imprisoned Nayantara. So who did this? Kabir and Sanchi, come forth. The man and wife
should come forth and seek blessings
from the divine and accept the offertory. Priest..
– Priest.. Sanchi, you always come
to take my importance away. Priest. Veer is my husband and Dr. Kabir has recently married Riya. Please forgive me,
I made a mistake. Please come forth
and take the offertory. Ma’am.
– Yes. Please take this holy water and have it sprinkled
around the house. Anand! Veer! Sanchi! Come here at once! What is it, Savitri? Look around, Anand! I was sprinkling this holy water and all of a sudden the room
is full of black smoke. ‘What is happening in here?’ Veer. I will go and take a look
in Nayantara. To see if the lamp
is fine or not. You are right. Do not worry, Mom. We will go and take a look. Veer, Sanchi. Please be careful
and take care. Sure, Mother-in-law. Anand. We should ask the priest
and have another purification ritual
done in the house. Tell them about it. Take a look
at what is happening here. Relax, dear.
Nothing will happen. Don’t worry.
I will speak to the priest. Mr. Kabir. I was thinking that we must
go out this evening. I am so happy that
we got married finally. It is almost like my dream
came true. What happened? Are you mad at me? Did I do something wrong? Tell me, if that is the case. Riya, you should not speak
to Sanchi in such manner. Sanchi.. Believe me, Riya. Sanchi is my past and you are my present
and my future. You are my only partner
in life. I know that you were angry
and you reacted in the morning. But if you apologize
to Sanchi I will feel great. Riya, living in the same house with bitter bonds
is not a good thing. Oh God! I now have to apologize
to Sanchi. Fine. Thank God, Veer! Everything is fine here.
– Right. Anyway, I’ll go take a look
at the lamp. I’ll come with you. Veer, it is all right. I will be fine. There is already a lot
to do here at hospital. Go and handle it. I’ll take a look
at the lamp. All right. Hello. ‘Ma’am, there is an emergency
heart failure case.’ ‘Please come to OT2.’ I’ll be right there. I’ll check this later. Sister.
– Yes, ma’am. Where can I find Dr. Sanchi? She is at ward No. 13. Oh God! Now I have to follow Sanchi
for Kabir. Sanchi! Sanchi.. Why is it so dark in here? What is hidden in this room that Sanchi doesn’t allow
others to come in? Anyway.. Yes? Why is there a burning lamp
in here? How silly! Enough with the face off. Time for a little sneaky games. It will be fun
when Malhotra’s daughter becomes the tool of his ruin
and I’ll fulfil my purpose. Thank God!
The lamp is still lit. Sanchi, did you think only
you can play this game? Wait and watch. I’ll defeat
you with your strategy. Anyway, anything is fair
in love and war. Hey.. I left the key
in the lock when I left. Where’s the key then? Sanchi, the key was over there.
Is it for this lock? Yes. – I’ll do it. Here.. Hey, listen, I wanted
to say sorry. I think I was very
rude this morning. It’s okay, Riya. Kabir.. I’m so sorry! I’ll never do anything
that will upset you. It’s okay. I can’t stay mad
at you for long anyway. Sanchi. A neuro patient is going
to come to the hospital today. We’ll have to do
his aneurysm surgery. So please get ready. Go on, I’ll be there soon.
– All the best. Thank you, Riya. All the best. Because of everything
that’s happening in the family I’ve arranged a household
peace reading for tomorrow. I want you two to make all
the preparations for tonight’s dinner early. Okay. Come on, Riya. Take the platter, Riya. Riya, what happened?
Are you all right.. Be normal, Riya..
Be normal. No one should get suspicious.
Nothing should go wrong. It took lots of effort
to get here. I’m not going to admit
defeat so easily. Why is Riya looking into the
mirror and talking to herself? Riya..
– Yes? Are you all right? I mean, if there’s any problem
then tell me. No, there’s no problem. I was feeling
nauseous out there. I feared I’d throw up,
so I came to my room. Okay. So you’re all right.
– Yes! – Good! I’ll tell you what? Mother-in-law has instructed
everyone to make a swastika in their respective rooms. So make swastika on your mirror. You think you’re very smart,
don’t you, Sanchi? You’d found out that
I was possessing Riya, right? That’s why you acted like that. How come you’re here, Nayantara? We had trapped you! I’m here, Sanchi,
and I’ll destroy everyone. Careful, Sanchi!
– Riya! Sanchi.. Veer..
What are you two doing here? Riya, I want to talk to you
about something important. No, Dr. Kabir! There’s something
we want to tell you. Listen carefully to what
we’re going to tell you. Riya is possessed. A spirit named Nayantara
has possessed her. What! What nonsense
are you two saying! Have you lost your mind! You’re doctors.
You shouldn’t say such things. Dr. Kabir, please listen to us!
We’re telling you the truth. It’s a very dangerous spirit!
So Riya’s life is in danger! The spirit’s behind
sister-in-law Priya’s death. Please believe us. Look at Riya! Riya, please listen to me. When I married you,
I had left my past behind me. I don’t have anyone
but you in my life. Please, trust me. Riya! Can you please excuse us? Dr. Kabir, believe..
– Veer.. Explaining anything
to him right now is no use. He won’t listen to us. He wouldn’t believe it even
if Dr. Malhotra tells him. We’ll have to leave. You’re right, Sanchi. We’ll have to warn our
family about the danger. We’ll have to find
another way of informing everyone about it. What’s going on? Why’s a veneration happening
without informing me? How is without
informing you, Gayatri? You were already informed
about this, Gayatri. Yesterday, I informed you too that I will perform
veneration today for the peace of our family. Come and join us. I am saying this
for the last time. Nothing should happen
in this house without my permission. Otherwise, all of you will have
to face dire consequences. Anyway, since the priest
has already arrived I won’t disrespect
the veneration. Carry on. Riya, Kabir,
come and attend the veneration. All four of you need
to sit in pairs and perform the veneration.
– Okay. – Please come. Riya, come.
Let’s start the veneration. ‘Nayantara, if evil exists
then righteousness exists too.’ ‘If demons exist
then deities exist too.’ ‘Your evil powers won’t work
in front of the Goddess.’ ‘Oh, Goddess.
Please give me strength.’ ‘So that I can free Riya
from Nayantara’s grasp.’ Riya, come.
Everyone is waiting for us. Riya, come. What’s the matter? I won’t perform the veneration. What happened, Riya?
Please come and start the veneration. Riya, I want both of you
to start today’s veneration. Come. Riya, you have to perform
the veneration today. I won’t. Leave my hand. Leave my hand!
– Okay, I have left your hand. But tell everyone why you don’t want
to perform the veneration. I won’t perform the veneration.
And it’s final. I don’t need
to answer your question. I am leaving.
– No, you can’t go. Leave my hand. You have to perform
the veneration today. Leave my hand.
– Mother-in-law, Dr. Malhotra and Dr. Kabir,
she is not Riya. She has been possessed
by a spirit named Nayantara. That’s the reason she doesn’t
want to perform the veneration. But I won’t let this happen. Let me see
how you will get out of here. What rubbish
are you talking, Sanchi? And why are you misbehaving
with her? It’s fine if Riya doesn’t want
to perform the veneration. But don’t hold my daughter
responsible for your actions. Leave her hand.
– Mrs. Malhotra, I am not lying. Please believe me.
– Sanchi is right. Both of us..
– Both of you, shut up! I don’t believe this nonsense.
– Okay, fine. If you don’t believe all this, I will prove the truth in front
of you. – No, Sanchi. Leave Riya’s hand. No..
Leave me. – Sanchi! Leave me.
– Sanchi! Yes, I am Nayantara! Nayan.. Riya! Dr. Malhotra, have you been
able to recognise me? P-Please spare my daughter. She is innocent.
Please spare my daughter. Please. What wrong did she do to you? Please. Your husband ruined my life. I have here to seek
revenge on him. Dr. Malhotra, tell the truth if you want to save
your daughter and family. Otherwise, I will kill her
as I killed Priya. No, Nayantara.
Please.. I am begging you
with folded hands. Please spare my family. Please don’t punish my family
for my sins. You have already taken Priya
away from us. Please spare Riya.
Please spare my daughter. I am begging you
with folded hands, Nayantara. Anand, who is she? And what’s going on
in our house? Do you know her? Yes, Savitri. I never.. I never told you anything
about her. I hid everything from you. It happened around
8 to 10 years back. I still..
I still remember that day. It was raining heavily
on that day. There were less staffs
in the hospital. A pregnant lady came
to the hospital and was suffering
from severe labour pain. ‘Doctor, please check on me.
Is my baby fine?’ ‘Since when are you suffering
from labour pain?’ ‘From a while ago.
– Don’t worry.’ ‘Nurse, admit her.
Give her a pain killer.’ ‘And give her
this injection too.’ ‘I will be back.’ ‘Ma’am, come with me.’ I made a big mistake
on that day In the greed of money.. I didn’t pay attention.
And I.. I gave her a wrong injection. Her condition deteriorated
because of that injection. ‘Nurse, I can’t bear
the pain anymore.’ ‘When will the doctor come?
– Calm down.’ ‘The doctor will come soon.’ ‘Doctor..’
‘Doctor..’ I suffered in pain for 24 hours
because of Dr. Malhotra. I kept asking
when Dr. Malhotra would come. But he didn’t come. What’s wrong with my baby?
Why is he not crying? Ma’am.. Please forgive me, Nayantara. I accept
that I made a big mistake. Please forgive me.
– How will I forgive you? Happiness was about to come
to my life after years. Our child was the result
of out prayers. I lost everything
because of you. Your arrogance killed my baby. You killed my baby. But you didn’t get affected
by that incident. I lost my life in pain.
But you didn’t care. I took a vow immediately that I will destroy you
and your family. I will take everyone
away from you whom you love the most.
– No, please. ‘Oh, God!
What a disaster!’ ‘What shall I do now?’ ‘What’s this..’ ‘Oh, God!
What’s happening.’ ‘We have a fund raiser
in the hospital.’ ‘If anyone learns
about this mishap’ ‘my hospital and I will face
humiliation.’ ‘No.. This is not possible.’ ‘Think, Dr. Malhotra..’ ‘What do I do..’ ‘Listen.’ ‘Bury hers and her child’s’ ‘corpse right here
in this room.’ ‘And seal this room forever.’ ‘If someone asks, say that..
The place is being renovated.’ ‘And that Dr. Malhotra has
said never to open this room.’ ‘Got it?’ ‘Remember.’ ‘The truth of this ward
should remain a secret.’ ‘For keeping your mouth shut
and for being loyal’ ‘you’ll be paid regularly.’ Look, Nayantara. Please calm down. We understand your pain. Yes, Nayantara. We admit that
injustice was done to you. Nobody can understand my pain.
Nobody can! I won’t spare anyone. I’ll kill everyone. And I will start
with your daughter. Riya, come on. Riya..
– Riya.. Riya, stop!
– Riya! – Gayatri! No, Gayatri..
– Riya.. You are responsible
for all this. Only you! My daughter is in this state
only because of you. You couldn’t save your daughter. But I won’t let any harm
come to my daughter. Enough of this. Enough of this, Anand.
Your actual family will pay for your sins, I won’t.
Nor will my daughter pay for it. She is innocent, Anand. No matter what.. I’ll sell all the property and
take my daughter away from here. I don’t care what happens
to you people. I am taking her away. Where will you go to,
Mrs. Malhotra? Where will you take
your daughter to? Do you think it is so easy? Have you forgotten that
Nayantara has possessed Riya? Nayantara will find you
no matter where you go. Nayantara couldn’t cause
any harm to us because we are near
this sacred fire. So, please.. It’s in our best interest to stay in this house. For some time stop being greedy and think about your daughter,
Mrs. Malhotra. Think about this family. As of now it’s better if
all of us stay together. Dear Goddess.. Please help us. Only You can rescue us. Please show me a way which will safeguard
my family from this danger. Don’t give up, Sanchi. Thanks to your courage,
all of us are safe today. You have always rescued
my family from troubles. Hence I have full faith that you’ll not
give up even now. Take this, dear. This is the sacred book
of Goddess Durga. It describes how Goddess Durga destroyed the demons and defeated the evil powers. It has answers to
all your questions. The Goddess will give you
the strength. Hail the Goddess. My child.. My child is here. This ward can’t be demolished. This ward can’t be demolished! No.. This ward can’t be demolished! No.. No.. No.. No! I admit that injustice was
done to you, Nayantara. But not always does one resort
to evil ways to defeat evil. The wrong path always
leads you to defeat. One day, goodness triumphs
over the evil forces. Riya..
– Riya! Are you okay? Oh Goddess.. Thanks a lot. Thank God.. Riya, are you okay? My child.. Are you okay, Riya? Sanchi.. Sanchi, forgive..
– No.. – Forgive me, Sanchi. Please forgive me. Sanchi, I have always hated you. I never wished good for you.
I always wished ill upon you. But you.. Despite all this you gave a new lease of life
to my daughter. You saved her life. Forgive me. No, Mrs. Malhotra. No need to apologise. You have realised your mistake. That’s enough for me. I.. I have wronged all of you. I never did anything
good to anyone. Greed had blinded me and I couldn’t see
what’s right or wrong. But for the first time
I have realised how powerful a family is. I have realised
the meaning of relations. Towards you and your family I was very harsh. I have no right but.. Will you include me
in your family? I am sorry.. Veer.. Dear, if possible forgive your father
for his sins. I have grown old now. I won’t be able to see
anger for me, in your eyes. Please forgive me. It’s okay. Dad. Veer.. Veer.. Sanchi.. Well done, Sanchi. I am proud of you. Bless you. Let’s name this ward
after Nayantara. This will be a paediatric ward. We couldn’t do
justice with Nayantara but we will ensure that
hereafter no woman goes through the pain which Nayantara did. Here, Mother-in-law.
Cut this ribbon and inaugurate the ward. No, Sanchi. Not me. Today, if all of us are safe and alive then it’s only because
of the both of you. That’s why if there is anyone who
deserves to inaugurate this ward it’s the both of you. My Veer and Sanchi. Just like our relation has grown stronger
after crossing so many hurdles similarly this hospital will
grow stronger, along with us.

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