Savitri Devi College & Hospital – 15th May 2017 – सावित्री देवी कॉलेज & हॉस्पिटल – Full Episode

‘I’m Savitri Devi College
and Hospital.’ ‘It’s been 15 years since
I came into existence.’ ‘And in these 15 years,
I’ve seen a lot.’ ‘I’ve seen the fight
between life and death.’ ‘I’ve seen hopes transform
into a beating heart.’ ‘I’ve seen doctors
resuscitate patients.’ ‘That’s why, doctors are
considered to be Gods here’ ‘while the hospital
is regarded as a temple.’ ‘Doctors come here
to shape their future.’ ‘Our story is of such
amazing characters’ ‘whose past and future is
somehow linked with me’ ‘that is, Savitri Devi
Hospital and College’ ‘and on my 15th anniversary,
certain individuals will join me’ ‘whose story took a pause,
15 years ago.’ ‘Today, a new chapter will
begin in their lives and mine.’ Times have changed
and so has the hospital but my memories
are still fresh. I haven’t forgotten anything. They say, when a person
begins to soar much higher than his ability then the day isn’t far
when he will meet his downfall. Dr. Malhotra.. I’ve kept an account of every
pain that you’ve inflicted on me and my daughter is coming
to take revenge for it. My Sanchi. And this marks your downfall. Dr. Malhotra,
maybe you have a cure to every disease in the world but you won’t be able to find
a fix to your impending doom. Nonetheless, good luck,
Dr. Anand Malhotra. Welcome, everybody.
Thank you, so much. Thank you so much,
for coming. So today, Savitri Devi
Hospital and College has successfully
completed 15 years. And in these 15 years,
our hospital has moved on to become not only the city’s
number one hospital but all over the country too. But, believe me.. All of us have worked
really hard to make it so far. It feels good, to see my dream
soar such great heights. It feels really good.
Am I right? Sir, whom would you like
to give credit for your success? Everyone.
My entire family, my staff my doctors,
everyone of them is responsible for this success.
I’d even say that had they not
supported me then perhaps,
I wouldn’t be here today. Sir, Savitri Devi Hospital
and College was the first hospital in India, which
successfully completed a heart transplant. Now, what is the next milestone
you are planning to achieve? Womb. A mother’s womb. A team of our doctors
is researching on womb transplant,
so that every woman who can’t become a mother,
gets to experience the joy of motherhood. Ladies and gentleman, we want to
be Asia’s very first hospital that successfully carries
a womb transplant and I promise that
I’ll make this transplant so successful that never will a mother
leave my hospital, upset. Doctor, now you should
wrap up this press conference. It’s time for your
other meeting. Ladies and gentleman,
that’s all for the day. I’m sorry, but I have to go now. Thank you so much, for coming
once again. We will meet again. Thank you so much.
– Thank you, sir. Thank you.. It’s amazing. So many journalists,
so early in the morning? But what’s to be considered,
is that my Mrs. Malhotra is looking too beautiful today. Is this because of
the new hairstyle or is it something else? It’s nothing like that, dear. And if you think that
you can sweet talk your way out of having medicines then you are wrong. Okay, all right.
One thing is for certain more than a wife,
you are the doctor of India’s best doctor. Of course! After all, a doctor
needs a doctor too. Otherwise, who will
take care of their health? You are right, Doctor. But along with my health,
you are the doctor of my heart. Here, have your medicine. Meanwhile,
I’ll light an incense in front of Savitri’s photo.
– Okay. We will have breakfast
together. – Sure. And no cheating.
– No cheating. I trust you. – Promise.
– Okay. Let’s go. Sanchi! Sanchi.. In these twenty years,
this doll was all you asked for from me. But in return,
I made your entire life my reason to live. While achieving my dreams I never gave you
a chance to dream. Forgive me, dear.
Forgive me. Good morning, Sanchi!
Wake up, dear. Mom, a bit longer, please!
– No way! I asked you to get up,
but don’t open your eyes. Mom, what’s with this now? Wake up, after covering
your eyes, Sanchi. Anyway, it’s the last time
that I’m waking you up, dear because tomorrow onwards your mornings shall begin
in Savitri Devi College and Hospital. But why are we doing this today?
– Because I said so. Okay, grumpy Mom. Today, it’s because
of this strict mother that you are going
to be a doctor. Okay, fine, Mom.
You are the greatest. All right, do what you
need to do quickly. I’m opening my eyes.
– No! Not yet. And whatever I say now,
you shall repeat it. Okay?
– Okay, go ahead. Now, open your eyes. Well, Mom, why did you
have me close my eyes and perform a prayer
for my hands? Because from now on these hands will make the lives
of thousands of people better. They will save lives. You have a point. From now on, these hands
will become my identity, Mom. Mom! You are so silly! Oh, come on!
I acted so well, Mom. If you want, I can give it
a try in Bollywood. Quiet. You were born to
become a doctor, Sanchi. And you will become one.
Got it? – Okay, all right. Okay. Mom, I understood
only Saraswati and Lakshmi in the mantras
that you just made me chant. I didn’t understand
anything else apart from that. Sanchi, this mantra means it is in our hands to get rid
of poverty and darkness. And we will do good
to ourselves and the society by getting rid of it. But this mantra has
a different meaning for you. ‘Lord, give me so much strength’ ‘so that I can save the lives
as many people as possible.’ ‘I can cure the sick
and help the needy.’ Okay, boss. As you wish. Well, I always do as you say. Entire Delhi is aware about it. And everyone also knows that Sanchi Mishra
may disobey God but she can never go
against her mom. That is why you are
not just my daughter but my pride too, Sanchi. Stop it! Hey! Hey!
What are you doing, Priya? What the heck! Who do you think you are? I have told you
that you need not come here. Why have you come here then? I can’t understand
whom you want to impress by doing all this. The person whom you
wanted to impress is already impressed. Who else do you want to impress? I promise that I won’t spare you if you touch my mom’s picture
after this. What.. What have I even done? I was just putting this garland
on Savitri’s picture and praying. She is like my elder sister. I have this right
over her, dear. You don’t have the right
to go close to my mom or address me as your daughter. You are Mr. Malhotra’s wife
and not my mom. And don’t even try to
become my mom, understood? Priya! That’s enough. Is this the way
to talk to others? What’s wrong with you? Look, I can understand
your feelings. But don’t forget that Gayatri has given 14 years
of her life to this house and she has been trying
to win your heart right since day one. But you never understood. I thought that you would change
with time. But if you still don’t want to
accept Gayatri as your mom then don’t. But she is elder to you. You will have to respect her
for that. You will give her
her due respect. Is that understood? Enough. Priya is a child. She has lost her mother. It is not easy to accept somebody else as her mother. Look at that. Look at her, Priya. You insulted her so much. You hurt her feelings. But she is still supporting you. Priya, let’s go from here. No. Gayatri, no. Don’t shed tears today. Because today is
an important day for me. I want my smiling wife with me on this important day. I don’t want to see you
sad and upset. Please show me
your fantastic smile once. That’s it! That’s it!
Come on.. That’s it!
You can do better. That’s like a good girl. Sorry about that. Good! Very good! That’s like my daughter. You are using the acting skills
that I taught you very well. I love you, Mom! Well, I have controlled
the entire house due to the acting skills
taught by you. Priya and Veer
are the only people who don’t get influenced
by my acting. Don’t you worry. Moreover, Priya is a girl. So, she will leave
this house one day. You make arrangements
for her farewell ceremony. All your problems will be solved
after she leaves this house. And Veer.. Stop worrying about him. He makes all your work easy. Don’t worry about him. Wow, Sister!
Look at this. Your hospital is
a five star hotel and not a hospital. In fact, this is a mall. Usually, no hospitals have
coffee shops and saloons. Sunny, this is not
a normal hospital. This is Savitri Devi Hospital. India’s best hospital. And it’s the number one hospital due to these facilities,
understood? Hey, don’t hit me there. A small brain exists here. What? What? I had heard this in a movie,
so I said it. Sunny! Sanchi, come here. Coming, Mom.
Come on. Do you see this? Our daughter is going to
fulfil our dream today. Our Sanchi is going to become Dr. Sanchi Mishra today. She will become
a successful doctor just like her father and will make us proud. Right, Sanchi?
– Yes, Mom. Sanchi, you are
a doctor’s daughter. If your dad were alive today he would definitely give you
a two minute lecture where he would share
a lot of advice. But he is no more. So, let me fulfil his wish. Sanchi, it is very easy
to complete your MBBS. But it is very difficult
to become a doctor. Being a doctor means taking up the responsibility
of the lives of the people. It is a huge responsibility. Your carelessness may
cost a person, his life. So, I want you to fulfil this responsibility
properly. Never give anybody
a chance to complain. Sanchi, many a times
the situation will not be under your control. But do not fear. Have faith in yourself. Try every method to win. And you will win only if your intention is good. You sure will. Enough. I cannot act
like you father anymore. You would lecture people
so much. Stop it, all of you. Stop crying and lecturing her. Sanchi, have breakfast quickly. Both your friends
will start shouting if you get late. Grandma, only one friend
will trouble me today because Pragya has gone to
a polio camp with her dad. Grandma, only one of them
will be irritating you today ‘The daughter of the MP,
Pratap Yadav is going to do’ ‘an internship in
India’s best medical institute’ ‘Savitri Devi
College and Hospital.’ ‘Before the internship,
you can see how Pragya Yadav’ ‘has managed to get along
well with underprivileged kids.’ ‘Pragya Yadav, who has been
caring for the kids all day’ ‘doesn’t look tired at all.’ Pragya, come here. Get a kid who looks
the poorest of all and get a hand sanitizer too. All right, sir.
I’ll get it right away. Hello, Dad!
– Dear, for the front page in tomorrow’s newspaper,
have your photo taken with a poor child. Dad, didn’t you call me here to organise a polio camp? But just like every other time,
your politics has begun here as well. Dad, what is it that you want? You want me to be popular
for no reason. You are amazing! Just for your gains, you are
capitalising on my education. Lower your voice.
The entire media is here. If anybody overhears us,
it will cause chaos. So, let it happen! I didn’t strive for four years
to finish my M.B.B.S only for your
political gains. Do you get it?
– Careful, dear! What happened? Oh, my, my!
Why are you crying? What happened?
Come, let’s have some biscuit. You want one? Yes, very good!
Sit here. Now, let’s put on some medicine.
Where did you get hurt? Show me.
Is it here? Oh! I’ll treat it right now. Here..
Good girl! Did you see? I became a doctor
for this reason. So that I can help others,
isn’t it? ‘The minister’s daughter
saved an innocent girl’s life.’ ‘Pragya Yadav is
today’s Mother Teresa.’ Hello, Mother Teresa.
Tired of helping people, is it? ‘Sanchi, stop talking rubbish’ ‘or else, I swear,
I’ll get furious.’ All right, sorry. Relax!
I won’t say anything. ‘But you see,
you are a generous woman.’ ‘You’re organising polio camps.’ Will you be quiet,
or shall I slap you? Sorry! Chill.
– All right, I’m sorry too. You know my father. He knows only
one thing in life, politics. He has called the media
even to the polio camp! That’s too much!
I swear, I’m fed up. I know. Well, forget that.
Tell me, did you talk to Isha? She will reach college
on time, right? Yes, I did talk to her.
– Well, where is she? Where her life lies. Congrats, Doctor.
Your wit and alertness saved a patients’ life today. You are commendable. I’ve never seen
such an energetic doctor. Thank you. This is the secret of
my energy and alertness. Energy Vita Capsule. Cut it. Great shot, Isha.
– Thank you, sir. You are a born actor.
That was so natural! Thank you, sir.
But make sure that this ad is released
only internationally. If my dad sees this,
then.. Then what?
– My dad doesn’t care for anything else
but my medical degree. But, it’s okay.
Once my internship in Savitri Devi College
and Hospital is over I’ll certainly make a career
in modeling after that. But now, I need to go
to airport to meet dad. If he gets here, then..
Thank you, sir! Oh! Dad? How come you are here?
– You gave the driver this address
as the drop location. I figured I should check
for the certificates you are here to collect
from this studio. Well.. – Anyway, it’s good that
you have lived your life well before starting afresh. Because today, after joining
Savitri Devi Hospital you will neither have
a connection to this nor will you have the time
to do all of this. Let’s go. Priya, give me the ‘Parathas’. And the butter too.
– Don’t, Priya. Don’t pass mom the butter.
– Why? Because you have
high cholesterol. So, no butter, okay? Mom, just avoid it
for a few days. You can eat it then,
all right? Good morning, everybody.
– Good morning. Good morning, Mom! Good morning!
– Good morning, Dad! Good morning, dear! Hi, Uncle! – Hi!
– Aunt! Hi, Grandma!
Hi, Nana! Priya.. So, Riya, are you ready for the
first day of your internship? Of course.
– Good! I’m certain that under your dad you will become
a successful doctor. Yes. He didn’t arrive even today. No. I don’t even remember
when he had breakfast last with the entire family. You all may eat,
I’m not hungry. Oh!
Have some juice at least. If I’m hungry,
I’ll eat at the hospital. Adarsh..
– Yes, Brother? Leave for the hospital
in 15 minutes. Once there, ask Mrs. D’Souza
to send me the list of this year’s interns. I need to see it.
– Dad! I’ll come with you.
– Yes, it’s your first day. Go with him. I think that I should
leave too, otherwise I’ll be late for the hospital. But what about breakfast? I’ll eat something
at the hospital. Take care. Bless you.
Live long and prosper. Bye! Bye, Grandma!
– Bye! Bye!
– Bye! Okay, all the best, Riya.
– Thanks, Dad! I’ll see you later. Professor.. Everything is fine. Mom, if you keep staring at me
in the rear mirror you will turn me into a patient instead of a doctor. So, please mind the road. Yes, I’m concentrating
on the road. You are fulfilling
my long standing dream. So.. Stop, Mom!
– What’s wrong, dear? I will be right back. Mister, quickly serve me
the special ‘Golgappa’. Here you are, ma’am. Thank you.
– All the best! Sanchi, that’s ridiculous. I don’t understand your habit. You resort to eat ‘Golgappa’ no matter what the occasion is. What’s so special about it,
dear? Mom, this is not just
any fast food. It’s my weakness. Rather, it’s a medicine
to lift my mood. Okay, fine. Shall we leave now?
– Sure. Come in! Sir.
– Come in. Sir, this is the final list
of hostel allocation. We have sent the admission
letters to all candidates. I see. Sanchi Mishra? Daughter of.. ‘I won’t let my past
ruin my present.’ Thank God that both of you
came here early. Do you know how worried I was? I’m already in a bad mood. I finished my final shoot today. Dad has asked me not to take up any shooting assignment
henceforth. Here we go again. But this is not fair. None of you noticed my dress
and complimented me. Hey!
Putting a good dress on wouldn’t transform
an ape into a damsel. I will kill you!
– That’s not fair. Three of you are
soon-to-be doctors but you still behave
like kindergarten kids. Ma’am, what’s the point
of growing up? Adults deal only with worries. Ma’am, I swear by God. The happiest moments
are the childhood days. A wise man once said ‘If a child in you dies,
you die.’ ‘Childhood days may pass’ ‘but childishness lives on.’ Enough, Ms. Pragya.
Enough. We have listened to
your lecture since four years. Please, don’t trouble us
anymore. Fine, I won’t trouble you. Ma’am, please bless us. No, dear! Not that.
– Why? Because these are
for my customers. Where is our good luck
‘Chakli’ and ‘Mathri’? This one is for you. Today, being a special day
for all three of you I have specially prepared
‘Chakli’ for you all. The stethoscope shaped ‘Chakli’
– Stethoscope shaped ‘Chakli’ Wow!
So cool! I will have it alone.
Rest of you, don’t bother. You can have it next time, okay? Ma’am has brought it
for us as well. So, I will have it as well. Hey, Ms. India.
Focus on your figure. Anyway, I never let you
take ‘Chakli’ from me during college days.
Why would I do so today? This doesn’t change anything. Ma’am, did you listen to her?
– Enough, Isha. I have brought some
for you as well. Loser! Loser! Okay, fine. I swear, Sanchi.
You are very lucky to have a mother like her. My mother is such a dummy.
– No, Isha. Never say that
about your mother. Every mother wants
only the best for her children. Do you understand? Okay, listen. All three of you are
starting your loves anew. So, put your best efforts and make lots of progress. Yes, ma’am!
– Yes, ma’am! Sanchi.. Just concentrate
on your studies. Don’t get into
unnecessary troubles. Just concentrate on your goal. Also, Sanchi.. Don’t forget my advice
as you enter the premises. Sure, Mom. Hey!
Listen.. You better abide by her words. Otherwise, I will kill you. Right! As if you abide by
your parents’ words. I’m a self-confessed fool. Will you follow my footsteps? Exactly! So, you should abide
by her words. Shall we leave now? Dr. Malhotra.. Sanchi Mishra is the brightest
student of this batch. In fact, we have got such
an intelligent student after a long time. You struck her name
off the list? Mrs. D’Souza.. It’s my hospital. I know which student
should get admission here and which ones shouldn’t. Will that be all?
Thank you very much. You may leave. Sure, sir.

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