Savitri Devi College & Hospital – 19th March 2018 – सावित्री देवी कॉलेज & हॉस्पिटल – Full Episode

Pragya! Pragya!
– Veer! V-Veer! Come on, quickly! Let’s go quickly, Pragya.
– Hold on, Veer. Hello! Ms. Gayatri,
Veer ran away with Pragya. Where’s my son, Jaya? I don’t know
where your son is, Savitri. Because my daughter is here
with me. She is going to start
a new life. And Sanchi is very happy
with this relationship. Perhaps, your son is not happy and that’s the reason he ran
away from the wedding dais. Probably, my son might
have left the wedding dais because of your daughter!
– No, Savitri! Sanchi didn’t say
anything to Veer that made him run away. Today, I swear upon
my husband, Savitri. My daughter will never be
your daughter-in-law. That should be fine, Jaya. That should be fine. I never want Veer and Sanchi
to be together. I’ve found Kabir
as my son-in-law, Savitri. And I know that Kabir will
take good care of Sanchi. Can I go now? Sanchi is waiting for me. Veer, where are you, dear? Oh, Goddess!
Please protect my child. I hope Sanchi hasn’t come up
with a new ploy. Don’t worry about Sanchi. Veer has fled with Pragya. I’m really tense!
Everything will go for a toss. Everything will be ruined. I won’t spare Sanchi if Veer doesn’t marry me. Savitri..
Savitri! I think your BP is low. Savitri..
Priya! Hold on, Savitri. I think your mom
is not keeping well. She needs some rest.
Take her home. Hold on.
Boys! Raghav, come here.. Take Savitri home.
Be careful, please! Anand,
I’m getting worried about Veer. Don’t worry, Savitri.
Everything will be fine. Go home and take rest. Priya, keep in touch
through phone. – Sure.. – Okay. ‘They have started
another drama.’ Bring the groom and bride
to the dais. Not right now, priest. As there was an obstacle already I want to perform the veneration
for the nine planets first. Okay, ma’am. Stop! Ms. Jaya, all these problems,
differences these two weddings and rivalry..
Everything was only because everyone felt
Ms. Jaya had shot Ms. Savitri. But that’s not true. Ms. Jaya is not at fault. Ms. Gayatri Malhotra
is responsible for all this. She has always been doing this
to separate Veer and Sanchi. Ms. Jaya, we have a pen drive in which she has confessed
everything. How dare you do this! I doubted Sanchi because of you. And it’s Ms. Gayatri Malhotra who brought Ayesha here to create misunderstandings
between Sanchi and Veer. She’s not a doctor. She came here only to separate
Sanchi and Veer. ‘Ayesha is not a doctor’ ‘but an imposter.
God knows what she has done’ ‘using different IDs.’ ‘Whatever Sanchi said
was all true.’ Sanchi is mine! She can’t marry someone else! Ma’am, where’s Sanchi? Tell me, where’s Sanchi? Veer..
– Veer.. I searched everywhere but I can’t find Sanchi! Dr. Malhotra, where’s Sanchi?
– What? The two of you must be
behind her disappearance. Tell me, where’s Sanchi?
– Why would I do so, Veer? Isha, what do you mean by
you didn’t find Sanchi anywhere? I’ll find Sanchi. Mister, take me
to Goddess Durga’s temple. Yes, ma’am. Mom, what’s the matter?
Why did you send me here all of a sudden?
– Because your wedding won’t take place
peacefully there. What’s the matter, Mom? Please tell me
if there’s any concern. Have faith in me, Sanchi. No matter what decision I take it will be
for your happiness, dear. Your groom will be here soon,
Sanchi. Sanchi,
you will get married to Kabir. It will happen today and right here as Veer wouldn’t have let you
get married over there. Shall we proceed? Kabir, please come. Sanchi.. This flash drive? That too, in Ms. Jaya’s bag? It’s the same flash drive which
has the truth about Ms. Gayatri. That means.. Veer.
– Yes? – We saw Dr. Kabir and his mom
heading towards Durga temple. V-Veer..
– Yes? I got this flash drive
from Ms. Jaya’s bag. It means Ms. Jaya might
know the entire truth. The bride and groom will now
bring their hands forward. Dear, please move
your hand forward. ‘God, please bless us’ ‘so that this marriage
gets solemnised in peace.’ ‘No hindrance should happen
in Kabir and Sanchi’s marriage.’ Please get them ready
for the sacramental bond. Please stand up
for the circumambulation. Wait. This marriage shouldn’t happen. Veer, what are you doing here? Get out of here! I will not go anywhere. Sanchi is mine and she is destined
to be with me. If you have so much confidence
in your destiny then stay and watch
her getting married. I won’t let that happen. Especially after knowing that Sanchi is not ready
for this marriage. She’s been forced
to get married. Sanchi,
I love you and you love me too. Then why are you
ruining three lives? Veer, you..
– Sanchi! Wow, Sanchi! Everyone should learn
the art of wooing guys from you. There’s Kabir on one side and
then there’s Veer on the other. Both of them are eager
to marry you but I won’t let their wishes
come true. I will not let you marry anyone. Veer and my marriage got
cancelled because of you! So I won’t let you
have a married life. Ayesha, what are you doing? Are you in your senses? I was not in my senses
before, but I am fine now. What I’m doing today,
I should’ve done that long back. I won’t let Veer go away
from my life. I will make him mine and for me to do that, you will
have to go away from his life. Veer, what? Ayesha.. W-What i-is all this? Ayesha, this is insanity. You knew it from the beginning that our marriage is nothing
but a compromise. I never loved you. So what will you get
by doing all this? You are my obsession! And I never let go
of my obsession! Even if I have to
kill her for that.

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