Savitri Devi College & Hospital – 14th June 2017 – सावित्री देवी कॉलेज & हॉस्पिटल – Full Episode

Ma’am, congratulations. You job’s done.
– Okay. Brother, congratulations. Monica executed
the plan successfully. Excellent. With this success Priya and Sanket’s love
story comes to an end. Somebody please help! Please help me!
Please.. – What happened? What’s wrong? Ma’am, tell us!
Please tell us. Please tell me what’s wrong! After the meeting
I was heading home and Mr. Sanket told me that he
forgot something in his room. He asked me to walk
him till his room. After we reached here,
he locked the door and then he..
– Calm down. Don’t worry at all. Hello,
Police station. What kind of a
hospital is this? I’ve been yelling my
lungs out asking you all to bring my grandson but
no one is paying any heed! Ma’am, please calm down the doctor will get
your grandson soon. No!
I won’t calm down! Firstly, you swapped my
grandson with someone else moreover, you’re not
returning my real grandson. If your doctor doesn’t come soon I will sue this hospital,
got it! Ma’am, please relax..
– Why should I! I want to see my grandson
so get him right now! I understand your concern. I will speak to Dr. Kabir
and get back to you, okay? Nurse
please take her to the ward. Come on. ‘Sanket, how can you do this?’ ‘You used to love..
Why did you do…’ ‘Why did you do all that?’ What’s wrong with her? When she left,
she looked so cheerful but when she returned,
why does she look so sad? Mom, I have the same question. What really went wrong? Gayatri,
destiny had it coming for her. Sister-in-law,
she’s heartbroken. Vikrant will put an
end to her sorrows that Sanket brought in her life. No dad likes to see his
daughter in pain but at times to bring kids back to senses one has to be harsh
and take strident decisions. Ladies, excuse me. How do we identify
these infants? Listen,
I’m telling this to you again that we can toss..
– Pragya, will you shut up? Would you really toss a coin
to decide their fate? Are you crazy?
– I don’t know then! I am already in rage. I swear, I can’t think straight. Look! This infant doesn’t have any facial resemblance
to Sudha or Vimla. I agree,
you’re right about that. This child is really cute,
really sweet. And Ms. Vimla looks like an evil monster,
I swear. Monster. All you were supposed to
do was keep infants in this ward but you two couldn’t do
even that. Sir, actually..
– You have just one day to rectify the errors. I hope you know
what needs to be done. I don’t want my hospital’s
reputation to be tarnished due to your foolishness. Am I clear? Yes, sir. Priya. Dear, I am really sorry. I just got to know about the
incident at the hotel. Dad, what did Sanket do?
– Dear, stop it. Calm down,
stop crying. Even I can’t believe that someone like
Sanket would.. Would do something so cheap! He..
He looks so innocent and.. If I wouldn’t have got a
call from the police station I wouldn’t have known that Monica has filed a
molestation case against him. Dear, no. Don’t waste your tears
for such a hopeless man. He doesn’t deserve it. I’m just thankful to God that He showed us
the truth on time. Or else..
– Dad! Sanket ruined everything especially when you
gave him a fair chance. Why did he do this? Dear there’s an old adage ‘Nothing right will come
out of wrong decisions.’ Sanket is that wrong
decision of yours. I just can’t believe it but we can’t ignore what’s obviously right
in front of our eyes. Dear,
enough and stop crying. Darling my heart keeps pounding I stay restless as it
keeps thinking about you. My darling.
– Go away! You’ve acting so flirtatious
today. Tell me one thing. Until when will we have these
conversations about our love? Ashok now I can’t wait anymore I want to get married I wish to wear the
designer wedding ‘lehenga’. Baby, come on. Forget about the wedding gown I will decorate you completely. Just wait and watch. You will enter this house just like a queen,
a royal countess. Really! I’ll become the queen,
right? To heck with that. You are a maid in that
house, you know that, right? Listen. Your sister-in-law is the
decision maker of that house. So how will you take charge and
treat me like a queen? Darling, come on. Don’t worry about it. Sister Suman is on our side.
– Ashok listen to me attentively. Stop favouring your sister and start getting
closer to your mom. Mom is the true decision
maker in your house. She listens to your
sister-in-law, go it? Well. You are right about that. Y-You don’t worry,
I will do something. How are you? I mean to say, do you have
body pain or any other problem? I am absolutely fine.
But, where is my child? I need to see him.
Is he fine? Yes, your child is
absolutely fine. We will soon get him to you. By the way, I wanted
to know something. Is anyone in your family
of dusky complexion? I mean, what if the child born
to you is dusky of complexion? No, we don’t have anyone
of this complexion in our house. There are no chances of
my child being dusky. But, why are you asking me
all these questions? No! I was just asking.
You can take rest now. I will get your child. What happened?
Did you come to know anything? No! I didn’t understand
anything. Let’s do one thing.
Let’s go to Sudha’s ward. – Yes. Since the time I joined
Savitri Devi hospital he has been flirting with me. He wouldn’t leave a single
chance to get close to me. That’s not right.
She is lying. Monica, why are you doing this?
– Hey, sit down and keep quiet. He was getting close to me, sir. After the meeting, he forcibly took me to his room and.. Drop her to her house.
– Okay, sir. Why are you doing this, Monica?
What have I done to you? Listen to me, Monica.
Monica! Sir, she..
She is lying. This is her plan.
I am telling you. Someone is trying to frame me. Hey, shut up! Hey, listen to me. I will somehow take her
mother-in-law outside. Till then, go and talk to Sudha.
Okay? – Okay. Wait here. Hello.
Where is my grandson? We have kept him under
observation. We thought of getting
some tests done so that he doesn’t get
any infection. Come with me.
I need to talk to you. Come with me. Ma’am, how much saffron do
you give your daughter-in-law? I mean, did you give less
this time? I fed her saffron more than
the gold which she brought as dowry! I specially got the saffron
imported from Afghanistan. Sudha, you are a mother. You will see your child
and understand. After all, that’s the relation
between a mother and son. I know your mother-in-law
is forcing you but please don’t listen to her.
Just listen to your heart. Doctor, I will do everything
that my mother-in-law says. I will accept the child that
my mother-in-law approves. How can you do this, Sudha?
You are a mother! Will you leave your son for
your mother-in-law? Be her daughter-in-law
for a day and I assure you that you will
stop living your life. Enough of it!
Enough of your talks. Get my grandson quickly
or else.. I will file a case against
this hospital! Do you get it?
– Yes. I don’t know who all this
woman knows. She always keeps threatening
to file a case. Foolish woman! Pragya, what happened?
Did she say anything? No! She keeps threatening
about filing a case. Did her daughter-in-law
say anything? No, she didn’t say anything. Oh, God!
Both of them have.. Come on.
Let’s go and think something. Ms. Jaya.
Ms. Jaya. What’s the matter, Pushpa?
Why are you crying? Ma’am, the police has arrested
Sanket. What?
– Yes, ma’am. A girl has filed
an FIR against him. Sanket hasn’t done anything
wrong. Please save him.
Please save him! Yes, let’s go to the
police station. Oh, God!
Don’t tell me that both of you have still not
come up with a plan! Oh! Poor kids. You know what? The well-known cricketer,
Sunil Gavaskar got exchanged at the
hospital too. But thankfully he went back
to his parents. Just think about all the
kids who might be getting exchanged at
the hospital and would never be able
to go back to their parents. Even if they have any
ailment in future their blood group might not
match with their family. Isn’t it? Veer, keep quiet. If you can’t help us then,
at least don’t trouble us. I am here to see these two
children who have become the talk
of this hospital. Hey!
Hey! What are you looking at?
What happened? Come here both of you. The tags of all the kids
are clean apart from these two. There is a yellow mark
on their tags. This stain is of saffron. How will you get saffron
in this hospital? ‘I fed her saffron more than
the gold which’ ‘she brought as dowry!’ ‘I gave saffron ‘Laddu’,
saffron ‘Halwa” ‘saffron milk to Sudha as the
priest asked me to.’ Sudha’s mother-in-law, Vimla! She would have surely..
Changed the tags! That woman is irritating us! I will teach her a lesson. I won’t spare her!
– No! No! Wait! What happened?
– We can’t go to her. We don’t have a proof too. I don’t think anyone would
have just let her walk into the neonatal ward. Someone would have seen her
come in. Idiot! She was here to
change the tags. So, she would have come
when no one was here. And in such a case, we can’t
even talk to Dr. Kabir without a proof. Hey, mister! We are tensed but you don’t
seem to be bothered. What am I supposed to do? Both of you are getting
worried for such a small thing. Is it? We are unable to find a proof
against that woman and this seems to be
an insignificant matter to you! No one was here when
she came here. So, how will we come to know
that she.. CCTV footage! Oh, yes! How will we get that? No one will let us see
the footage. Girls, I am here. I can show you the CCTV footage. Is it? But I have two conditions.
– I accept it. Listen to me before
agreeing to it. Yes! Don’t make me murder
anyone. I will agree with all the
other conditions. Sure?
Think about it. I am sure. I am sure.
– No. No. Let’s hear his condition.
– Okay, say it. My first condition is that
both of you will request me.
– That’s fine. Next? The second condition is that
she will come with me on a date after the work
is done. Tell me.
Do you agree to this? Yes!
Agree with him. If you want, I will come
with you too. We will take someone else
along too. But.. Listen, help us out.
Please. Please..
We are in a terrible soup. Did you not hear me carefully? I will go on a date
with Sanchi alone. Hey, just say it.
– What will I say? He is out of his mind. I will not go out with him!
– Okay, bye. Hey..
Listen.. Come back.
Come back. Listen. I agree to both your conditions. Whether I say it
or Sanchi says it it’s the same thing. Once the work is done,
I will certainly send Sanchi on a date with you.
Okay? – But.. I told you that you are going
on a date. That’s final. It’s a done deal.
– Done? Then, let’s go!
– Let’s go. Wait a minute. Hello, Isha.
– Come. Priya, I can’t see you
in this condition. You are my daughter. You can’t give up so easily. You will have to move on. I am with you, right? Look, dear,
I gave you this time so that you could
find happiness. Unfortunately, Sanket didn’t.. Anyway.. Vikrant loves you a lot. You’ll be able to move past
Sanket’s betrayal when you’ll try to find solace
in Vikrant’s love. Can you do this? Dad. Do what you think is right. Think about it, dear. A marriage
is a really big decision. I had taken a well thought
decision before as well. Just look what happened. You are my dad. You ought to wish
for my well being. I have no objection towards
the person you’ve chosen. Thank you, dear. I am certain that Vikrant
will ensure that you are happy. Now be a good girl. Go and freshen up. And you know what? I’ve got your favourite tomato soup
for you. Go on, dear. Freshen up. Priya.. Hello.
– Hello. This is Dr. Anand Malhotra. Tell Sanket that Priya
wants to speak to him. Yes. Take this, Priya has called. Hello, Priya. Thank God, you called me. Priya, there has been
a great misunderstanding. Someone is trying to frame me. Henceforth, you’ll never
receive calls from Priya. Priya has learnt
the truth about you. She wants to break
all ties with you. Priya has willingly given
her consent to marry Vikrant. Hence, don’t even dare
to call her ever again. You and Priya are over. ‘How can Priya agree
to this alliance?’ I want to see the footage
of the neonatal ward. Yes.
Take a look. You know, no matter
what you say he is very influential
in this hospital. Here, take a look. Oh, my!
I swear! This is my mistake. I have placed the wrong tags. See the entire CCTV footage before reaching any conclusions. Yes. This is Ms. Vimla..
Sudha’s mother-in-law. She changed the tags! But because she
changed the tags the babies got their right tags. That means, the dark skinned
child is theirs. Oh, God! This woman
is terrorising our lives! I will ruin her! I will not spare her!
– Just a minute. Can you see her face clearly? Then, how will you prove
that your allegations are right? The face isn’t clear but the sari seems to be the sari she wore today.
– Right. Several people
might have such a sari. She will just refuse
that she has done it. You both are well aware
of Mr. Kabir’s strict nature. Yes.. He won’t believe us,
until we have solid evidence. And we both will be
in deep trouble. How can we just land up
in trouble? I will go and strangle
this woman! She will confess
to all her crimes! Honestly, if I was in Lucknow I would’ve shot her! Darn woman.. I am going.
– Pragya! Pragya, wait. Don’t be impulsive. If this news is disclosed,
then you’ll be in trouble. No one will come
to know of anything. I don’t know anything
about this confusion. Which kids? Whose kids? Good. But I know how can we
make Ms. Vimla confess. Pragya.
– Yes. Call Isha. Okay. Hello, Isha.
Bring Dr. Kabir to Sudha’s room. Quickly. Okay? Bye.
Let’s go. There was some..
– Yes, bring it. – Gosh.. Bring it in. Listen.
– What is this? Keep the sacks in the kitchen. Ashok, what is all this, dear? I am upholding
my responsibility, Mom. Now, I’ve started earning. Hence, I will be buying all
the grocery, henceforth. Mom, just see! My brother has become so wise. Mom, I got this sari for you. It’s been long
since you wore a new sari that’s why I got it. Sister.
– Yes. I haven’t forgotten you. This bag is for you. I’ve got a wallet
for brother-in-law. Give it to him on my behalf. Is this a dream? He has become so wise. I will offer a grand
offertory to God so that he blesses you.
Yes, certainly! Where is Sunny? Sunny. Hey! Come, dear. Take a look. I have got new branded sports
shoes for you. Throw away the old shoes. Wear this today
and tell everyone that your uncle purchased these with the hard earned money
of his first salary. Will you say it?
– Thank you, Uncle. Welcome.
Go and have fun. Mom, where is sister-in-law? She has gone out, dear. I got a sari
for sister-in-law as well. You give it to her on my behalf.
– Yes. – Yes, dear. Ashok, for the first time I feel that you are taking care
of your responsibilities. Stay happy always, my son. Stay happy always.
Be prosperous. My blessings are always
with you. – Mom.. That’s it.. Stay blessed.
– All right.. ‘You are following
the right direction, Brother.’ Sanket.. Ma’am..
Mom.. – Sanket. What’s this?
– I did nothing, ma’am. These people have framed me. You know that I cannot do
something like that. I totally believe you, Sanket. Just tell me how
it all happened? I don’t care about the world.
But what I am upset about is that Priya also fell
for their lies. Ma’am, she doesn’t trust me.
– Excuse me, ma’am. Visiting hours are over.
You may leave now. Just a couple of minutes more,
please.. Look, you need to hurry up.. Thank you. Priya has agreed
to marry Vikrant. How can she do that to me.. I can’t understand what to do! Ma’am, can you do something?
– Don’t worry, Sanket. I’ll look into it. Pushpa, give me a moment. Ma’am, here’s your grandson. I am so glad to see
you so cheerful. Pragya, at least someone
has welcomed happiness. Or fate has thrown such
a tricky card at.. – Why? What’s the matter?
– Ma’am, you see.. Along with your daughter-in-law
there was another woman who delivered today. But
that poor soul wasn’t fortunate. A very popular sage foretold
that her baby would bring a bad fortune to the family. Wherever he would tread he
would bring misfortune. And.. He also mentioned that the baby will cause it’s father’s death. On hearing her baby’s bad
fortune the mother decided that she should abandon
the baby at a lonely place. But, don’t you worry, ma’am. That popular sage has foretold
something more. – What? He said that there will be
another one born on this day who will bring good fortune
to the family. He will be a prince. He will
spread progress and happiness wherever he goes. Ma’am, do you know
that you are very fortunate? A prince is born
into your family! I don’t want this child.. Ma’am, but what’s the matter? This fair child is yours. No.. This isn’t my grandson! Because when my grandson was being taken
to the pediatric ward I’d seen that he was dark.
So, I went to the ward and interchanged the names. Because I wanted
a fair-skinned grandson. But I cannot take home this fair-skinned misfortune, now. Wow! I didn’t know that she
had acting skills. What? Why are you looking at me
like that for? Now, that the truth is unveiled,
look with love and pity and not with fury. Both
of them are not at fault at all. You simply keep
scolding them. But, ma’am. We noticed that
both the kids looked reddish at that time. We didn’t realise
which one’s colour was dark! How did you find out?
– I have seen more kids than that number of
years you’ve lived! I knew that
his colour was dark. Ma’am, a child’s colour matters
so much to you that you didn’t mind
abandoning your own heir? Ma’am, a man is judged by his
deeds and not by his complexion! You must have
read holy books, right? How did you forget
that Lord Krishna was dark? Lord Ram and Lord Shiva
were also brown. Forget them.
Look at me! I am not fair
but nobody has stopped me from becoming a doctor. And this is a hospital
not some store that you can exchange something
if you didn’t like it. What you did wasn’t right,
ma’am! You have no right to play around with the
lives of both these children. Ms. Vimla,
I can send you to jail and file a complaint
against you right now. Forgive me, please. Please forgive me. I was blinded by the desire
for a fair complexioned baby. Ma’am, there is no difference between a fair kid
or a dark one. If you raise him well he will surely be a good man. Hello. Hello, Priya. Priya, my dear,
you are committing a blunder. You know that Sanket
can never do such a thing. Then why do you
believe this lie? Ms. Jaya, even I had a lot
of trust in Sanket. But he has broken my trust. You are like a mother to him.
That’s why you won’t believe it. I myself have seen him,
misbehaving with that Monica. He was taking
advantage of Monica. No, Priya, that’s not true. You have misunderstood Sanket,
Priya. Ms. Jaya my dad had postponed
the wedding to give one more chance
to Sanket’s and my relationship. But Sanket.. He ruined everything. He ruined everything! He not only has broken my heart but also my dad’s trust in him. I have decided now that I’ll marry Vikrant. No one can make me
reconsider my decision now. No one! Priya.. Hello.
– Mr. Chawla, how are you doing? Mr. Chawla,
I actually wanted to discuss about Vikrant and Priya’s
wedding. ‘Is he planning to cancel
the wedding or what?’ Sure, Dr. Malhotra.
– Mr. Chawla after pondering
over it for long I’ve realised that we shouldn’t
postpone this wedding. I mean, after all, even
the priest had told that there isn’t any auspicious
date for a long duration if we miss this one. I have decided that we’ll have
this wedding after two days. Coming to arrangements.. We have money,
man power, contacts.. Even the arrangements can be
done, without any problems. Sure.. Dr. Malhotra,
I couldn’t be happier! In the next two days, Priya will
become our daughter-in-law. Don’t worry,
we’ll have a grand wedding. That’s brilliant. So, you start making
arrangements, Mr. Chawla. After all, kids of two renowned
families are getting married. It should be a
wedding to remember. Okay, bye, now. Indian, Continental,
Italian, Chinese, Mexican.. I am talking about
the menu for our date. Tell me,
which one do you like? Which date? You had promised to
go on a date with me in return of which I had shown
you the CCTV footage. Pragya had made
that promise to you. So, you take her on a date. Though Pragya had
made the promise but it was on your behalf. I hadn’t agreed to it. Listen, Ms. Sanchi,
you’ll have to come. Because whenever
you were in trouble I have always
rescued you like a hero. So, tell me,
what food do you like? Nothing. Because I am not going
on a date with you. I don’t have time,
Dr. Veer. Okay. So, we’ll go on a date which
doesn’t take much time. We’ll go to have ‘Gol guppa’
at your favourite shop. Don’t say no now. Veer, that would be a treat,
not a date. That’s a date, not a treat. A proper date. If you don’t want to tell
me the menu, then don’t. I myself will decide it.
Okay? It’ll be a surprise for you. I’ll make a move. I have a lot
of arrangements to make. Bye. Do make it. Don’t let me down. Otherwise,
my name will go down in history that a guy grew old,
waiting for his date. Okay, I’ll come. But not on a date,
but for a treat. – Okay. You can call it as a treat
to make yourself happy but for me, it’s a date. Bye. He is too much! He is impossible! Sanket, don’t worry. I’ve already spoken
to the lawyer. He is saying that it is
difficult to get a bail in these kind of cases. But, don’t worry. I will get you released
from here, at the earliest. Ma’am, you’ve come again! I already told you that
permission can’t be given to meet the accused,
time and again. Go and get a lawyer, first.
– Okay. I’m about to leave. ‘Malhotra is the one’ ‘who has created this rift
between Priya and Sanket.’ ‘I won’t let him win so easily,
this time.’ ‘He has started this game,
but I’ll be the one to end it.’

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