Savitri Devi College & Hospital – 16th November 2017 – सावित्री देवी कॉलेज & हॉस्पिटल – Full Episode

You have caused
enough harm. But now..
It’s payback time. From now onwards,
you are only going to suffer for your crimes. Trust me,
I am not threatening you. I promise you. I will make sure that you spend
the rest of your life regretting for your crimes. You are relaxed because you are being supported
by your selfish friends. Let me see how long
they’ll support you. After all, the relationships
that are bound by fear will not last for long.. Twenty four hours. You only have 24 hours. You can save yourself if you can. Sanchi, I am warning.. Don’t waste your time
and energy by yelling at me. Instead, you can use this time
and energy to save yourself. All the best Dr. Malhotra. ‘From now onwards,
you are only going’ ‘to suffer for your crimes.’ ‘Trust me, I am
not threatening you.’ ‘I promise you.’ ‘I will make sure that you spend
the rest of your life’ ‘by regretting for your crimes.’ Come on, we need to go inside.
– What happened? I will tell you
after we go inside. Come on. Have a look at this, Brother. He is protesting
along with the interns. Bring back Dr. Sanchi.
– Bring her back! Bring back Dr. Sanchi.
– Bring her back! Bring back Dr. Sanchi.
– Bring her back! Bring back Dr. Sanchi.
– Stop this nonsense! Stop this drama. This isn’t a drama,
Dr. Malhotra. This is our demand. Bring back Dr. Sanchi or else we are going
to continue this protest. Really? Do you really feel that I will succumb
to your pitiable protests? This is my hospital. I make the decisions
in this hospital. I will not allow that traitor
to step into this hospital. Unfortunately I have your surname. I am even more stubborn
than you, Dr. Malhotra. I will make sure that Sanchi
returns to this hospital. Do you really feel that your demands will
be fulfilled by a small protest? Are you sure, Dr. Malhotra? There are many people
who wish for the same. If anyone wants Sanchi
to return to this hospital then stand behind me. Dr. Kabir, this is a test
of your integrity. You need to choose sides today. A deceitful mentor or an honest
and sincere intern. Really, Dr. Kabir? You are taking their side
despite what has happened. Today, you have proved that I was right. You really are a spineless
and a chicken-hearted person. And congratulations to you,
Dr. Malhotra. At least,
you got one supporter. Not just one but two supporters. I’m here to support my dad. And so are we! As expected! What is this? A petition to bring Sanchi back. I only need 200 signatures
on this petition. And after that,
the same medical council which had disbarred Sanchi will be forced to reconsider
its decision. Enough of this rubbish! No one in my hospital
will sign this petition. And you all.. I’d suggest you all to get back to your work. Otherwise you yourselves will be
responsible for your actions. Decide. That’s so sad! No one is even willing
to heed your words, now. Earlier, no one
used to respect you. And whatever little
was remaining has been lost as well. So, it would be better for you to surrender yourself. Dr. Malhotra,
I give you 24 hours’ time. In these 24 hours Sanchi should be back
in this hospital. Otherwise,
you are going to regret it! Time will decide who is going to regret. Sanchi, I have no idea what
is going to happen next. Since 15 years I was waiting for this day.
And now.. Now, once again I’ve a feeling
that I have lost everything. God has closed
all doors on me after bringing
me to this stage. No, Mom. You always keep saying that when God closes all
the doors on us he opens a window
to give us hope. We just have to find that
window which will give us hope. But how, Sanchi? Law can negate the evidence but not the eye witness. What are you saying?
We don’t have any eye witness. Who said so? Nurse Komal, Mom. She is our eye witness. She was assisting Dr. Malhotra during the surgery
on that day. Whatever happened,
happened right in front of her. We just have to convince her
to come to the police station and give a statement
against Dr. Malhotra. After that, Dr. Malhotra
won’t be able to do anything even if he wishes to. You are absolutely right,
Sanchi. Let me make a call to Savitri,
right away and tell her to meet
us at Komal’s place. Dial Savitri’s number. – Yes. Jaya! Tell me, Jaya. Savitri, Sanchi and I are
going to Komal’s place. You too meet us there. You don’t worry, Jaya. I’ll start
immediately from here and will be there
in half an hour. Okay, fine. Goddess protect us. ‘Please, go away from here.
– Sanchi, please! – I don’t’ ‘want to hear anything
from you. – Sanchi! Sanchi!’ ‘I am yearning to
speak to Sanchi.’ ‘But she won’t answer the call
if I call from my number.’ Anjana will you please lend me
your phone for a while? Yes, of course, Veer.
– Thanks. I’ll return it to you
in the canteen. No problem. Sanchi.
– Yes. You might be exhausted, dear.
– No. Okay, listen,
let me get some water. Mister, give me
two bottles of water. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello, please speak. Who is speaking?
Hello. ‘Veer, I know it’s you..’ ‘What do I tell you?
How do I tell you anything?’ What happened, Sanchi?
– No, it’s nothing. Drink some water. ‘Why is this car
speeding towards us?’ Ma’am! Sanchi! Pragya.. – I have been looking
for you both since a long time. In times of distress
it’s hard to connect to someone over the phone!
– What is the matter, Pragya? Why were you looking
for us, dear? Ma’am, dad has come back
from his tour. Today, he is going to meet
a really established judge. He will certainly help us
if we meet him and speak to him. Ma’am, if dad requests the judge then an immediate arrest warrant will be issued against
Dr. Malhotra. Pragya is right, Sanchi. It will be helpful for us if Pragya’s dad speaks
to the judge. I suggest,
you carry on with Pragya I will go meet Komal
with Savitri. Okay..
– Okay, ma’am. Bye, dear.
– Let’s go. Bye. Thank you, Kabir.
Thanks for supporting me. Moreover, at a time when my own son
has gone against me. But, Kabir Sanchi and her mom
are responsible for all this. They are after my hospital
since 15 years. They don’t spare a chance
to take this away from me. I am tired of fighting them. I don’t understand
how to get rid of them.. But I’ve got to say, Kabir today you have proven that whatever I have
done for you so far was totally worth it. Your upbringing, your school your medical degree
and this job.. You haven’t failed
my trust and hard work. I truly appreciate that, Kabir. Keep it up, dear. I just hope to get your
support in the future as well. There are ongoing conferences. I am really busy owning to that. Even then,
we will be really pleased if you come by.
– Yes.. I’ll definitely come.
– Please do. Okay, sir.. Dad..
– Hey.. Pragya.
– I have got Sanchi. Greetings, sir.
– Greetings. Is the justice in there?
– No, dear. He had some urgent work.
He left just now. Dad.. You spoke to the justice
about Sanchi’s case, right? Dear, you people have
travelled a long distance. Let’s sit and talk. Sit down.
– No, I’ll.. Dear, why are you both standing?
Take a seat. I also need to leave
in half an hour. Dad..
– Pragya, tell me. What would you both have?
What will you drink? No, Dad..
We don’t want anything. We are completely fine. Tell me.
Did you speak to the justice? Look, dear,
you are a close friend of my daughter, Pragya. That means, you are
like a daughter to me. That’s why,
I’m taking the liberty to explain to you that you should stay away
all these complications. Something happened
several years ago. It is pointless
to bring up old issues. You’ll be stuck in the vicious
circle of legalities. You can’t harm an influential
man like Mr. Malhotra. It would be wise if you forget
about what happened and move on in life. And yes, I will not let you
face financial discrepancies. Is that okay? Sir.. That’s not the thing..
I-I mean.. You know that Dr. Malhotra killed my father, hence..
– Look, dear. I am sorry
for your father’s death. But these things
won’t bring him back, right? Rather, these thing will make
your life difficult.. – Enough! Dad, we don’t need your advice. Do you know
what you are saying? You mean to say,
I shouldn’t take any action if someone takes your life. That’s because you won’t
be raised from the dead. Isn’t it? – Dear, I didn’t mean
to say that.. Enough, Dad. I understand your
words really well. I am foolish
for having approached you. I had completely forgotten that your politics and power bows before the wealthy.

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