Savitri Devi College & Hospital – 16th April 2018 – सावित्री देवी कॉलेज & हॉस्पिटल – Full Episode

Did you bring
what I asked you? Yes, here it is. Will this work? – Yes.
After consuming this any other medicine consumed
will be ineffective for 15 days. This will cause
severe diarrhoea and the person will be
bedridden. – Fine. You may go. Chandan, take this juice to Veer, okay? I’m getting late to go
to the hospital so I won’t have
my breakfast. Here.. I’ll handle the rest. Chandan, come here. Ma’am..
– Keep your mouth shut. Go. Let me see how they two go
on a honeymoon. The job is done. Now she’ll know
the dire consequences of messing with me. Sanchi.
– Yes? I will speak to the travel agent
and tell you. Please keep your dates free.
– Okay. I’ll keep my dates free.
But shall we move now? We’re getting late. ‘It doesn’t seem he consumed
the laxatives.’ ‘He looks just fine.’ What happened, Veer?
– I have a stomach-ache and I’m feeling dizzy.
– Veer.. Careful, Veer. Careful, Veer. Come with me.
– Sanchi, what happened to him? Veer has terrible stomach pain.
– Let me call mom. Veer, please have a seat. Let me check. Veer! Veer.. Veer, wake up.
Veer.. Veer, wake up. – Mother-in-law!
– What happened to Veer? Look what happened
to Veer. Veer, what happened
to you? Oh, God! ‘What happened to him?’ ‘That medicine was just
for severe diarrhoea.’ ‘I hope he didn’t give me
something else.’ Veer! Veer! You seem fine..
– I’m fine, Mrs. Malhotra. I must say,
you’re a great actor. But I tried to act too.
Was I good? You must feel bad
since your plan failed. And now you must be wondering
how I found out. Because I saw you adding
laxatives to Veer’s juice. You are messing with the
wrong people, Mrs. Malhotra. How could you be so stupid? And now you must be wondering
where the juice is if it was not with Veer. And now you must be wondering
where the juice is if it was not with Veer. Veer.. What happened?
Are you all right? Yes, Mom. I’m fine. But someone else
might be in trouble. Oh, God! I have such terrible
cramps in my stomach. Oh, God! Mrs. Malhotra!
– Mrs. Malhotra! You guys? What are you guys doing here? There is a medicine
for you on the table. Take it,
and you’ll be fine. I feel terrible for you. You tried to come up
with a plan to stop us from going on a honeymoon and now you’re ill. Sanchi.. I was thinking of calling
the travel agent today itself. Where would you like to go?
Paris or the USA? Mrs. Malhotra,
you should suggest a place. Why don’t you gift us
a honeymoon package? It’s okay, Veer. We are getting late.
Let’s go. Let’s go.
Mrs. Malhotra do think about the gift to us. Laugh.. Laugh all you want. My time will come! I will make sure
that you both shed tears of blood. I need to go
to the hospital too. Oh, God, no!
Oh, no.. Anand had asked me
to go to the hospital to check on things. But my stomach.. Had I not been ill today I’d have never consumed
her medicine. What happened, Mom? Pragya told me,
you’re upset with me. Please don’t stay angry. There was something important,
so I had to leave. I wanted to tell you, but I
couldn’t, since you were busy. I..
– Dr. Sanchi why are you justifying
yourself? Did I ask you or say
something to you? No, right? Your actions have proved your family is more important
than this hospital to you. No, Mom. You’re.. Why don’t you see, Sanchi? They’re trying to trap you so that you resign
from this position. They don’t want you to work. They don’t want you
to manage this hospital. That’s not true, Mom.
And I’ll never let that happen. I know, the situation
in the past week was difficult. But this hospital and my duties mean a lot to me. My commitment
towards this hospital will never go away. This is my father’s dream
and mine and I will never neglect it. Neither will I bring
shame to you. Don’t worry. I’ll handle everything. A video call
from an unknown number? Who is it?
– ‘What would you do’ ‘by knowing my name
or my identity?’ Excuse me, who are you? ‘All you need to know
is that I know’ ‘about the things you did
in New Zealand.’ What.. What are you saying?
– ‘The truth.’ ‘But don’t worry.’ ‘Your secret is safe with me.’ What do you want?
Why have you called me? ‘A price!
I want you to pay’ ‘to keep your secret safe.’ How much money do you want?
– ‘I have money, Mrs. Chawla.’ ‘I am passionate about old
and precious things.’ ‘Like the ancestral necklace
that belonged to your mother.’ What!
I cannot give you that. ‘You can’t?’ ‘Fine, then. Your secret’ ‘cannot stay with me then.’ Fine, let me figure
something out. ‘That’s more like it,
Mrs. Chawla.’ ‘Make sure you get
that necklace.’ ‘Then I’ll inform you
where to come.’ ‘And yes,
don’t try to act smart’ ‘because you know
the consequences.’ Fine..
– ‘Good luck.’ ‘See you soon.’ What happened, baby?
Why do you look nervous? And what are you doing here
at this time? Vikrant, someone
called me to say that he knows my secret.
– What? Yes, he blackmailed me that he wants
mom’s ancestral necklace. But I cannot steal it.
– What are you talking? Vikrant, please help me. Please give me money so that I can have
a replica of that, made. I’m.. I’m sorry, baby.
I cannot give you any money. You know that the
Income Tax Department has a close eye
on our business. And.. And you know that I cannot even touch
my funds. I’m so sorry.
If it was possible you know,
I’d do anything for you. Oh, God!
What do I do? Ma’am, there’s good news. We had sent a proposal from
our hospital for an affiliation with International Society
of Medicare and Well-being. And the same has been approved.
This is a copy of the e-mail. That’s great news, Dr. Kabir.
– Two doctors from our hospital will receive scholarship
through this institute. This certification was
Sunil’s dream, Dr. Kabir. Sunil always wanted this hospital to be affiliated with an international
university. And today, this hospital
has become the first in India to have received
this affiliation. And all this is only
because of capable doctors like yourself, Dr. Kabir. But, ma’am, which two doctors
will represent our hospital for this scholarship?
– One will be you, Dr. Kabir. I don’t even have
to think about that. And I will have to ponder over
who the second person will be. Well, considering performance,
Sanchi should go. But will she be able
to give enough time for this scholarship
since she’s married now? I don’t wish to haste into
making a decision, Dr. Kabir. I will think well
before coming to a conclusion. All right. Jaya.. If you chose one representative
for this scholarship we, Malhotras,
should choose the other. That will be either Veer
or Riya. Gayatri Malhotra, if you love
coming to my hospital please do, by all means. But keep in mind
that this is my hospital. Only I have the right
to take decisions here. So don’t you dare tell me
what I should be doing. As far as the scholarship
is concerned only a deserving doctor
will get this chance. ‘I will relax now.’ ‘Because it is time to sit back
and enjoy the show.’ ‘On one hand is Sanchi’s
honeymoon plan’ ‘and on the other,
her mother wants her’ ‘to have the scholarship.’ ‘Now, I will take advantage
of this situation’ ‘and drift the mother
and daughter apart.’ ‘People must have seen
many clashes in families.’ ‘But now, people will see a war
between a mother and daughter.’ ‘I swear,
this is going to be fun.’ ‘I’m so going to love this.’ Hello, everyone. I have called you all here as I
wish to share some good news. International Society
of Medicare and Well-being has accepted the proposal
from our hospital for an affiliation. Two doctors from our hospital
will be granted scholarship. Once they clear the exam, the
affiliation will be approved. And the two doctors
representing our hospital will be.. Dr. Kabir.. And Dr. Sanchi. Thank you.
Thank you. Please calm down, or the
patients might get disturbed. Dr. Kabir.. Dr. Sanchi.. Your exams are in four days. You better start preparing
for it. And you all are dismissed.
Thank you so much. Thank you, Mom for selecting me
for this exam. I.. – You have been chosen
because you deserve it and because you had said
that you won’t let any shame come
to this hospital. You have disappointed me
in our personal lives but I hope that you won’t do the same
to your work. This is your father’s dream,
Sanchi. Do not cause him humiliation. I won’t, Mom. Not at all! Riya.. What happened to you?
Why are you in a bad mood? You know it already, Mom. I felt bad.
I’m U-P-S-E-T, Mom. My baby, I know but don’t be upset, please. Once I send Sanchi out
of the hospital and our house Kabir will be all yours. Seriously! Besides, Sanchi won’t
stay here for long. Because she is stuck
between her honeymoon and the scholarship. And this is going
to take her down. So, be happy.

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