Savitri Devi College & Hospital – 1st June 2018 – सावित्री देवी कॉलेज & हॉस्पिटल – Full Episode

What has happened to you? Open your eyes, Sanchi! Sanchi.. Sanchi! Dr. Kabir.. Congratulations! I have done all that you wanted me to. They all loathe me now. My home and my family.. And my best friend.. And Veer as well! See, all of them hate me now. All of them! No, Sanchi. Come with me. But now no matter how hard you try to get me close to you by drifting them away from me you will never succeed. Because Veer is the one my heart belongs to. Only Veer. Hello..
– Hello.. I just saw Sanchi with
Dr. Kabir. She was drunk. He found her on the streets and
he took her away in his car. What! Was she.. Was she all right? No, sir.. She was
not in her senses. Okay. Thanks.. Bye. I have hurt them all. I have hurt them badly. Now I am all alone. Even my best friend has started hating me now. Veer.. Even he will start hating me. I am such an ignoble woman. Unworthy! I am unworthy. I.. I am such an ignoble woman. Stop blaming yourself, Sanchi. You are not at fault in this. All that has happened has happened for
your well-being. Veer never deserved you. Veer’s chapter has been closed now. You are just mine now. And I promise
that I will love you more than he did. I will present you with all
the happiness in this world. Sanchi.. Sanchi! Since Veer is no more
a part of your life you will stay here from now on. With me. Close to me. Sanchi! What is so special about Veer that you just do not
want to abandon him? Tell me.. Sanchi! Actually I found her.. Thank you, Dr. Kabir for getting her here
and keeping her safe. I know one thing for sure that no matter how bad our
professional relations are you will never harm her. Thank you once again. I am taking her home. She needs rest. Sanchi! Sanchi.. Thank God you are fine. What had happened to you? I know this is not
your true self. Why did you do all that? Why did you
bad-mouth all of them despite the fact that you
never meant to do that. Veer.. You want to know why I behaved that way, right? I did all that.. I did all that for the sake of Sunny. For Sunny’s sake! How is he related to all this? What does he have
to do with all this? Tell me, Sanchi. What’s his connection
with all this? Sanchi.. ‘Why did she utter
Sunny’s name?’ ‘What does he have
to do with all this?’ Veer! Why did you bring her back? She has no right to
stay in this house after what she has done today! Mom, let bygones be bygones. Please forget all that. What! How can you be so casual? Do you have any idea about
the fact that if the media was present here yesterday,
our reputation would have been
tarnished? No, Veer.. What Sanchi has done this time is beyond all limits. He is right. I will not let her stay here! Mom! She will stay right here. This is her house too. And what has happened
to you all? Especially, you, Mom! Don’t you see the
state she is in? How can I abandon her
in this condition? And as far as I know her she would never behave this way
without a reason. There must be a reason
behind all this. I am sure that she’s facing some problem. And I will support her in it. Okay, Veer. If you are being adamant,
I have one condition. She will stay right where she is till she apologises to all
of us especially, to Priya. And yes.. She will not poke her nose
in our family matters. And none of us will talk to her. She will stay as
a stranger to us here. Okay, Mom. If you want her to lie
on the sofa all night I will stay with her right here. No worry. Everything will be all right. Okay, dear. I will not go anywhere. I will stay right here. Don’t you worry. I will always be with you and I will get to the root of your worry. ‘I..’ ‘How come I am here?’ Have you got rid
of the hangover? I hope you have got rid of the
drive to misbehave as well. Veer’s love for you has
got the better of him. So, he brought you back here. But none of us has forgiven you. If you want to stay here apologise to all of us! All that I did last night was.. ‘They will forgive me
if I apologise to them.’ ‘But Dr. Kabir will
not like it at all.’ What happened, Sanchi?
Why did you stop? Apologise to them. They all will forgive you. It’s not a big deal.
Just say sorry. What should I apologise for,
Veer? I have not done
anything wrong. And let me see who ousts me from this house. This is my house and I will stay right here.

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