Savitri Devi College & Hospital – 14th August 2017 – सावित्री देवी कॉलेज & हॉस्पिटल – Full Episode

Vikrant, all the best. Vikrant, we’ll play three sets. And the one to lose
two sets will be the loser. Sure, baby!
As you say! Let’s start the game! Come on, baby! Yay! Priya, I won! What do you say? You want to continue? Bring it on, Vikrant!
We still have two sets to go! Wow, I like it!
Come on! ‘Be overconfident.
That’s what I wanted’ ‘Now, I’ll teach you
what a real game is!’ ‘Because this is not
only a match for me’ ‘but a way to be free
from your captivity.’ Gayatri..
– Yes? What’s going on? That’s what I fail
to understand, Mom! Despite being
a lawn tennis athlete Priya is letting Vikrant win. However, it’s good for us. If he starts to lose,
he will start having fits. How will I handle him then? Let it be! Come on, Priya!
Baby, buck up.. Come on, you can do it!
Do it! Oh, my God, Gayatri!
Vikrant is losing his temper! I don’t know what your plan is. But whatever it is,
bring it quickly into action. Because if Anand comes
to know about our plan then we shall be doomed! Don’t worry at all, Mom. Look here,
anti-depressant pills. We don’t have to do anything. We just have to give
these tablets to him. And the problem will be solved. He won’t lose his temper. Yes, Priya!
– Come on! Time, please! Dear, drink it up. No, I don’t want to! Just do as I say,
please, Vikrant! It’s an energy drink,
please have it! What happened, Vikrant? Are you tired?
Should we end the game? How can we end the game?
We have a strong player. Come on, Vikrant!
He will surely win. Come on, Vikrant!
Very good! Come on, Vikrant.
It’s the last set. It will be a shame
to lose to your wife. Come on! Vikrant, this is quite
a challenging game. Mind you, don’t put us to shame. Priya is one
of the best players. She’s the champion
of champions. ‘I’ll win this set and get this
maniac’s truth out at any cost.’ Well played, baby! Yay! – Yay!
– Yay! My granddaughter won! If Priya is the winner
then who is the loser? Of course, Vikrant! What happened, Mr. Loser? You were the best player, right? How come you lost the match? Mom, give me some
more pills, please. Y-You just have some water,
Vikrant. – Dear, calm down.. Please.
Yes. Very good!
Well done, dear! Winning or losing is a part
of the game, Vikrant. It’s okay. Congratulations, my champion! Vikrant!
– Vikrant! Congratulations, baby! You played really well today. I didn’t know that my dainty
wife is such a big champion. I am impressed! And I always sing praises
of myself. But it is you who is worthy
of all the praises. I am proud of you, baby. Wow! This is true love. The husband is not affected
by the wife’s progress. Instead, he encourages her
to move ahead. Thank you, Dad. You know very well,
how much I love Priya. My victory lies in hers.
Isn’t it, Priya? Sanchi, do you need any help? No, sir.
I am almost done. I just need the plates
and bowls. Wait a second.
I’ll get all the plates. Wow!
Brilliant! You cooked an entire meal
in so less time. Ms. Kusum, taste it and tell me
as to how it is. It must be good.
Take a seat. Well..
No, Ms. Kusum, I am sorry. I will have to leave now. I won’t be able to reach
the hostel on time. No way! How can you leave
without eating anything? It won’t take much time.
– Sit down. Sit.. And Kabir will speak
to the hostel folks. Isn’t it? Sit down. This is very delicious. Wow, Veer!
Such a nice setup! By the way, since when
did you become so romantic? Now that you have put in
so much efforts why don’t we get naughty
tonight? We can do that later. Have an ice cream for now. I don’t want ice cream. You know, Sanchi,
since childhood Golu has always been fussy
about food. Sir, your nickname is Golu? Mom! I have told you several times
not to address me by this name.
– What is wrong with it? I have chosen this name
so affectionately. I shall address you by this name
only. And everyone has a nickname. Well, Sanchi.. What is your nickname? ‘This is so much fun!’ ‘Ms. Golgappa, feed me
a spicy one, please.’ Mishri! Sanchi’s nickname is Mishri. ‘Madhu, did I not tell you
that Sanchi’s nickname’ ‘is Mishri?’ ‘Her father was addressing her
as Mishri.’ ‘Not Mishra.’ Usually, you do not remember
anything else other than your work. But when it came
to Sanchi’s nickname you are well-informed. That means, you two are trying
to know each other. You are no less tempting
than the vanilla ice cream. ‘Just where is Sanchi?’ ‘Why has she not come
to the hostel yet?’ Only if Sanchi returns early
can I signal Veer. So that his drama starts
and ends soon. I have to sleep and also
report for duty in the morning. Garv, did she come?
– No, she hasn’t. She is not going to come.
Besides.. Why should we waste our time,
waiting for her? We can have
such a romantic date instead. ‘Oh, dear God.’
– A romantic date! ‘I am in such a huge mess.’ ‘I would have never called her’ ‘if not for making
Sanchi jealous.’ ‘Dear God, please save me
from her today.’ Come on, baby. Let us not care about anyone
and enjoy the moment. Aliya, let’s focus. Let us concentrate on the task
you have at hand. Okay? But Veer, that is not happening. So, let us do our thing. ‘Just which flick of
Shah Rukh Khan did she watch?’ ‘She is becoming so romantic,
bloody idiot.’ ‘Dear Lord, please send Sanchi
as soon as possible.’ ‘My honour is in danger.’ Ms. Kusum, here, your medicines. Okay, I am leaving.
Please take care of yourself. Sanchi! Please come here often
after you are done with work. Sure, Ms. Kusum.
I will try. As of now, you should rest. Kabir, pass me the blanket. Take care. Drop her.
– Yes. Let’s play our naughty game. Aliya! Aliya.. Control yourself.
Okay? Control yourself. You are so close to me,
and both of us are alone in this room. So, how can
you expect me to control? Aliya, get back! Do I need to repeat myself? I didn’t call you here
for all this. I have called you here
just to make Sanchi jealous. And that is all I want to do,
understood? Oh, really? Then call someone else
for this job! I am not your play toy,
who you can love and reject me
as per your convenience! By the way, what do you see
in that nobody that you don’t see in me? Have you seen
her dressing sense? She doesn’t even know how
to dress herself properly! Don’t get me started on her..
– Enough, Aliya! You have said enough! It won’t be good if you say
anything more against Sanchi! Wow!
So much love? For a girl
who doesn’t care about you! She doesn’t care if you
are with her or not, Veer! She is just using you.
– Enough, Aliya! Who are you to say all this?
How well do you know Sanchi? You have no idea of how good
a person she is! Really?
She.. I don’t want
to hear anything! Leave. I said, just leave! ‘Does Sanchi really
not care about me?’ Ashok, please don’t
leave the room. I am already embarrassed.
Please don’t go.. I am not the one going,
you are! – Oh! Ashok, please forgive me.
I’ve made a mistake.. That was not
a mistake, Khushboo! You did all of that purposely! I don’t like Sister-in-law Jaya
that much either but I never thought
that you would stoop so low! Mom was going
to eat that food too. You didn’t think about her
either? I swear.. I am disgusted at your
way of thinking! Go away from here! ‘Till Sister-in-law Jaya
has proof against me’ ‘everyone will echo
her wishes.’ ‘But never mind.’ ‘I have been given
two days, right?’ ‘I will change
the entire atmosphere’ ‘of this place
in these two days.’ You haven’t left yet?
What did I say? Ashok, please, I..
Ashok, please.. Ashok, please don’t drive me
out of our room.. Please listen to me, Ashok..
I made a mistake.. It’s very late, Saanchi.
I will drop you at the hostel. Okay, sir. Here, Saanchi.
My jacket. Help yourself. It’s okay, Saanchi.
Take it! Shall we go? Why have you put on
such a sad face, pal? You have Aliya as a good option!
She isn’t that bad. And she is hot, too! Stop running behind Saanchi
and woo Aliya. Look, don’t talk nonsense! Otherwise, I will throw you down
from here, right now! What is Dr. Kabir doing at the
hostel this late in the night? Thank you so much, Saanchi for preparing such
a wonderful dinner. Even though you were
the guest. And what you are doing
for mom.. Thank you for that too.
It means a lot. Sir, I haven’t done anything
for you to thank me so much. I just prepared dinner,
and it means a lot to me that you and Ms. Kusum liked it. I will do my best
to help her recover. In fact, I have to thank you. For this coat and for dropping me
till the hostel. Thank you so much, sir. You are welcome. Look, the tables have turned! You were going
to make her jealous but now you are the one
who is getting jealous. She has left you hanging and is going
around with Kabir! No, this is not possible.
– Really? So, is that a cinema playing? Whatever it is, but now I will go and confront her! Enough of these
childish actions. I will go and talk to Saanchi,
first thing in the morning. And I will tell her
whatever I feel about her. Yes, and then? And then, it’s up to fate. ‘She is asleep,
wrapped in a blanket.’ ‘This is the right opportunity.’ Saanchi, wait. Veer, leave my hand.
Let me go. Saanchi, please.. You can go but just hear me out once. I am sorry.
I am really very sorry. I know, in the past few days owing to my foolishness I have troubled you a lot. But I swear, Aliya and I don’t
have anything going on, Saanchi. I only brought her to make you jealous. But I did all of this only
to get close to you, Saanchi. You know what? You’re
the only person who trusted me when I had lost faith
in myself, Saanchi. You did everything to
change me that a true friend should
have ideally done. While quarrelling with you,
I learnt the most important lessons of life. But perhaps those arguments became my first step
towards loving you, Saanchi. Today, I’m in a situation
wherein, unless I tease you or look at you my day doesn’t feel
complete. Saanchi, when you’re not around I feel incomplete. I only breathe in your absence. But a mere glimpse.. A mere glimpse of yours restores life in me. ‘I can’t fall weak.’ You need not say anything,
Saanchi. It’s okay. I don’t need
your answer right now. I only came to share
my feelings with you. I don’t know what went wrong
between us, Saanchi that’s forcing you to distance
yourself from me, Saanchi. Is it because of the stupid rule
or is the matter something else? I don’t understand. But it’s okay.
It’s okay. You know what? Now, I won’t force you anymore to accept me. I’ll give you the time
and space you need. So that you can contemplate
over us. ‘Why are you
such a nice person, Veer?’ ‘Why are you making
the circumstances’ ‘all the more difficult
for me?’ ‘Why?
Why, Veer?’ This is Dr. Kabir’s jacket. How do you have it? Thank you, Saanchi,
for bringing my jacket. I forgot it in the classroom
yesterday. Y-Yes, sir. ‘Saanchi’s face clearly proves
that these two are lying.’ ‘The story behind this jacket
is something else.’ But Dr. Kabir, you didn’t come
to the classroom yesterday.. Riya, stop interrogating me. Go and perform your duties. Thank you, sir. For providing
me the jacket yesterday. By the way, how’s your mom now? Is she taking her
medicines on time?- Yes. ‘Why is Saanchi so concerned
about Kabir’s mother?’ ‘Is she trying to entice Kabir
using her innocence?’ Even Kabir is being
so polite with her. What’s going on between them? Priya, I don’t understand. You said Vikram loses his temper
at the drop of a hat. Then why didn’t he lose it
yesterday? That’s what I don’t understand
either, Grandma. But please don’t worry. I won’t give up so soon. He’s tortured me quite enough
in his house. But he’s in my house now. And he wouldn’t even dare
touch me here. I will expose him,
no matter what.. ‘Vikrant!’ ‘Did he hear our conversation?’ What’s the matter? Why
did you become quiet? Tell me what the grandmother and granddaughter
were discussing. Nothing.
I was just asking grandma what she wants on her
birthday.- Really, Grandma! Y-Yes. Priya, let me know if you need
any suggestions. – Okay. Because Priya, you know
how good my choice is. Right? Thank you, dear.
– My pleasure, Grandma. ‘Priya is being very polite
with Vikrant.’ ‘I’m sure she has a plan.’ ‘Saanchi got extremely jealous’ ‘on seeing Veer and Aliya
together yesterday.’ ‘What went wrong at night?’ ‘She didn’t come to ruin
their date?’ Will you keep rotating
the salt shaker or tell me why Saanchi
didn’t come yesterday? She got down of Dr. Kabir’s car
in front of you, didn’t she? So, are you so stupid
that you want me to explain to you what that means? Right. So, what’s the point
in sulking now? You’ve lost her. I know girls like Saanchi
pretty well. They like making
boys suffer. They have fun with
a couple of boys and then choose the best one
to marry. Listen, they use their brain,
not heart. Shut up. If you say anything against
Saanchi again then I’ll forget that
you’re my friend. Veer! How many people are you going
to threaten and shut up? People will say
what’s evident. Everyone can see that Saanchi is playing
with your feelings. She very well knows that I like
Kabir.. I mean, Dr. Kabir. Yet she’s after him. I’m so sure that there’s
something between.. There’s nothing between them. I know, you’re jealous of her and that’s why
you’re saying all this. But I’m not going to
believe your nonsense. You’re right, Veer. My friend is a decent girl,
Ms. Riya. Madhu.
– Yes.- Bala. – Yes? Follow Saanchi and Kabir. I need an update on
every movement of theirs. I just want to know
what she wants, after all. Okay.
– Okay. Look at this, Mother-in-law. Our business is gradually
yielding profits. I hope that everything will
soon be all right. This was bound to happen,
dear. You work so hard, after all. Once we start making
some more money the financial condition of
the family will get better. Mother-in-law. Please give me
a glass of water. I’m thirsty. What happened?
Why are you staring at me? Just do what’s been told to you. And listen, please massage
my legs. They’re aching. Jaya!
– Behave yourself, Khushboo. Have you forgotten your
manners completely?- Hey, you! Are you the leader of the
women’s empowerment committee? Talk softly. You see, when
someone rants while I’m watching TV it
disturbs me mentally. Do you understand? Just check who it
is.- The food is here! All right, the food
is here.- Food? Thank you.
Give me the bill.. Okay. Wait a minute.
– Okay. Mother-in-law. Sister-in-law.
Please pay Rs. 750. I don’t have money to splurge
on you, Khushboo. You’re the eldest
daughter-in-law, aren’t you? Why won’t you pay, then? You see, I have hands too. Why has Dr. Kabir parked
his car here? I don’t know.
Maybe he’s waiting for someone. Who is he waiting for? We will find out
when that person comes. Hello, sir. Saanchi!
– Saanchi! Welcome
home! I’m glad that you came home
with Kabir. Come. Please come.
Come. Have a seat. Tell me, how was your day? What did you do?
What did you eat? How was your day?- I’ll
tell you everything, ma’am but first, you tell me how
you’re doing. Are you all right? What’s wrong with me?
I’m absolutely fine. But tell me how you two
are doing. I had told you two that you must
get to know each other better. I hope you two are working
on that. Or, is it that you’re so busy
with work that you don’t have the time
to even talk to each other? No, ma’am. Actually..
– Yes, Mom. We’re trying our best to get
to know each other.- Really? Then let me see how fruitful
your efforts have been. Kabir, you really like giving
surprise tests, don’t you? There’s going to be a surprise
test in this house today and I’m going to set the test. Let me see how well
you know each other. Hey!
Hey, what are you doing? Jaya, stop her!
– Stop, Khushboo. What do you think
you’re doing? Here you go.
It’s Rs. 800. Keep the change.
– Okay. – Okay? Thank you.
– Okay, bye! – Bye! Khushboo, you’re forgetting that we’ve allowed you to stay
in this house for only two days. If you don’t mend your ways,
then I’m going to throw you out of this house
myself. I don’t care whether you take
two days or two lifetimes. You cannot throw me out of
this house against my will. Okay? Sit. Here you go. Take this. Is it really necessary to do all
this, Mom?- Yes, it’s necessary. I’m going to ask you two
some questions about each other. You’ll have to write your
respective answers on the slate and in the end, I’m going to
tally the answers and tell you how much
you’ve scored. Is it clear?
Good to go? So.. My first
question is.. Where does Kabir go every day,
before going to the hospital? ‘Gym!’ Show me your answers. My second question is.. Who does Saanchi share
her feelings with? Look, you can’t cheat, okay? Take care of your
respective slates. ‘She’s always with
Pragya and Isha.’ ‘She must share her feelings
with them.’ Show me. What’s Saanchi’s
favourite colour? ‘Girls usually like the colours
red and pink.’ ‘But which colour
does Saanchi like?’ Who’s more hot-headed
amongst the two of you? What’s Saanchi’s favourite
destination? Holiday place? ‘What could it be..I’ll
have to make a guess.’ And here comes the last
question. What’s Kabir’s favourite music? Hurry..
Quick. ‘We’ll be exposed now.’ ‘I hope mom doesn’t fall sick
again on knowing the truth.’ Game over. And I’m very happy
to tell you that both of you have scored
full marks. I am so happy! The efforts of both of you have
been fruitful. Just a minute. ‘Do we really know each other
so well?’ I’m so happy today that I can’t express it
in words. The efforts of both of you
have been fruitful. Here, have something
sweet. Here. What are you waiting for?
Click pictures, quick. You take pictures.
I’ll shoot a video. God has made your pair
with a lot of love. I pray to God that the love between you two
always remains.

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