Savitri Devi College & Hospital – 1st January 2018 – सावित्री देवी कॉलेज & हॉस्पिटल – Full Episode

Get out! Dr. Sanchi, what is the hurry? Veer is not an ordinary person who you can rusticate. Dr. Veer Malhotra is a stake
holder in this hospital. You are the dean. You must be aware of the rules that you cannot oust
a stake holder. Sanchi Mishra,
you did not earn this position. So, don’t give me
this attitude. You have 15 days, right? But you know what! I can’t wait for 15 days. Sanchi Mishra, 48 hours.. I will take this hospital
away from you within 48 hours. And that’s my promise. Dr. Veer Malhotra! I can’t oust you from here but that doesn’t mean
you won’t be punished. Henceforth, you won’t work here. You will be here
but you won’t practice. Sanchi Mishra, I will show you what you really are
within 48 hours. Gayatri! I am very proud of my son, Veer. He challenged Sanchi
in front of everyone. Wow! Wow! Really wow! A father is proud of his son! Finally, your parental instincts
have come out. Oh, come on. Nothing like that. But still, Anand.. I would like to say something
that would benefit you. Dear remove the blindfold of love and look at the truth. Anand, no matter how smart
our son, Veer is but he won’t do anything wrong
in order to oust Sanchi from this hospital. He will remain an honest person no matter how much
we provoke him. And who knows! He might still be
in love with Sanchi. Anand, if he still loves her then I swear,
she won’t leave this hospital even after 48 years
let alone 48 hours. And before it’s too late, Anand we will have to do something that will help us keep
this hospital. And for that we only have 48 hours. Only 48 hours! You are right. You are right, Gayatri. We will have to.. Brilliant! What? I have figured a way out. Just wait and watch. That girl will be out
of our hospital within the next 48 hours. Anand, what have you
thought of? Listen to me. I must appreciate you! Brilliant idea! Anand, your idea is good but it’s very risky. And do you really think we can bear this risk? Oh, come on, Gayatri! When one wants
to gain big profits such obstacles
must be ignored. And if we can oust Sanchi Mishra from our college
with the help of this idea.. We will have to do this. By hook or by crook! Veer, let’s go
to the fresher’s party. We won’t enjoy without you. Yes. Who will play pranks
on juniors if you won’t be there?
– Please come with us. Okay. You need not worry so much. You should also fun sometimes. I swear, you are their senior and not just their dean. They will feel bad
if you don’t join them. Please!
– Exactly! – Okay, fine. You need not lecture me.
Let’s go. Okay, fine. Let’s go. Hello, everyone! We are going to play a game in order to make
this party interesting. All of you will have to draw
a chit from this bowl. And you will have to dance
with the person whose name is mentioned
on your chit. So, we’ll start the game with our senior
and the dean of our college. Dr. Sanchi Mishra! ‘I am so unlucky!’ ‘I got Veer’s name!’ Well.. I am so sorry, everyone. I just remembered,
I have an important work. So, I will finish it
and be back. Meanwhile, you people enjoy. Looks like someone is escaping
from here. What happened, Dr. Sanchi? Are you scared
that you will get weak? I don’t fear anyone. Are you scared of dancing?
– No! Then why were you escaping?
– I am not escaping. I have some work.
– Do you really have work or is this an excuse?
– I don’t make excuses. Then you must be lying. You do that, right? Fine. Today, I’ll teach you
what dance is all about. Fine. Today, I’ll teach you
what dance is all about. What are you doing?
Leave me. Ouch.. Veer, don’t even think
about anything. Move back. Hello. Brother.. Brother, Sanchi doesn’t have
any investors. She’s serving adulterated food
to the patients as a means of cost-cutting. She just doesn’t care
about them, Brother. Adarsh, are you serious?
– Yes. Savitri, did you hear that? Did you hear what Sanchi
is doing to your hospital? I accept. I accept that even I have taken
shortcuts quite a few times for the hospital’s profits.
But never.. But I have never risked
my patients’ health for it. Brother, you’re absolutely
right. She has gone crazy.
She can go to any extent. Uncle, is Sanchi actually..
– Yes, Veer. If you think I’m lying,
you may go and check yourself. You may go and check
the entire supply. Hello. Veer is coming there. You know what to do,
don’t you? Manage everything. What’s the matter, dear?
Why are you so quiet? Tell me, what happened?
– Nothing, Mom. There’s some pressure
at my workplace. I know it’s work pressure. But I may be able
to give you a few tips if you tell me, dear. Mom, I don’t know. At times, I doubt myself. I feel as if I can’t manage
all this. Mom, at times, I fall apart. I feel like.. I feel like sleeping
on your lap. Mom, I hope any
of my silly mistakes won’t sever the bond
we have with this hospital. Sanchi, you always asked me why I wear this locket. After Sunil’s death,
when I had to take up all the responsibilities I couldn’t manage, Sanchi.
I was shattered. But this locket gave me courage and I managed
my entire family, dear. Sanchi, this locket
gives me hope. It feels as if your dad
is always with me. This locket is yours hereafter. Just like it boosted my courage it will boost yours as well. Dad, I promise you that I will surely live up
to your respect. I will surely change
our destiny. Hey, dear! Where are you going
all dolled up? There’s a celebration tonight
at Mr. Deep Raichand’s place. They have invited me.
But honestly speaking I’m not interested at all. There is my mom on one hand..
You know what? I couldn’t even hug her today. And on the other hand,
this hospital’s condition. They requested a lot.
So, I couldn’t deny it. You don’t have to, all right? You badly need a break. Just forget
what is happening here and go and enjoy your life. I’m here to handle things
over here. I hope you have some faith
in me. Thank you, dear. I just hope I don’t get
to see Veer’s ugly face there. Of course, you won’t have
to face him. And by chance,
if you happen to see him just manage it, dear.
You’re my sensible friend. You can definitely manage.
And most importantly you’re my friend.
You will manage. Thank you, Pragya.
I wonder what I would do without Isha and you
in my life. Oh!
Emotional! Bye.
Just go.

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