Savitri Devi College & Hospital – 14th July 2017 – सावित्री देवी कॉलेज & हॉस्पिटल – Full Episode

Long live..
– Revolution.. Long live..
– Revolution.. Long live..
– Revolution.. Saanchi, go back!
– Saanchi, go back! Saanchi, go back!
– Saanchi, go back! Saanchi, go back!
– Saanchi, go back! Your autocracy has to end! Your autocracy has to end!
– Your autocracy has to end! Sorry. You can’t go inside. Madhu, listen, I need
to take a bath first because I need to go
to the hospital. I am the head intern.
– That’s the problem. We don’t want
a head intern like you. Saanchi, go back.
– Saanchi, go back. Saanchi, go back.
– Saanchi, go back.. Saanchi, go back!
– Saanchi, go back! Saanchi, go back!
– Saanchi, go back! Saanchi, go back!
– Saanchi, go back! Saanchi, go back!
– Saanchi, go back! Saanchi, go back!
– Saanchi, go back.. Hey! I will not spare any of you. Enough of this nonsense. Get aside.
Let Saanchi go to the washroom. No way. – We won’t let her go..
– Move.. Move..
– We won’t let her go. – No way! Go back. ‘Let me see,
how you bathe first’ ‘and reach the hospital
on time.’ Go back..
– Dr. Kabir! You are at our hostel
with your mom.. Gosh! Bala, no matter what,
we have to take that money. I know. If we win,
then won’t Riya be proud of us? Yes. Come on, let’s go. Riya. Take a look. We’ve
spoilt Saanchi’s clothes. You fools! How will it matter
if you spoil one set of clothes? Saanchi, come fast.
We are getting late. Oh, no! Isha! Someone has soiled my clothes. Isha, listen. Get me
fresh clothes from the cupboard. Okay. How did this happen? Rukmani, I am really worried. Priya’s condition
is deteriorating. If any harm comes to her then what will we tell
Dr. Malhotra? Ma’am, why don’t
you talk to Mr. Vikrant? He may listen to you now. Vikrant. Dear, Priya’s condition
is deteriorating. Anything can happen to her. Please, Vikrant. Let Priya
eat or drink something. Who is your child?
She or me? Tell me. Whom should you be concerned
about? Her or your own son? Keep interfering.
– Hello? Tell me, Mrs. Chawla.
How is my Priya? Gayatri, Priya’s condition
has worsened. Priya hasn’t eaten anything
since four days. Priya! – Priya?
– Priya? Rukmini, get some water. Mrs. Chawla?
– What happened, baby? Baby, open your eyes.
– ‘Oh, God!’ ‘Anand will kill me if any harm
comes to Priya.’ Priya?
– Open your eyes, Priya. Priya?
– Rukmini? Give her water now at least.
Otherwise she will die. Keep the water away.
I will die if she drinks water. Priya, open your eyes.
Baby, wake up. Priya? What’s wrong with you? Saanchi, even these clothes
of yours are dirty. What?
– Oh, my.. What will I do now?
How will I reach the hospital? I have to reach
the hospital early. Don’t worry.
We will find a solution. Okay? You can wear my clothes today. Isha, I am sorry but
your clothes are too small. I can’t wear them. Do this,
you can wear my clothes. I will go get them. ‘I have to do something
to get out of this mess.’ This priest!
I wonder, where he has gone. He’s is not answering
the call. – I had told you. Gayatri, things have
gone too far. We will not be spared if
any harm comes to Priya. What am I going to do?
– Try again. I am trying. Answer it.. Oh, God! Lord, no matter what Anand should not find out
about this. Please answer the call, Priest. ‘What has she done with Priya?
Why is she so scared?’ Call the doctor immediately
before her condition worsens. Priya? Priya?
– Priya? Rukmini, answer the call.
– Baby? Hello, Priya? How are you? I haven’t spoken to you in so
many days. Are you all right? Priya is not well. She fainted
because she was fasting. A fast? Okay, all right. I will call back later.
– Okay. Priya? A priest? A fast? And fearing brother Anand.. Bingo!
I understood everything now. All right, Sister-in-law.
Let’s torture you a little. What is it, Pushpa?
Where are the others? Jaya, everyone is frightened
after yesterday’s incident. No one turned up.
– Do you see? The women who work for you
also agreed to it. Why are you being stubborn?
Why don’t you agree to this? Think about freeing
my brother instead. Yes, Jaya. Suman is right. Why are you troubling us
and Sunil’s soul by being so stubborn? If Sunil’s soul rests in peace then you will also feel better. Sister-in-law, for the sake
of your brother your family and your colleagues,
set his soul free. You care for others, right? Then why are you doing this
to us? Where are you going to? Everyone has a problem
with Sunil’s ashes, right? So, I am taking them
away from here. But, Jaya.. Jaya.. Congratulations!
Congratulations! Our job is done.
– Yes. We will oust sister-in-law Jaya
from the house just like we got rid of Sunil.
Yes.. Hurray! Hurray!
– I am already excited. ‘I wonder what’s wrong
with Jaya.’ ‘Why is she behaving
in a strange manner these days?’ Where’s Pragya? – The patient
who was allotted to her is in a critical condition.
She has gone there. Jeans? Ram, cardio. Madhu, general. Bala, gynaec.
– Just look at her. Saanchi, what’s wrong? Today you are wearing
borrowed clothes. Shut up, everyone. She is our head intern. We can’t make fun of her. Good morning, everyone. Good morning, Dr. Saanchi. Good morning, sir. What’s the matter?
You look different today. An important surgery
is going to take place in this hospital today. Dr. Saanchi is going to
assist me during the surgery. But, sir.. I am your assistant. I should be
the one assisting you. Why should Saanchi assist you? Do your job as confidently
as you ask for what is rightfully yours. Study with that confidence,
top the exams and become the head intern. Then you can talk
about assisting me. But, Dr. Kabir..
– Let me finish. Firstly, you need to be a good
doctor, in order to assist me. You will never get to be
a doctor nor a chance to assist me,
by insulting someone. Dr. Saanchi is currently
the head intern. She has repeatedly proved that she is the best here. She has earned this opportunity. I don’t trust anyone over here. I would never take
a risk with you all. Vinod, plastic. ‘Mom’s calling.’ Excuse me. So, Madhu and Bala. Here’s your prize
for defeating Dr. Saanchi. Rs. 5000. So come on. Let’s
fill the piggy bank again. Let’s contribute
Rs. 500 each. Yes. And I will win the next jackpot. Nurse. What is
the status of her diet? What are the timings? This is her diet list. Okay, you may leave. Mom, take this. This
is your medicine. Mom? What are you thinking? Give it. Pass the water. Take this. Dear, tell me. What are your thoughts
about Saanchi? Mom! Not again. I mean, as a doctor. How is she as a doctor? She is nice. She’s hardworking,
well-mannered. She’s mature. In this useless group
of students she’s the only one
who’s really good. Well.. If you had to choose
between Riya and Saanchi who would you prefer? Mom, enough! I won’t answer any
of your questions now. I am getting late
so I will leave now. At least, tell me who is
the best doctor amongst them. Mom, bye. Take care. Go ahead and avoid me! Let me see until when
can you do that! Tell me! I am your mother. As long as I’m here
in this hospital I’ll find a perfect bride
for you. Mark my words. He just ignored me and left. Ma’am, look at this. I have brought special
Ayurvedic oil for you. It is really good. If I give you a head massage
with this, you’ll feel better. Come on then, apply it. Ma’am, hello. I am Dr. Isha Negi. Greetings, dear. Riya a foot massage relaxes
a body, the most. ‘I know that you all are
trying to impress me’ ‘as all of you like my son.’ ‘But I will choose a bride
for him, as per my wish.’ ‘There’s no harm in getting
pampered by them.’ Dear, there’s no harm in it! Riya is giving me a head massage you can give me a foot massage. Ma’am, sure. Well. Do it nicely. Can you..
Can you put more pressure on it? Very good, nice. Saanchi.
– Mom. Dear, why have you
worn Pragya’s clothes? Mom, it’s a long story. I will tell it to you later. But what are you doing here? Mom, what’s wrong? Why do you look tensed? Is everything all right? Mom, these are..
– Your dad’s ashes. But.. Why did you bring them here? Is everything fine at home? Yes, Saanchi. Everything is fine at home. Dear, we are good. But, you are fighting a battle,
at every step. You are toiling hard to fulfil your dad’s last wish. That’s why I thought that if his ashes stay with you then you will feel his love
and blessings all the time. This will always remind
you of your ultimate goal. Saanchi, will you keep
your dad’s ashes with you? Fine. Now you should leave. If anyone sees you here with me
then it will create a problem. Saanchi, always be happy. And I will pray to God that you achieve your goal as soon as possible. Go now. Please forgive me. The situation is such that
I can’t keep you with me. But I am happy that you are at the right place as you have always
dreamt to be here. Dad, please give me the strength
to fulfil your dreams. Bless me so that I can turn this hospital
into the place that you wanted it to be,
at the earliest. Since I have your ashes with me,
one thing is for sure that I have chosen
the right path. Brother! Listen. Please give her food,
immediately otherwise her condition
may worsen. Her pulse is getting weak. No, Doctor. Priya can’t eat anything as she is fasting for me. If she eats anything then I will die for sure. Listen,
please try to understand. She hasn’t eaten anything
since long. – No! You try and understand. My decision is final. Do this, are you done
with your check up and all? Please leave. How should I stop him? Vikrant if Priya doesn’t
eat anything now then she will die. Dear, you love her, right? Please give her
something to eat. Mom, enough! Don’t you know? Priya has observed a fast
for my longevity and she has to continue with it. She’s my wife. Priya! Anand, well..
– Gayatri, shut up! You won’t say a word today. I know what you have done. I will talk to you later. Priya! Anand, but.. Priya! Priya, listen. Priya, dear. Look, I am here. Please wake up. Please drink this juice. Come on, drink it now. Father-in-law, no! She is fasting. The priest has instructed that she has to observe
this fast for me. Vikrant, shut up! Have you lost it? Being a literate person
of this generation how can you believe
in such superstitious and meaningless talks! Fasting for someone doesn’t
add years to the latter’s life! Don’t be stupid! Dear, come. Drink it. You broke her fast. Now I will die. You just watch it..
– Sir, calm down. Priest, how can I! You said that I will die if Priya breaks the fast. Look, she drank juice. You don’t have to worry
about anything. I have seen your natal charts. The fault in your stars
doesn’t exist anymore. Ms. Priya fasted for you
with such devotion and that sorted things out
in just three days. Is that so?
– Yes. Priya,
love you and thank you so much. Father-in-law, give it.
Let me feed her. Priya, come on. Slowly, dear. Please drink it. Your fast is complete. Saanchi, good job,
keep it up. Your presence of mind
prevented this patient from going into a major
complication. Thank you, sir. The operation was successful. He is fine now. We will shift him into the ward then, you can meet him. Thank you, Doctor. Thank you so much.
– Okay. Nurse,
please handover my things. Nurse, well.. There was a key inside this. I don’t know. Isha, Pragya, do you guys have
the keys to the hostel room? No, you were the last person
to leave the room. Why? What happened?
– I’m not able to find the key. Check properly.
It must be with you. I checked everything,
but couldn’t find the key. Okay. It’s not with me.
– It’s not with me either. Ma’am.. – Yes?
– Your medicine. Give it to me. Dear, why have you worn
these clothes today? Ma’am, it’s a long story. You will get bored
if you hear it. – It’s okay. Well, this dress is
looking good on you. Change is good. But you look prettier
in salwar kameez. Rather, I like girls who wear salwar kameez
and saris. Ma’am, I’ll make a move now. A patient underwent
a surgery today. So, I have to collect the x-ray
report and give it to Dr. Kabir. Saachi, does this look familiar
to you? I asked you something,
Dr. Saachi. This is the hostel room’s key! How could you be so careless and make such a big mistake,
Saachi? ‘How is this possible?’ ‘I had never taken the key
to the OT.’ ‘How did this happen?’ Now, she will have to quit
the position of the head intern. Dr. Kabir, I’m sure
there is some misunderstanding. Dr. Kabir, give me some time. I’ll get the x-ray done
once again. How will that make
any difference, Dr. Saachi? These results will not change. Dr. Saachi, this is not possible because I remember I had
not taken the key to the OT. Are the x-ray reports lying? I didn’t say that, Dr. Kabir,
but.. Dr. Kabir, please give me
one more chance. One more x-ray, sir.
Please! Okay, fine. But if this x-ray is right and if the key is inside
that patient’s body then he can file a case
against all of us. And this will ruin
the reputation of Savitri Devi College
and Hospital. Dr. Saachi, if matters go
that far, then trust me you will pay
a heavy price for this. Okay, Dr. Kabir. Baby, it is time to
drink juice now. You have not eaten since days. I’m sorry. But the fast was also important. Vikrant, I don’t want to eat
anymore. I want to rest. Okay, baby.
As you say. ‘Oh, God!’
‘This man can never change.’ ‘How can somebody be
so foolish?’ ‘He knows that the priest
is fooling him.’ ‘But he doesn’t want to
understand anything.’ Priya! Grandma! How are you? Hello! Come.
– Grandma, you are here! How are you, Priya? Neeta informed me
that you are not well. I could not stop myself. Look, your face has turned pale. Couldn’t you give me a call? Grandma, I am much better now. Mother-in-law, why don’t you
prepare a herbal brew for Priya? She’ll feel better. But how can I prepare it in Priya’s in-law’s house? Grandma, don’t worry. You have come to your
granddaughter’s in-law’s house. We have everything. Come with me to the kitchen. I’ll be back, Priya. Priya, all this is happening
with you because you are very innocent. I feel bad to see you
in this condition. Aunt, what could I do? Everyone here had
pressurised me a lot. Priya, Vikrant and your in-laws
are not at fault. Sister-in-law Gayatri
had sent that priest. This was her plan
to get revenge against you and to make your life miserable. Priya, this is too much. You have suffered enough. But not anymore. She should get punished
for her misdeeds. Sir, I have to get
one more x-ray done. Why? Was there a problem
with the previous one? Is something wrong with me? Yes, actually.. No, sir. Nothing has happened to you. The previous x-ray
was not very clear. So, we’ll have to
get it done again. Okay.
– This is too much! How could a great doctor like
Saachi make such a big mistake? Veer, keep quiet. The patient is already scared.
Don’t scare him more. Sir, you know what? Dr. Saachi is the best intern
of our hospital. Even God can make mistakes and she’s just human
after all, isn’t it? What? What mistake did she make? She made a mistake.
She made a mistake. What shall I tell you? Veer, are you done
with your time pass? Did you finish talking nonsense? Shall I take him
for the x-ray now? Sorry, sir.
Don’t mind. You please come with me. Mom, did you actually immerse
father’s ashes into the river? You wanted to wait
for his dream to be fulfilled. Then? No, Sunny. I have given
your father’s ashes to Saachi. And I know that your sister will take
good care of the ashes and his dreams. Anyway, forget all this. Tell me, what do you want
for your birthday? A big smile on my mom’s face. Nothing else. I know that you are
angry with me. Anand, Priya is my daughter too. I can never think about
harming her even in my dreams. Anand, I have done all this for my daughter
and son-in-law’s happy life. Because I really didn’t
want them to face any problems
in their married life. That is why..
– Problems? Seriously, Gayatri? Priya could have died
because of that fast! No problem is bigger than
my daughter’s life! Remember this! I wonder what would
happen to Priya if I hadn’t found out the truth
in time. I didn’t have any such motives.
Anand. I swear! You know that I have never
hidden anything from you. I would tell you about this too. But you don’t believe
these things. That’s why, I didn’t inform you! You know how much I love
my daughter and this house. I always think about
her wellbeing. But I made a mistake this time.
Sorry! Sorry, Anand!
I’m sorry! ‘Whatever hadn’t happened so far
is happening today.’ ‘For the first time in 14 years’ ‘Anand is yelling
at my daughter.’ ‘But because of whom?’ ‘Who informed Anand
about Priya?’ Gayatri!
Don’t cry, Gayatri. You are not at fault. Son-in-law,
Gayatri is not at fault. She was not aware
that Priya is unwell. Seriously! She was very scared
when she got to know about it and she was about to call you. But somebody from Vikrant’s home
called you by then. Well, it’s good that somebody
from his house informed you. Nobody from the Chawlas
called me, Mother-in-law. Neeta told me about all this. Neeta? Priya, take care of yourself. And let us know
if you need anything. Okay, Uncle. Aunt and grandma have
taken good care of me today. I’m sure I’ll be all right
very soon. Remember my advice. You have to be smart and be wary of
the people around you. Take care. Shall we go? Mother-in-law,
we’ll wait outside. I have not seen you
taking special interest in my family before this. All of a sudden, I mean.. I have never seen you
talking anything else to Priya apart from formal greetings. What made you so affectionate
towards her today? An enemy’s enemy is a friend. Brother-in-law and sister-in-law
have always pressurised us. But God has given us
a perfect chance today to change this without doing anything. Take care of yourself and call me up
if you are not well, okay? Okay, Grandma. Mom, shall we go? Yes, I’m coming. Take care, Priya. I’ll make a move. ‘Oh God!’ ‘Let the result be anything.’ ‘But the patient’s life
shouldn’t be in danger.’ What happened, Dr. Saachi? Why are you worried?
You are great. How could you make
such a big mistake? Just shut up and leave. How can I leave? I am your assistant,
I am your shadow. I will not leave you so easily. Saachi, did you get the report? Here is the report, Dr. Kabir. This is the result
of your second chance and the key is inside
the patient.

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